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EWA Cover Page

An EWA Cover Page can only be found if the report is generated in MS-Word or PDF format. Below is a sample of an EWA Cover Page

SAP System ID

The SAP System ID relies on the information in transaction LMDB and also in transaction SMSY for 7.1 systems.

SAP Product

The SAP Product lists the production version. It is important that a proper configuration (i.e. Solman_Setup - Managed System Configuration) is done and LMDB is showing the proper version. In addition, use LMDB_ADM to verify that the CR Content is up-to-date. Having the latest SP for component ST is recommended.

Refer to 2406063 - EWA cover page is showing wrong product on Solution Manager 7.1
Refer to 2638423  Cover page for EarlyWatch Alert (EWA) is showing wrong product version on Solution Manager 7.2
Refer to 2604181 - EWA cover page for Java system is showing as ERP on Solution Manager 7.2


For ABAP systems, the EWA report checks the setting of the MANDT in table T000 to verify if the system client is flagged as productive. In case that the ABAP system EWA is showing the wrong Status, refer to 2113296 - EWA report's production system is marked as "Not Productive" on Solution Manager 7.1

For non-ABAP system, the Status will always show as 'Productive'.

Also, if you connect two systems with the same <Installation Number> and <SID> to a Solution Manager, the EarlyWatch Alert report will contain a mixture of data from both systems. The data displayed will change randomly every week. For example, the Status of the system on the cover page might be shown as either 'Productive' or 'Not Productive'.

  • Source: 1257308 - FAQ: Using EarlyWatch Alert

DB System

The DB System lists the database that is assigned to the system. In case of an incorrect listing, ensure that the system is configured correctly by verifying Solman_Setup - Managed System Configuration.

Processed on

At the bottom of the EWA report, you will find the Solution Manager system that processed the EWA report. The System ID (SID) will be listed or (in case of the EWA being processed by the Solution Manager at SAP) it will not list the System ID.


The Release lists the Solution Manager component version (ST).

2473824 - Incorrect Solman Release version on all EWA reports after upgrade to Solman 7.2.

Service Tool

The Service Tool lists the Service component ST-SER version and support package level that is responsible for generating the report.

Service Content

The Service Content will provide the date of the Service Content that was used to help generate the report.  The Service Content framework is used to deliver fixes and new features shown in the report. If the SCU framework is in use, it is not necessary to be on the latest SP for ST-SER.

It is important that the date shown here is fairly recent. You can verify that the latest Service Content is being used by running transaction AGS_UPDATE. All lights should be GREEN. A daily job SM:SERVICE CONTENT UPDATE is scheduled to download and apply the Service Content on the system.

If your system is not connected to SAP due to security reason and SCU is not being downloaded, then it is mandatory to be on ST-SER 720 and not ST-SER 701_2010_1. The latest Support Package of ST-SER 720 is necessary as well to ensure that changes made have made it to your system. ST-SER update can be done independently of upgrading from Solution Manager 7.1 to Solution Manager 7.2. 
For a complete explanation of the Service Content process, refer to the following:

2125970  - Correction available with SAP Service Content Update
1143775 - SAP Service Content Update 

Session No.

The Session No. consists of 13 digits. The first 3 digits indicates the client used in Solution Manager. The session is automatically created by the Solution Manager job SM:EXEC SERVICES on a weekly basis or is created when an ad-hoc report is generated.

Installation No.

The Installation No. displays the installation number for the specific system. Ensure that the Installation No. is assigned in LMDB and in SMSY (7.1 system).

Customer No.

In some EWA reports, the cover page will display the Customer No. This is more relevant for VAR customers and is a result of the table V_AISAPCUSTNOS being populated with the customer number. Refer to 1835164 - No customer numbers maintained in view V_AISAPCUSTNOS.

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