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5.1     Generic Export / Import of Interface Documentation Data


Interface Documentation is part of the general Export / Import feature provided by Solution Administration. Export / Import enables you to bring selected Solution Documentation content to another context, for example to another solution in the same Solution Manager system, or to a different Solution Manager system. All details of the Export / Import functionality are described in the SAP online help available at Follow the path Technology Platform -> SAP Solution Manager -> SAP Solution Manager 7.2 -> Application Help (SAP Library) -> Process Management -> Solution Administration -> Import and Export of Content.

5.2     Export of Interface Documentation Data

If you want to export your Interface Documentation data, too, you have to add the corresponding Interface objects to the scope you are going to export. The Interface Details elements are then automatically included into the export file. By importing the file into the target context the Interface Details elements are again automatically created and assigned to the right Interface objects. Note that all attribute data remains the same in the target context, however, for technical reasons a new LIFO ID is generated for the Interface Details elements during import.

5.3     Import of Interface Documentation Data

As of Support Package 05 of Solution Manager 7.2 it is possible to import interfaces and their related interface attribute data from an external source. There are two options for importing interface documentation data: importing from the Enterprise Service Repository (ESR) of SAP Process Integration (PI) and importing from an external file.

5.3.1     Import from Enterprise Service Repository of SAP Process Integration

As a prerequisite for the import of ESR data an HTTP destination to the PI / PO system must be at hand as described in section Technical Prerequisites / Authorizations.

The import is done via the generic import feature of Solution Documentation. To prepare the data for import a text file in JSON format must be created in advance. This is done in transaction AGS_DCM_EXT_IMPORT. The UI lets you select the source and target data step-by-step.


First, in section Solution and Source Branch, you have to select the solution context you like to import the data to (solution, branch). In section Select PI System, you select the relevant PI component from which the data shall be imported. Note that only PI components show up which are part of the solution you like to import the data to.


Next, in section Select Interfaces from Enterprise Service Repository, you can choose interfaces from the PI ESR based on Software Component Version and Namespace as available in the ESR. The navigation works from left to right, i.e. all objects are displayed which belong to the Software Component Version and Namespace selected before. With the arrow buttons, you can add and remove interfaces to the selection.

In section Specify Additional Interface Data for Solution Documentation, the interface to be imported must be aligned with the data model of Interface Documentation. This particularly means that you have to set the PI Installation Type as well as the Sender Adapter technology and the Receiver Adapter technology. This information is not provided by the SAP PI ESR and thus must be set manually.


Finally, you can generate a JSON file with the Download JSON button. The system asks you to save the file to a location on your local PC. A preview of the JSON file is available after download.


Now you can start Solution Administration (transaction SLAN) and use the generic import feature to upload the generated JSON file to the solution. See SAP online help at -> Technology Platform -> SAP Solution Manager -> SAP Solution Manager 7.2 -> Application Help (SAP Library) -> Process Management -> Solution Administration -> Import and Export of Content to find all details of Solution Administration’s import feature.

5.3.2     Import from External File

With SP07 of Solution Manager 7.2, the import of interface documentation data from external files is available. The supported file format is Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) which has to be converted to comma-separated format (.csv) with UTF-8 encoding before using the import application.

To start the import, the interface data has to be available in the prepared Excel template. You can get excel template from here. After the excel template is filled with the interface documentation data, it has to be saved in comma-separated format (.csv).


Next, you can start the External Interface Import application with transaction AGS_DCM_EXT_IMPORT in Solution Manager and switch to tab External File.


With Browse, you can select the CSV file. Clicking Import will upload the file and create the JSON file which is required for the Solution Documentation import. Download the file to your local PC.

Afterwards you follow the process for importing the interface documentation data into Solution Documentation. The process is already described at the end of section 5.3.1 Import from Enterprise Service Repository of SAP Process Integration.

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