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EarlyWatch Alert Component (SV-SMG-SER-EWA)

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Guided Answers

Use our EWA Guided Answers for a quick way to troubleshoot EarlyWatch Alert (EWA) issues.

General Questions

EssentialsWhat is it? ExpectationsFAQs

EarlyWatch Alert (EWA) report

  1. Automated weekly report

  2. The time frame for analysis is always Monday to Sunday

  3. It monitors the current state or health of your system

  4. It provides alerts and insights about resource consumption and gives recommendations based on certain predefined checks
  1. Only specific product types are supported (generally ABAP, Java, BOBJ, HANA databases)

    Refer to: 1257308 - FAQ: Using EarlyWatch Alert

  2. EWAs can be activated / disabled in:
    1. SOLMAN_SETUP → Application Operations → EarlyWatch Alert Management
    2. transaction SOLMAN_EWA_ADMIN

  3. EWAs are generated using Solution Manager

  4. EWA data collection can also be centralized in a Focused Run system, which will collect send the service session data to SAP to be processed on a Solution Manager

  5. EWAs can be emailed

  6. EWAs can be sent to SAP to be viewed in the EarlyWatch Alert Workspace:
  1. Where can I find sample EarlyWatch Alert reports? 
    Refer to the URL - - Documentation - Sample Reports.

  2. Can the EarlyWatch Alert (EWA) be customized?
    In general it is not possible to customize the EWA with the exception of enabling certain optional content. For complete details, refer to 1829914 - Customize EWA Reports. 

  3. Where to find and download EarlyWatch Reports that are older than 7 days on Solution Manager 7.2? - Refer to 2484589

  4. How do I disable or deactivate EWAs for particular systems? - You can enable or disable EWAs for your managed systems in transaction SOLMAN_EWA_ADMIN.

  5. Can client 066 be deleted?
    Yes, this client can be deleted as it is no longer relevant for processing EWAs. Refer to
    1897372 - EarlyWatch Mandant 066 - Can Client 066 be deleted?

  6. Is it possible to transfer EWAs between Solution Managers?
    It is not technically possible to do so - Refer to
    2272382 - Transferring EWAs Between Solution Managers

  7. Why are my EWA reports for different managed systems look different?
    In some EWA chapters, Performance - for instance - might look different if you compare two or more EWA reports, even if you have perfect Managed System Configuration and a Green Rated Section 3. It is still different. The reason for that is the fact that different SAP Products have different metrics e.g. a SAP Netweaver Application Server will have different performance indicators compared to an SAP SCM (Supply Chain) and vice versa.

    What is important to highlight is the fact that is not possible to change it and add or remove metrics customizing EWA for any of the managed systems and if you need a deeper analysis on performance indicators please reach out  to our performance team SV-PERF.

    This is valid for other chapters as well and other product systems as well.

  8. How does using a Third Party Job Scheduling Tool for EWA affect EWA results? - Refer to 2613713

  9. What should I do about performance concerns in the EWA? - Refer to 2659522

  10. I am planning to change the installation number of Solution Manager, what steps need to be considered? - ABAP systems that generate EWA reports will no longer work unless SDCCN is updated with the new installation number of Solution Manager. Refer to 2544520 - ABAP EWA (EarlyWatch Alert) report is Grey rated after changing Solution Manager installation number.
  1. Daily job that runs in Solution Manager

  2. It is responsible for:
    1. generating the EarlyWatch Alert document (HTML, PDF, Word)
    2. emailing out the files, if email recipients were configured 
    3. triggering the SDCCN tasks which send EWA sessions to SAP

  3. Scheduled in SOLMAN_SETUP
  1. If EWAs are not generating automatically, check the logs of the SM:EXEC SERVICES job and ST22 for any dumps that were triggered

  2. SM:EXEC SERVICES may create child jobs to process EWA sessions, in SM37 search for "SM:EXEC*"

  3. In Solman 7.2 SP11, a new a new user was introduced: SM_SM2B, ensure that it has role SAP_BI_E2E to collect Solution Manager Business Warehouse (BW) data

Service Content Updates (SCUs)
  1. Provides corrections to service reports in Solution Manager

  2. Daily job that runs in Solution Manager

  3. The job is responsible for automatically:
    1. connecting to SAP 
    2. checking if there are new SCUs released by SAP
    3. downloading SCUs
    4. applying SCUs

  4. Job is scheduled in SOLMAN_SETUP
  1. SCUs can be checked, downloaded, and applied manually in AGS_UPDATE

  2. SAP-SUPPORT_PORTAL and SAP-SUPPORT_PARCELBOX destinations are required to connect to SAP

  3. SCUs are bundled several times a year and released as support packages in the software component ST-SER

  4. If there is no connection to SAP allowed, service content updates can only be applied through software component ST-SER

  5. Check that SCUs are properly activated in Solution Manager:
    2917960 - Silent Deactivation of Service Content Update Causes Regression to EarlyWatch Alert Content

  1. SDCCN is a transaction in ABAP systems

  2. Used to collect service data for EWAs
  1. If EWAs are to be processed in Solution Manager, a back RFC to Solution Manager must be maintained in:

    SDCCN → Goto → Settings → Task Specific → Task Specific Settings → RFC Destinations → Settings,

    and the back RFC should be marked as "Active" and "Master"

  2. If the managed system is non-ABAP (e.g. Java, HANA DB), then the SDCCN of the Solution Manager is used

Setup & Configuration

EWA generation is tightly related to Solution Directory (SV-SMG-OP).
For more information, please visit

  • How to check if my managed system is supported for generating EarlyWatch Alert (EWA) reports - Refer to 1257308

  • How to setup/configure EWA reports on a Solution Manager 7.1 or 7.2 system - Refer to 1907383

  • General processes of EWA generation in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 - Refer to 2729186 
  • No Systems shown in EarlyWatch Alert Management or Configuration - SAP Solution Manager 7.2 - Refer to 2670718 
  • EWA sessions are showing with Red Flag or session overdue as shown here  - Refer to 1769513

  • EWA System ID (SID) is not showing in Solution Manager EWA configuration screen.
    This could be an issue where the system number is not the same in LMDB and in SMSY - Refer to 2360057

  • EarlyWatch Alert (EWA) for HANA 1511 or  HANA 1610 or HANA 1611 or BW/4HANA  is not shown in System Monitoring area of the Work Center - Refer to 2341945

  • EWA Cannot be Created in Japanese, Chinese, etc. on ST-SER 720 SP06 - Solution Manager - Refer to 2439537

  • EWA is rated Grey - Refer to Summary of Grey EWA Rated Reports 1824881

  • Error 'Cannot create refresh session task in managed system' when creating an EWA report - Refer to  2468710 

  • Cannot get the managed technical system's TMW destination message when creating an EWA - Refer to 2387537

  • RFC Configuration in SDCCN for Generating EWAs - Refer to 2584981

  • Unable to Activate TREX Checks in EWA using Solution Manager 7.2 - Refer to 2655586

  • EarlyWatch Alert Management: SDCCN Status is Disabled - 2657349

  • Refresh Sessions task not working in Managed System due: communication rc: CM_PRODUCT_SPE - 2669475  

  • How to Restrict Visibility of EarlyWatch Alert in Solution Manager 7.2 - Refer to 2771164 

  • SAP EWA for SAP SRM 7.0 / NW7.01 remains empty - Refer to 2401263

  1. Can I generate an EWA report on Solution Manager that is not connected to SAP?
    It is possible to generate an EWA report on a Solution Manager that is not connected via SAP Router to SAP. Perform all the necessary setup such as SOLMAN_SETUP (Basic Configuration & System Preparation). Complete the Managed System Configuration. In addition, refresh the Service Definitions using SAP Note 
    727998. It is important that you download the transport file mentioned in the note and follow the steps from the note. If there is an issue downloading this file from SAP, open an incident in component SV-SMG-SDD.

  2. Can I generate an EWA for Solutions in Solution Manager 7.2? 
    EWA for Solutions do not exist in Solution Manager 7.2. This feature existed in Solution Manager 7.1, but is no longer available in Solution Manager 7.2. You can no longer create a solution for EWA reporting purposes.

  3. How to find a generated EWA report in Solution Manager 7.2? 
    There are two options - either SM_WORKCENTER or DSA.
    Refer to 2987185 - How to Find a Generated EWA Report in Solution Manager 7.2

  4. Is it possible to generate a monthly EWA report? 
    No, it is not possible to generate a monthly EWA report. The EWA is a weekly report with an analysis period of Monday-Sunday. For more information, refer to 1829914 - Customize EWA Reports. 

  5. How to generate the EWA in a different language?
    Refer to
    1903254  - Generate an EWA report in a different language. For issues relating to language, refer to the following:

    EWA Cannot be Created in Japanese, Chinese, etc. on ST-SER 720 SP06 - Solution Manager - Refer to 2439537
    EWA Cannot be Activated in Japanese, Chinese on Solution Manager 7.2 - Refer to 2483496 

  6. Is it possible to have multiple Solution Manager generate an EWA for one managed system?
    Yes it is possible to do so. Refer to
    2248788 - Can more than one Solution Manager process the EWA for a Managed system?

  7. How to generate an ad-hoc EWA on a 7.1 Solution Manager system?
    Refer to 
    2131244  - How to create an Ad Hoc EarlyWatch Alert in SAP Solution Manager 7.1 [Video]

    Important - SAP Note 2055436 - After upgrading to SP12 Ad Hoc EarlyWatch Alert stops working 
  8. How to generate an ad-hoc EWA on a Solution Manager 7.2 system?
    Refer to 2357073  - How to create an Ad Hoc EarlyWatch Alert SAP - Solution Manager 7.2

  9.  EarlyWatch Alert (EWA) is not getting generated for Java systems - Refer to 2736980

  10. How to reset EWA report session? - Refer to 2573840

  11. BPC Checks Chapter not available in EWA report - Refer to 2484049

  12. Sybase database chapters missing in Java EWA - Refer to 2864752

Service Content Update (SCU)

  • If you're facing a dump when trying to apply updates thru AGS_UPDATE please apply SAP Note 2421718
  • About SCU refer to 1143775 - SAP Service Content Update
  • SAP Backend system is overloaded message when using AGS_UPDATE or SM:SERVICE CONTENT UPDATE - Refer to 1864209
  • ABAP Runtime Error in AGS_UPDATE - SNAP_NO_NEW_ENTRY - Refer to 1855262 
  • AGS_UPDATE is returning an error: "No Maintenance Agreement found. Contact SAP contract department" - Refer to 1839896
  • Job SM:SERVICE CONTENT UPDATE fails with AGS_DSWP_INFRA023 - Refer to 1660111
  • SDCC_OSS issue in AGS_UPDATE - Message no. AGS_DSWP_INFRA000 - Refer to 1788467
  • How to Reset Service Content on SAP Solution Manager 7.0 and higher - Refer to 1814723
  • SAPSQL_ARRAY_INSERT_DUPREC dump in AGS_UPDATE when applying updates - Refer to 1835575 
  • Transaction AGS_UPDATE locked (in TCD SM01) after Updating to Solution Manager 7.1 SP13 - Refer to 2170735
  • Service Content Update failure - short dump "IMPORT_FORMAT_ERROR" - Refer to 2081323
  • Message No Authorization is shown when trying to run Download Updates in AGS_UPDATE - Refer to 1862963
  • CONNE_IMPORT_WRONG_COMP_TYPE On Running Activate Service Content Update - Refer to 2421718.
  • Exception CX_SY_CONVERSION_NO_NUMBER when selecting '(De-)Activate Content' date in AGS_UPDATE - Refer to 2528613 
  • SCU: ags_update dumps with 'SQL Error occurred while accessing table DSVASTABLEVALUE'. - Refer to 2613433 
  • How to replace the Service Content (AGS_UPDATE) - Refer to 273608
  • Service Content Update shows the message Communication with Parcel box failed - Refer to 2809974

EWA Dumps

How does SAP Support analyze dumps with regards to Service Sessions such as EWA and SLR reports?
Refer to SAP Note 700518 - SAP Service Sessions: How To Do Error Analysis

When should I refresh the Service Definitions (t-code SDCCN) as outlined in SAP Note 727998 ?
Determine if the dump generated on your system is shown  in 1765141. Only if the dump is mentioned here should you refresh the Service Definitions via transaction SDCCN .

How to resolve Syntax Errors shown when generating an EWA report?
Check if the dump has the keyword '1AGS' as this is an indication the dump is due to the Service Content Update Process. Refer to 2285891 - How to resolve Short Dumps for: SYNTAX_ERROR in the /1AGS* namespace.

Database error -206 at OPC > SQL0206N
Refer to SAP Note 2394077 - Database error -206 at OPC > SQL0206N

Syslog: Database error 362 at OPC when processing EWA task for a system on HANA
- Refer to 2273003 

UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION CX_DSVAS_API_CHECK_INSTANCE when generating EarlyWatch Alert (EWA)  - Refer to  2375870  

Runtime exception CX_DSVAS_API_CHECK_INSTANCE when generating EWA report
The reason for the exception is: &EA<SESSION NO>&: Context instance not registered: &R3_SYSTEM& &<SID>& - Refer to 2531892 

Runtime exception CX_DSVAS_API_SERVICE_SESSION  when generating EWA report
Dump occurs when generating an EWA session that was created on an old service session - Refer to 2590342


  • Troubleshooting service sessions - Refer to 1702475
  • SAP Service Sessions: How To Do Error Analysis - Refer to 700518
  • SM:EXEC SERVICES is taking a long time to complete - Refer to 1817223
  • Long Processing Time For EWA Due to BW Access - Refer to 1525473
  • No more storage space available for extending an internal table - Refer to 2457245
  • TIME_OUT errors in job SM:EXEC_SESS* when processing EarlyWatch Alert (EWA) report. System database is MaxDB - Refer to 2706974 
  • SM:EXEC SERVICES job failed with the message: Logon of user in client failed when starting a step - Refer to 1853143
  • EarlyWatch Alert (EWA) not rated and SM:EXEC SERVICES job log showing permission denied or Exception CX_SEND_REQ_BCS shown - Refer to 1852580
  • SM:EXEC SERVICES fails with CX_SY_DYNAMIC_OSQL_SEMANTICS - Refer to 2375420
  • EWA Report is not generating on the scheduled day. Example the EWA is scheduled to generate on Monday however it is generating a day or two after.
    This could be an issue where the job SM:EXEC SERVICES is not scheduled at the correct time. Refer to 1919991 - Delayed EWA report generation.
  • TIME_OUT Dump on SM:EXEC SERVICES Check if parameter "rdisp/max_wprun_time" has the recommended value at SAP Note 1582842
  • Dump LOAD_TEXTPOOL_NO_MEMORY when executing service session or sm:exec services - Refer to 2553804
  • SM:EXEC SERVICES canceled with dump OBJECT_OBJREF_NOT_ASSIGNED when scheduling EWA session - Refer to 2467950
  • Function module UPG_INT_IS_BRIDGE_SYSTEM does not exist when generating EarlyWatch Alert (EWA) sessions - Refer to 2596799
  • SM:EXEC Services Log Shows "Info. for system <SID> in solution <Solution Name> cannot be sent(sol. manager settings)" - Refer to 2627636
  • Ad-hoc EWA cannot be created / weekly EWA session is not created by SM:EXEC SERVICES [Video] - Refer to 2577103
  • MEMORY_NO_MORE_PAGING when generating EWA reports - Refer to  2705301  
  • "Destination does not exist" in SM:EXEC SERVICES for VAR - 2753834 
  • EXPORT_TOO_MUCH_DATA Dump in EWA Processing - Refer to 2483498
  • During EWA processing, error message SQL error 1653 / 1654 when accessing table is shown - Refer to 2804299
  • EarlyWatch Alert (EWA) is not getting generated for non-ABAP systems - Refer to 2736980
  • Message Similar download for session is shown in the sm:exec services log - Refer to 2806945


  • Cannot access SOLMAN_EWA_ADMIN via SAP GUI for JAVA - Refer to 1840690
  • System status shows unknown in EWA setup  - Refer to 1901201
  • EWA gets reactivated even after deactivated in SOLMAN_EWA_ADMIN - Refer to 2012178
  • EWA admin page shows system type as HANA even system is actually ABAP or Java - Refer to 2268393 

EWA E-Mails & EWAs Sent to SAP

How to view in one screen which system's EWAs are sent and to which recipients?

Navigate to SOLMAN_SETUP - Select EarlyWatch Alert Management - In Define Scope, click on search. In the next option, use the option 'Select All' to select all the systems. Then Click on Maintain Recipients. All systems will show with their corresponding e-mail address.

Is it possible to send the EWA as an attachment? As of Support Package 12 of Solution Manager 7.1, it is possible to send EWAs via email as an attachment

The steps are:
Run transaction SOLMAN_SETUP
Click on "EarlyWatch Alert Management"
Click on "Maintain Recipients"

The options are:
HTML - EWA will be sent as an attachment in .htm format.
WORD - EWA will be sent as an attachment in MS-Word .doc format.
LINK -  EWA email will be sent with a link to download the EWA.
PDF - EWA ill be sent as an attachment in .pdf format. (Available in Solman 7.2)

Not able to send EWAs via e-mail?
Refer to T/S Guide: EarlyWatch Alerts (EWA) reports in Solution Manager 7.1 not being sent by email -
Refer to T/S Guide: EarlyWatch Alerts (EWA) reports in Solution Manager 7.2 not being sent by email - 2531994
Refer to Configure Solution Manager 7.1 for EWA reports to send via email automatically - 2126485
EWA report email issues in Solman 7.2 SP6 system - 2575110

Additional Help:
EarlyWatch Alert: Solution Manager 7.2 how to setup/configure EWA reports or add email recipients - 2282944

EWA email title truncated after upgrading to Solution Manager 7.1 SP13? Refer to 2269393

How to change the EWA email template for Solution Manager 7.2 - Refer to 2517776

Automatic generated EWA HTML report in short version issue - 2416743 

The image icons of HTML Report are not displayed in EWA email body - Refer to 2363154

If the EWA description in the subject header has changed from: EWA_<SID>_YYYYMMDD_<Criticality Color> to the new format: EWA_<SID>_YYYYMMDD_<Criticality>
This is not an error. This is the new format and is by design as of ST 7.1 SP13. The description of that Traffic Light condition is being used rather than the color of the light.
Refer to 2197968 for more details.

Not able to send EWAs to SAP?
Refer to 1684537- EarlyWatch Alert not sent to SAP: troubleshooting guide.

Email recipients did not migrate from 7.1 to 7.2?
Refer to 2478184 - EWA e-mail recipient migration from Solman 7.1 to 7.2 was not successful

EWA Generation Using HTML, Microsoft Word, PDF or FIORI

I am generating an EWA report in Word and an error is shown.
Ensure that you are using a 32-bit version of Word and also ensure the Trust setting in Word is set correctly.
Refer to
2012166 - EWA cannot be generated in Word format.

Cannot generate EWA in MS Word format after OS/DB migration - Refer to 2386901

Graphs are not shown in the EWA report - Refer to 2165282 & 2529453 - Some Graphs are missing in EWA PDF report

Missing EWA Ratings in Exported Excel File - Refer to 2582250 

How to generate Fiori EWA report manually - Refer to 2588445

PDF or HTML EWA Report attached with email does not have correct language or does not have the cover page - Refer to 2585594

PDF EWA reports generate in Chinese even though they are configured to generate in English - 2799853

PDF EWA reports contain non working internal hyperlinks - 2705061

Archiving Service Data

How to implement archiving for EarlyWatch Alert (EWA) sessions - Refer to  2661928

Sessions with at least one of the chosen Bundle_IDs may not be deleted' using RDSVAS_REDUCE_DATA - Refer to 1925319

EWA archiving RDARCH_ARCHIVE_DATA_SOLMAN error (DARCH011) - Refer to 2372933

EarlyWatch Alert: Maintenance of table DSVASRESULTSGEN - Refer to 1874506

How to delete old EWA sessions according to retention times automatically through a job - Refer to 2427041

Wrong selection of systems for session's reorganization - Refer to 2595803
• Issues with RDSMOPREDUCEDATA report when filtering EWA sessions for deletion
• Applicable only to ST 720 SP5 and SP6

EarlyWatch Alert Workspace

Q1. What is the EarlyWatch Alert Workspace?

The EarlyWatch Alert Workspace is the central landing page for all SAP EarlyWatch Alert applications. It shows the most important results from the latest service reports across all systems. Such examples as the most critical technical issue that happened the prior week and the system landscape health in general. More information can be found in the blog: SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace – gain an overview on your system landscape health

Refer to 2520319 - How to Access the SAP EarlyWatch Alert Fiori Apps in the Cloud

Q2. What systems are supported for the EarlyWatch Alert Workspace?

In the past, the support was only for ABAP system on HANA database, however support is now available for ABAP system running on any database, e.g. ERP on HANA, Oracle, MS SQL.

Q3. What configuration is needed in order for the EWA reports to show in the EarlyWatch Alert Workspace?
EarlyWatch Alert reports are required to be sent to SAP on a regular basis. There are 3 possible scenarios:

  1. The EWA service is activated in SAP Solution Manager on-premise and the Send to SAPflag is set in the app Configuration – SAP EarlyWatch Alert.
  2. The data is sent directly from the monitored system, as described in SAP Note 207223.
  3. Private Cloud scenario: The data is sent from the Solution Manager of the private cloud provider to SAP.

If there is an issue sending EWAs to SAP, refer to 1684537 for troubleshooting the data collection and sending reports to SAP.

Q4. What authorization is needed to view the reports in the EWA Workspace?

S-user can only see data for their specific customer number. This is assigned with the Launchpad authorization “Service Reports & Feedback” on customer number level.
The authorizations for the ONE Support Launchpad a provided by the Super Administrator on the customer side. See and

Refer to: 2905076 - Authorizations required for EarlyWatch Alerts and applications - SAP ONE Support Launchpad

See also: 
2627899 - VAR-delivered support partners: How to check the EarlyWatch Alert report (EWA) from my end customers in the SAP ONE Support Launchpad?

Q5: How to Access the SAP EarlyWatch Alert Fiori Apps in the Cloud?

Refer to 2520319 for the steps.

Q6: Where to get help for the EarlyWatch Alert Workspace?

If you require further assistance, open an incident in component SV-SCS-EWA

Documented Issues:

Issue 1:
In the SAP One Launchpad - EarlyWatch Alert Workspace, the message below is shown:
50053] - Incomplete The dimensions binding OR
50053] - Unvollständige Dimensionsbindung

Delete the cache from the Internet browser and then close and open the browser again. Try if the issue is resolved then. Otherwise open an incident in component SV-SCS-EWA.

Issue 2:
A system was deleted from the Solution Manager landscape, and on System Data on SAP Portal, but in EWA Workspace is still showing the system. You would like to remove this.

After 3 month without any data sent to SAP the system will be removed automatically from the Cards in the EWA Workspace.

Issue 3:
EWA reports are missing from the EWA support Launchpad.

Non-ABAP systems such as JAVA, Business Objects can only be forwarded to SAP using a Focused Run (FRUN) system. It is not technically possible to forward these system types from Solution Manager to the EWA Workspace.
For issues forwarding HANA, ABAP sytems to SAP Workspace, refer to 1684537 - EarlyWatch Alert not sent to SAP: troubleshooting guide.

Issue 4:
HANA EWA is missing from the EWA Workspace.

Use 1684537 and also ensure that Solution Manager has the HANA requirements such as the latest version of SAP Note 1985402 & 2445371 & 2281878 (if applicable). Also ensure that there is a remote database entry in LMDB for the relevant HANA database - Refer to

Q7: Can I send ad-hoc EWA data from Solution Manager to the EarlyWatch Alert Workspace? 
This functionality is not supported. Multiple EWA executions for the same system in the same week is prevented on purpose. This eliminates issues caused by unintentionally sending the same EWA data twice or more times to SAP. 

Focused Run (EarlyWatch Report) 

The Guided Answers for FRUN EWA reports is available at this link:

Q1. How to configure Focused Run EarlyWatch Alerts for ABAP, JAVA, Business Object & HANA systems?

A FRUN system is required which runs on a Netweaver system on HANA. The Focus RUN Tool component is one of the required component. Configuration is then done on the FRUN system.

Refer to the FRUN Master Guide and Security Guide for details. Always use this link to download the guides.

Specific steps required for EarlyWatch Alerts are provided in the link below:

Q2: EarlyWatch Alert is missing from the SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace.


Follow all the steps (prerequisites, configuration) for the specific system type as outlined in

  1. Make sure, that the user controlling SDCCN ( i.e. running the step of job /BDL/TASK_PROCESSOR ) is user FRN_BTC_EWA (this user is supplied with the FRUN specific authorizations). Refer to the section Configuration on the Focused Run system in link

  2. Navigate to transaction SDCCN on the FRUN system and check whether the installation number is shown correctly. This can be verified either in the To do tab or the Done tab.  

    Example of installation number shown with 0000000000 instead of being the installation number of the actual managed system.

    In this case, apply the latest version of SAP Note 2773562 - Installation numbers in SDCCN in FRUN are empty

  3. Check that the job SAP_FRN_EWA_SEND_REPORT is running successfully. Analyze the log file for any errors. Refer to the Prerequisites section of the relevant system type in link

    Check if any of the notes are relevant

    2731379 - Avoid sending many sessions for the same technical system to SAP in FRUN **Fixed in SAPK-74011INSTPI**
    2750551 - FRUN 2.0: Job for weekly scheduling of EarlyWatch Alert missing **Valid for FRUN component 2.0 without Support Package**
    2718183 - Avoid sending many sessions for the same technical system to SAP in FRUN **Valid for FRUN component 1.0 & 2.0 without Support Package**

  4. If in SDCCN - To do tab, EWA sessions are missing for NON-ABAP systems, verify that the job SAP_FRN_EWA_NON_ABAP is running regularly without issues. Analyze the log for issues and verify that the user is FRN_BTC_EWA. Refer to the Manual Checks section in link

Backbone Related Issues in the EWA 

SAP's support backbone has been updated.
The legacy infrastructure remains in place until January 1st, 2020 to allow a safe transition.
Be ready for connecting to the new infrastructure now by following these Checklists.
You can find the latest information at Connectivity to SAP's Support Backbone.

For backbone related alerts that appear in the EWA report, refer to: 

  • 2823658 - EWA Checks for SAP Backbone Connectivity
  • 2860668 - EarlyWatch Alert (EWA) message: The following master destination is pointing back to the system itself

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