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The purpose of this page is to offer a solution to common issues encountered while using End to End Root Cause Analysis Work Center in Solution Manager 7.0 Ehp1


Many topics are covered based on most common problems encountered in Root Cause Analysis in Solution Manager 7.0 Ehp1, such as: error messages, missing data, lack of error logs, unexpected window behaviors. This page also clarifies some common questions such as: how to know what webpages are Java based or ABAP Based.

More general Diagnostics Agent questions are discussed here: FAQ Diagnostics Agent.

List of frequently asked questions

Below you can find the index of all FAQs on this page:

Frequently Asked Questions on End to End Root Cause Analysis

I'm getting a pop up screen asking for User name and Password each time I navigate in E2E Workload Analysis tabs.

This is the standard behavior in SAPGui with WebDynpro, BSP and SSO. Because of this behavior the usage of WebDynpro is not officially supported in SAPGui, but only in Standalone Browsers or the NWBC. SAP note 1098009 states:  " Web Dynpro ABAP does not provide a controlled behavior for the new  window (Ctrl+N) functionality of Web browsers. This browser  function should not be used as part of the application flow. " It is exactly what happens when you click on the E2E Workload Analysis tabs, it opens a IFRAME, hence it is a new window.

The solution is to call the Solution Manager Workcenter in the Web Browser. You can use the following URL:

Last but not least, remember to properly set SSO to ensure there's no issue with HTTPS. Refer to SAP note 1121248 .

The issue is not related to Solution Manager directly but a general restriction of displaying BI web templates in a WebDynpro iFrame User Interface element within an HTML control in SAPGUI.

You can assume that this will not change in future Solution Manager releases as it is a limitation of the infrastructure rather than of the application itself.

I have performed a system copy but the old host name is still in use in the URLs.

In transaction RZ10, select Instance Profile, Extended Maintenance, maintain the proper icm host name parameter. Please restart the system the parameter change, as it is a non-dynamic parameter.

The main SAP notes that contains information about URL and PORT changes are 1297849 & 805344

How can I address Error messages in Workload Analysis ?

You are receiving messages similar to this while browsing the Workload Analysis tabs:

  • Notification number BRAIN 278, BRAIN 277
  • "Web application processing terminated"
  • Error in template 0TPL_0SMD_MPEH_WA_Q0001

Note that the template name and BRAIN error code may vary.

In any case you must refer to SAP note 1342231 : ST: Manual actvtn. of BI Content for E2E diagnostics

While using the Solution Manager Workcenter, how can I know which URL is JAVA and which one is ABAP ?

Sometimes it is common to see some Root Cause Analysis tools working and others don't. In most cases, it is caused by problems in one of the stacks, ABAP or JAVA. To identify which stack is used in the Workcenter, check the URL after the port number:
 /webdynpro/dispatcher -> Java
 /sap/bc -> ABAP

Error message.unauthorized while accessing Diagnostics Setup (http://<solman_host>:<solman_port>/smd)

When accessing a Diagnostics Java UI (such as "/smd" shortcut), an authorization check is executed against the Solution Manager ABAP stack. This is using a Jco/RFC connection, based on the definition of the WEBADMIN JcoRFC destination defined in your Solution Manager Java stack. Most likely, this definition is missing or is not valid in your case.

Please check the WEBADMIN destination with Visual Admin tool in Server -> Services ->JcoRFC Provider:

  • If it does not exist, please run SOLMAN_SETUP as described in the setup documentation. The "Configure Diagnostics" activity will create this RFC destination.
  • If it does exist, please make sure its settings are correct, specially if the user/password is valid. You may also delete it from Visual Admin tool, and run SOLMAN_SETUP -> "Configure Diagnostics" to recreate it.

In E2E Trace Analysis, the client plugin is not recording.

Refer to the wiki page Client plugin not recording

I cannot see dashboards in Wily Introscope for SAP BOE 4.0.

Refer to SAP note 1540591 - Wily Introscope Setup for SAP BOE 4.0

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