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Solution Manager Implementation


Why do we have to save twice when creating Issues/Messages in Solar01/02 transactions? Is it normal?

A: Actually, this is the normal behavior. It happens because when you click on the create message/issue in the solar01/02 transactions, it'll bring up the standard message creation screen. After saving in this screen, the message will be created but the solar transaction is not automatically updated after that, so you need to press the save button to save the assignment of the message in the project. Otherwise, the message will be created but will not be assigned to the project.

In case you have created a message and accidentally left the transaction without saving the assignment, you just need to finde the message and assign it manually in the tab "issues / messages" using it's number.

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How can I check if a version of a specific product process in my BPR (Business Process Repository) is the latest available?

A: You can see in the following URL a online reference to the latest BPR version. This structure is always up-to-date and to update the version in your system, you need to apply the latest version of the ST-ICO component.

Additionally, if there is not a process for the latest version of a product in the structure, you can use the most recent one in the structure.

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