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 Which target groups does Focused Build address?

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  • Customers with significant amount of development
  • Customers implementing SAP S/4HANA and digital solutions
  • Customers with digital transformation
  • Customers with complex landscapes
  • Customers requesting agile methodologies and tooling (with optional JIRA Integration

 Who is a Focused Build user?

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Only users who actually work with the solution need to be licensed. In Focused Build, users with the following functions are counted individually:

Development & Test Team

  • Users of the following transaction types
  • Work Package and Work Item
  • Release
  • Test request
  • Test plan assignment analysis and generation

Project Management

  • Users the following functions
  • Projects of Focused Build project types
  • Risks

Solution Documentation

  • All users of DropDoc


  • All users viewing dashboards
  • Solution Readiness Dashboard
  • Operational Dashboard
  • Test Management Dashboard

Stand-Alone Enhancements

  • All transport owners using the following functions
  • Retrofit for BW
  • Stand-alone retrofit
  • Retrofit automation
  • Batch import
  • Test system refresh
  • Ready to test and Reassign tester functions
  • Re-pack functionality

 How can I define the number of required users? What is SAP´s suggestion, rule of thumb

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This is hard to answer, as it heavily depends on the scope of the project and the size of the project team. Typically, you can calculate that every active user  (see above) working on the project needs a license. 

 How do customers without a premium engagement license Focused Build?

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As of 2020, the usage rights of SAP Solution Manager include SAP Focused Build and Insights – no additional costs!
Premium engagement customers obtain usage rights independent of ordering engagement services. The configuration or setup services are still part of the Portfolio.

 Is a demo system available to explore Focused Build?

As a customer you can access a fully configured Focused Build solution in the SAP Cloud Appliance Library (CAL). This enables you to use the CAL during the evaluation phase instead of having to buy Focused Build licenses at this stage. The CAL image includes a SAP internal license for SAP Solution Manager which is valid for 30 days. After this period, customers have to install their own licendses to continue to work with the system. For standard SAP Solution Manager functions, customers can request a customer license from SAP at no additional cost. To continue the usage of Focused Build beyond the 30-days trial phase, customers have to buy licenses in the SAP Store, or, if they have a premium engagement, order the minium services to receive usage rights (see: How do premium customers license Focused Build?) These rules are valid independent of whether a customer deploys the image in the cloud or if he copies the sysetm into an on-premise landscape.

 Is Focused Build only designed for premium engagement customers?

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No, Focused Build is designed for all customers. You can think of Focused Build as a pre-configured, turnkey solution that offers all the benefits of an individual consulting solution - at a fraction of the cost involved in consulting solutions. Thus, Focused Build is also very relevant to smaller, and mid-size customers who are looking for a solution but do not want to spend time and effort in building one. Focused Build offers a complete model that they can use.

 Are there any interfaces to third party tools?

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All the SAP Solution Manager interfaces are available. Additionally, Focused Build offers an interface to JIRA. 

 Can SAP Standard Support customers use Focused Build?

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Yes, they can. SAP Standard Support customers can use Focused Build as the usage rights for SAP Standard Support customers are not violated. However, functions like the Business Process Change Analyzer, or component-based Test Automation are not part of Focused Build. They may be used as an extension but are subject to the usage rights of SAP Solution Manager.

 What happens with the data / content when a customer stops his focused solution license?

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Nothing. The content and data are still available in display mode. The applications (e.g. Dashboards) may not be used without a license, though.

 How does licensing of Focused Build work for value added resellers (VARs)?

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If you support your customers through your own SAP Solution Manager, please note that the requirement-to-deplay scenario is not a multi-tenancy scenario. Therefore it has to be used as one implementation per customer per SAP Solution Manager system. The licenses for the Focused Build add-on are based on the named users in the project.

 Where do I get support?

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In case of technical issues, you can create an inquiry with component SV-SMG-OST. Should you have other questions you can contact us at

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