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Build and deliver powerful, flexible dashboards with Focused Insights, providing ready-to-use templates tailored to your IT organization's goals.  

IMPORTANT: Starting Jan 1, 2020, the usage rights of SAP Solution Manager will include SAP Focused Insights – at no additional costs.

  • How to validate the Technical Monitoring sources (Wiki / Jam)
  • What to check on the Monitoring Templates ( Wiki / Jam )
  • Where to find what to setup to get the Security values (Tactical / OCC) ( Wiki / Jam)









Focused Insights FAQs


How do customers license Focused Insights

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All customers get the usage rights for focused solutions through licenses that they buy in SAP Store. The license model is a rental model. Customers buy a license per user for one year. After 11 months you get a notification that the license will be auto-renewed unless you actively cancel it.'


Which target groups do Focused Insights address?

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  • Customers who would like to create custom dashboards to track strategic goals of the CIO
  • Customers who would like to create custom dashboards to track service levels and operational health
  • Customers implementing ICC/OCC
  • Customers who want to create custom dashboards from different capabilities of SAP Solution Manager 


Who is a Focused Insights user?

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Only users who actually work with the solution need to be licensed. In Focused Insights, all dashboard viewers are counted as individual users. These include viewers of the following dashboards which are part of Focused Insights:

  • RunSAP Operation Dashboard
  • OCC dashboard

  • Tactical dashboard

  • Service Level dashboard
  • Readiness dashboard
  • Application performance dashboard
  • IT Scorecard

Duplicates are removed. The result is the number of named users that need a license. Named users who execute functions of focused solutions are counted with the standard license auditing processes of SAP.

Are Focused Insights user licenses required for testing and evaluating the functionality?

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Yes, you need to license the users who will evaluate the functionality. The licenses can be used in all of your systems (development, test, production).


How do SAP MaxAttention customers license Focused Insights?

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 Premium engagement customers obtain their licenses through a dedicated service. They are entitled to use those capabilities which were activated during the service, as long as they have a valid premium support agreement.To order a service, please contact your technical quality manager at SAP. The following enhanced RDS service is currently available for Focused Insights:

  • ŸSAP ESRV OCC Reporting & Dashboarding Service

For more information, refer to SAP Solution Manager Usage Rights -> SAP MaxAttention and Active Embedded -> Additional SAP Solution Manager Services for SAP MaxAttention and SAP Active Embedded Customers.

Where do I get support?

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In case of technical issues, you can create an inquiry with component SV-SMG-OST. Should you have other questions you can contact us at





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