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This is a central place for Focused Insights expert knowledge...

Check out our FI cookbooks with live examples in (User BOSCHS/Solman72)

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Following SP9 Release, individual Note corrections shall be delivered for the Focused Insight Dashboards. We have moved away from the earlier approach of delivering Collective Wave Notes (see table above) to individual Notes required to fix the issue identified in the Focused Insight Dashboard (see table below). The Central Dashboard Notes will list the individual Note corrections delivered under the respective Focused Insight Dashboard category.

Hence Wave 9.0, is the last wave Note that has been delivered. Updates will no longer be made to the Wave Notes or no new Wave Notes shall be delivered in Focused Insight Dashboard unless we encounter a situation that would require us to revisit any wave Note.

Customers using lower version of Focused Insight Dashboard ( less than SP9) will have to implement the delivered wave Notes ( mentioned above for the respective SP), followed by the below individual Notes mentioned under each Central Dashboard Note.

2392728 - Central Note for Focused Insights ST-OST 200 : 2392728

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  1. Former Member

    Hi Xavier,

    Max Atention as a client want to enable this tool but is not available to download the add-on ... you can tell us what is the procedure for downloading or when will be available?
    Thank you for your help.

    Marcelo Miranda.

    1. Hello,

      The procedure is described here:



  2. Hi Xavier,

    Please can you update the wiki with the user/pwd for the dashboard demo? Im using the clasic demo_apps user but nothing is comming out (sad)


    Wence Lacaze

  3. Hi Wen,

    Try with DEMO_OPS user. This guy has all the required authorization.



  4. Hi Marcelo,

    The procedure to get Focused Solutions is described in the portal: Download instructions are available.


     Xavier Dupeyrat.

  5. Former Member Error : This page could not be found. Please rectify.

  6. Former Member

    Dear ,


    Can we access this dashboard via Moible?  E.g Iphone


    BR Andy

    1. Hi Andy,

      The dashboards are based on SAP UI 5. So you can access them on Mobile.



  7. Hi Xavier...can you point us to the anonymous access documentation? 

  8. Hi Matthew,

    You can find it in the security guide available here:


    1. Hi Xavier...thanks.  This is exactly what I was looking for.  My only other question is where do I go to understand the limitations of the licensing for the anonymous user? We use Unified Dashboards today and have them show up on a Team SharePoint site.  I want to make sure that with the Focused Insight that I can continue to do the same thing, or does Focus Insight change that?

      1. Hi Matthew,

        The licensing is based on customer contract.

        Premium customers can fully use Focused Insights without restrictions after an enablement service.

        Other customers have to pay per user on the SAP Store.



  9. Former Member

    Hello Xavier,


    Page is not found is there a link which describes the procedure of enabling Focused Insights?