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Which components I have to use to open a support message?

Please open the message in the under component:

  • SV-SMG-IMP: Solution Administration / Solution Documentation
  • SV-SMG-GAL: Process Modeling


How do I manage process controls such as SOX?

You can define a Configuration Unit for each process control. You should classify the Configuration Unit as Control. Then you can assign the configuration unit to every process or process element the control is applied. See further information on controls.



Can I still use former RDS packages in SAP Solution Manager 7.2?

Yes, you can use the most frequent used RDS packages in SAP Solution Manager 7.2.

Please have a look at SAP Note: 2418929 - SAP Solution Manager 7.2: Get SAP Best Practices RDSPackages and content from Business Process Repository (BPR)


Can I mass change the status of documents in order to release them into production branch?

No, right now we do not support mass change of document statuses (only document attributes can be mass changed). A workaround is to flag every document status as "released". Therefore go to Solution Manager Launchpad → Process Management Configuration → Customize Document Handling → Define Values for Document Handling → Define Document Status Values. Here you can set the flag "released" for every status. After release you can set it back to previous handling.


Do I need to transport/transfer my Solution Documentation content if I use a two tier landscape of SAP Solution Manager?

No, we do not recommend to do so. Working on Solution Documentation always happen in the production environment of Solution Manager. A two tier landscape with development and production is used for e.g. to change configuration of a scenario in order to test it. Afterwards the changes are transported into production.


Does SAP Solution Manager 7.2 support BPMN process modelling? Which BPMN notation is supported?

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 support Business Process Model Notation 2.0 descriptive.


Which diagram types are supported in BPMN of SAP Solution Manager 7.2?

Universal Diagram, Process Diagram, Collaboration Diagram.



Why is no SAP Best Practices Packages available in Solution Administration?

Please check this note to solve this issue



Can I import SAP Best Practises for SAP Solution Manager 7.2 via local file?

Yes, check this note to find the content as local file



Can I restrict creation/maintenance of scopes?

Please check section Authorisaton of Scopes here. Scopes 


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