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Comparison in one SAP HANA Database

Run Mode: BACKGROUND AND DIALOG Aggregation: NATIVE Iteration: SUPPORTED Duplicate Check: NOT SUPPORTED Metadata retrieval: SUPPORTED 

Extraction Strategy: EXTRACT COMPARISON IN ONE DATABASE Special Permissions: NONE


This source type enables comparisons directly in an SAP HANA database. You can compare data from the SAP HANA database with data from a second database (SAP HANA or a different database). For this purpose, the tables of the second database must be available as virtual tables in the SAP HANA database. This is realized using SAP HANA Smart Data Access:

SAP HANA Smart Data Access

The SAP Hana Smart Data access is based on virtual tables that maps to an existing object at the remote data source site.

 For information about how to create virtual tables using SAP HANA Smart Data Access, please see the corresponding chapter in the SAP HANA Administration Guide: SAP HANA Smart Data Access.

For most source types, CDC extracts data from both data sources and compares them in SAP Solution Manager. To compare data directly in an SAP HANA database, you first change the extraction strategy from Default: Individual Data Selection in Each Source System to Execute Comparison in One SystemAfter this, instead of selecting two source types, you select only one source type Comparison in One SAP HANA Database.


The following information is required:

Database Connection NameSpecify the connection that is used to read the data for the comparison
Database Schema NameSpecify the name of the database schema from which the data is read
The following fields are non-editable and generated by the tool
SQL Statement (Count System 1, Count System 2)The SQL statement used to count the number of expected objects is displayed after generation.
SQL Statement (Comparison)The SQL statement used for comparison between the data in the two source systems.
SQL Statement (Extract)The SQL statement used to extract the source data is displayed after generation.

During comparison, data is compared in the SAP HANA database and only the comparison result is returned to the CDC application in SAP Solution Manager:

This source type determines row hashes and uses them for comparison. Where available, only the key values and row hashes are transfered from the second database to the SAP HANA database. After the inconsistencies are determined, only the requested information like inconsistency details and context fields for the inconsistent objects is determined from the two databases.

This source type offers improved performance because the comparison is moved from the application server of SAP Solution Manager to the more powerful SAP HANA database. In addition to data comparison within one SAP HANA database or between two SAP HANA databases, this approach is also suitable for various other databases like TERADATA, SAP Sybase ASE, SAP Sybase IQ, Oracle and MS SQL Server. Currently the source type does not support comparison in blocks of configurable block size, so we recommend to split very large comparisons first, see Mass Activities for more information.

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