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This scenario is for Hana memory usage info. It allows monitoring several KPIs related to the Memory of Hana Database. It provides information about the used, the resident and the available physical memory of the Hana database. 

Main Tile

The main tile of Hana Memory scenario shows the status of three metrics which are:

  • Resident memory is the physical memory in operational use by a process.
  • Available physical memory is the total amount of memory currently in use by SAP HANA.
  • Used memory is the total amount of memory currently in use by SAP HANA.

The rating of the Scenario is based on two thresholds defined on the percentage of the %(used/Available physical memory) and on the resident memory comparison. If one of the two is red, then the Hana Memory Scenario is rated as red.
The %(Used/ Available physical memory) has a conventional “green to yellow to red” threshold.
The color of the trend chart in the System Tile is based on the evaluation of a threshold defined for the comparison of the Resident memory between Last Week and Last 8 Weeks.

Detailed View

The detail view provides one chart, DB Memory. The Database Memory shows the Available physical memory, the Resident memory and the Used memory for the selected periods:
· Today with hour granularity.
· Yesterday with hour granularity.
· Last week with daily granularity
· This week with daily granularity.
· Last month with daily granularity.
· This month with daily granularity.
· Last 3 months with daily granularity.
· Last 12 months with monthly granularity

Used Metrics and Queries

STDF Metrics



  • 0HDB_MP11/0HDB_MP11_Q0010

Data Validation

The returned data by the configured scenario is the following:

In order to validate it, we need to execute RSRT1 transaction code and enter the following query:  0HDB_MP11/0HDB_MP11_Q0010 and select the appropriate filter such as Calendar Day and System ID in the below example:

  • 0HDB_MP11/0HDB_MP11_Q0010

The displayed data is in Mega Bytes so we need to perform a conversion to Gega Bytes:

  • Conversion from MB to GB  for the Used memory:  105.642 / 1024 = 0.10 GB
  •  % used memory / available physical memory :(105.642 / 258.481) * 100 = 40.87 %


For issues in RSRT1 with Query 0HDB_MP11_Q0010  (no results, results not as you expected) please contact component SV-SMG-DIA-APP-OSD

For issues in TAC (Query results ok in RSRT1 but TAC not displaying data correctly) please contact component SV-SMG-OST-FI

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