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Maximize the Value of your Existing SAP Solutions

In 2008 SAP introduced a service offering SAP Business Process Analysis. This offering is similar to a health check for business processes and tries to identify inefficiencies and ineffectiveness in these business processes. In ~90% of the analysis reports SAP identified significant potential for improving the existing SAP implementation, i.e. the large majority of customers are not yet using their SAP Business Suite to the full extent. With the help of Business Process Analytics in SAP Solution Manager, other customers have achieved great improvements in the following areas.

Since 2010 SAP provides the functionality of Business Process Analytics in SAP Solution Manager in order to identify and analyze process inefficiencies (see SCN blog about Business Process Analytics). With SAP Solution Manager 7.1 support package 5 new features (such as advanced and value benchmarking) have been shipped for Business Process Analytics (see SCN blog about new features).

For utilizing Business Process Analytics to its full extent SAP also developed a systematic 9-step Business Process Improvement methodology on how to analyze root causes, define action items and control the achieved progress. Some customer testimonials can be found at the corresponding SCN blog.

The problem oriented approach of Business Process Analytics and its key figures for improving business processes nicely complements your existing business reporting solution (SAP BW or SAP BusinessObjects) which you use for keeping a status quo and making strategic business decisions. For a more detailed description please refer to the SCN blog Traditional business KPI approach vs Business Process Monitoring.

The technical implementation of Business Process Analytics is very fast and typically takes a matter of days as more than 1355 key figures are shipped out-of-the-box. The complete list of key figures can be found here in the KPI catalog.

The worlds current situation is unpredictable. During this time of uncertainty, managing your Working Capital and safeguarding your liquidity and cash flow is crucial for all enterprises at this time. Besides that, to maintain business continuity and make the right business decisions in times like these, you need transparency into all your business processes and where the biggest inefficiencies and leakages are at the moment. Business Process Improvement can help you to address these matters. Find out how by watching these videos: 

  1. Improve Your Working Capital and Cash Flow with Business Process Improvement
  2. Improve Material Flow and Value Chain Using Process Flow Insight 

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