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The Security scenario for Tactical dashboard allows to setup Jump-in links for the available security area.

We will see here how to add theses links to the Security Notes recommandation.

Source of Information (Links creation)

Security Notes are available in the System Recommandations which is part of the Change Management Workcenter

Open the System Recommandations and click on the number of Security Notes

This will open the listing of all Security Note for your system.

For the security note scenario, we use only the Priority Hotnews or Correction with High Priority.

Please adapt the filter accordly.

Once this is done, press the Go, you should see the result with the corresponding notes.

Copy the URL of this page.

It should look like


Please replace the value (host/port/SID/Client etc)

To enter now the link in the Tactical Dashboard, we need to go  the Tactical Dashboard setup → System Configuration → Security Tabs.

Enter the link, you previously generated and this is done.

The Jump-in link is available in your Dashboard.

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