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How to Create an AD HOC EWA report in Solution Manager 7.1

Run Transaction Code – Solman_Workcenter

Navigate > System Monitor > Reports > SAP EarlyWatch Alert

Highlight the system > Click the Solution Link ( E.G. SAP Solution SAP Solution)

Click Solution > OK

Click on Create Button

Select SID in Solution

Click on Confirm Button

New Service Session for same Period – AD HOC EWA is created

Refresh Session SDCCN Tasks is run on the Managed system

Pulls outstanding EWA service sessions and creates SDCCN EWA tasks.

AS HOC EWA Report is Available to view once SM:EXEC SERVICES has run.

1 Comment

  1. Nice description, though the screenshots are really blurry. I have followed those steps exactly,
    the data from the satellite system is being transferred, but then I see the 2 bottles with the
    message 'Data is available'. When I click on it and start the job SM:EXEC SERVICES, it runs
    for 6-7 seconds and generates NOTHING. I still keep seeing the 2 bottles after several tries
    and a couple of hours waiting... Please advise what to do !!