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Objective: Display HTML content in a Gadget?

Answer: use the renderer "HTML_RENDER" to display predefined HTML Content.


Link to demo system


Step 1 : Create HML Content

A report is available to create the predefined htmll content.

run SE28 and execute the report : /STDF/HTML_CONTENT_LOAD

You should obtain the following screen

ID : is the ID of the predefined content

Title: Title or description of the predefined content

HTML: This is the HTML Content to be display. This must be surrounded with <div> tag.   Example <div> This my HTML Code </div>





<span> <img class="image"
alt=""> This is the HTML Render for Focused Insight</span>
<li><a href="">Focused Insights Home</a></li>
welcome to you

Step 2 : Use HTML content in an OCC Dashboard.

You want now to use the predefined html text, in your gadget.

The HTML Render allows 3 options:

    • Display HTML Content + Tile with numeric Value
    • Display HTML Content 
    • Display Tile only

From the gadget wizard select the tab called HTML Content

Then select, your wanted HTML message


You should be able to see the HTML Message in the preview and in the gadget.

Alternatively, you may wand to see a value coming from a Data Provider and the HTML Message. In this case select Html and Tile 

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