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Solution Manager Implementation


The Business Process Repository (BPR) is the central storage of SAP's     
comprehensive knowledge on implementing integrated, cross-component       
business scenarios.                                                       
You can make use of this knowledge during your implementation or          
template project by taking the pre-delivered implementation content as    
the starting point for your project scope. The implementation content is  
delivered alongside a process-oriented scenario structure with the        
following assigned information (depending on scenario):                   
- Documentation describing the scenario use in your business              
- Transactions allowing the evaluation of the delivered  scenarios   
- Configuration support (ranging from Implementation Guides (IMG) to      
  Business Configuration Sets) allowing for efficient Customizing         
  of your scenarios                                                       
To use the content from the BPR start transaction SOLAR01 and enter your  
Here select the node 'Business Scenarios'                                 
Change to the Structure-tab.                                              
At the field 'Source' make sure that Business Process Repository is       
selected in the drop down field.                                          
Place your cursor into the Scenario Name field and start the searchelp    
using F4.                                                                 
This will open the BPR. Here then select the desired scenario             
you would like to implement with your project and save.                   
As the BPR Content is delivered with the ST-ICO package its always        
a good idea to have the latest Supportpackage of that component in-       
stalled in order to have the latest content avaialable.                   


Scenarios Delivered by SAP 

This function gives an overview of all scenarios and their business contents delivered by SAP, independently of a project or solution.



In transaction SICF activate service SM_BPR_OVERVIEW


Add the Web Dynpro application Business Process Repository (BPR)  to your Favorites:

1. Choose  menu:  Favorites  -> Add Other Objects  ->  Web Dynpro Application   in the SAP initial screen.

2. Enter SM_BPR_OVERVIEW in the field Web Dynpro Application.

3. Enter a description.

4. Save your changes.



* Overview of business scenarios and objects assigned to the scenarios/processes/process steps, delivered by SAP, by organizational area and SAP solution/application:

     - Documents

     - Transactions

     - Configuration Objects, e.g. IMG assignments

     - Business Process Graphics


* Search Function

* Where-used list for structure elements and assigned objects



Call the Web Dynpro application SM_BPR_OVERVIEW.



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