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Solution Manager Implementation


there exists a functionality called:                                    
'Restrict Changes to Project Nodes to Assigned Team Members'            
This is a flag in SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN which can be set at the 'Proj.Team Members'-tab                                                            
If you check this box, only team members who are assigned in the  'Administration' tab can work on the nodes of a project structure.

Other team members can only open the tab in display mode.                     
The tabs they can work on depend on their authorizations (authorization object AI_SA_TAB)                                                       
!!! This restriction does not apply for users with authorization to assign resources   
at nodes (authorization object S_PROJECT  ACTVT = 78)
User that have that authorization can work on all nodes independent on whether they 
are assigned to or not, as with this authorization they can assign themself to the
 administration-tab in SOLAR01/02!!!              
This means the restricted users must NOT have  S_PROJECT  ACTVT = 78    
Have also in mind that there is an 'Administration' - tab in SOLAR01 and  SOLAR02.  
Although it has the same name and the same look it covers different data    
The Administration tab in SOLAR01 controls the Blueprint                
The Administration tab in SOLAR02 controls the Configuration             
See also note:                                                          
# 874539  Enhancement of authorization checks in project structure      

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