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You can perform Impact Analysis for the interfaces in your Integration Repository to check which interfaces in your landscape would be affected when you transition to SAP S/4HANA.

Impact Analysis is performed on the caller programs of the interfaces. 

For technical prerequisites, please follow this link under the section "S/4HANA ATC Check using Custom Code Analysis'"

How to perform Impact Analysis?

  1. Take the caller programs of your interfaces documented in your Integration Repository using the Interface Search and Mass Maintenance application. For information about Interface Search and Mass Maintenance application, please follow this link.
    1. Apply filter on 'Interface Technology' and list all interfaces per solution-branch
    2. On the table listing interfaces, select all fields for display
    3. Take the attribute value that holds the caller program name for the Interface Technology in scope and copy it for all the interfaces
    4. Repeat the steps for all interface technologies and maintain a list of all caller programs in a note pad
  2. In the managed system, where the caller programs are, create a global object set in Code Inspector following the below steps:
    1. Launch transaction SCI and create an object set as shown below. Remember to create the object set with 'global' scope
    2. Under the section 'Object Selection', enter the copied caller programs and select the option using checkbox
    3. Save the object set
  3. In the Hub system (SAP_BASIS 7.51 or higher) where you perform the ATC check, create an RFC Destination to the Managed System in scope.
    1. Launch transaction ATC and choose 'Schedule Runs' under the category 'Runs'
    2. Choose 'Create' option on the toolbar and create a configuration as shown below. Enter a Series Name as per your choice.
      1. Choose a Check Variant of S4HANA_READINESS as per the intended target release of your SAP S/4HANA. For example, if your target release is 1709, choose the variant S4HANA_READINESS_1709. 
      2. On the Object Provider, choose the managed system in scope.
      3. Under the section 'Checkable Namespaces' choose 'By Object Set' and select the global object set created in your manged system.
      4. Then, press 'Save' to save the run configuration.
    3. Now, schedule the run by clicking 'Schedule' on the toolbar.
    4. Choose the Series Name using F4 Help and press 'Execute'
    5. You can monitor the scheduled run by clicking 'Monitor and Control Runs' under the category Runs on the ATC screen. Once it is completed, you can display the result by clicking the button Display Result.

How to adapt your code after finding the impact?

To get insights on the process to adapt your custom code for a successful migration to SAP S/4HANA after finding the impacts, please follow this blog.

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