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With Solution Manager SP09, SAP delivered UI5 application Interface Search and Mass Maintenance allows searching for documented interfaces in Solution Manager and perform mass changes on these interfaces.

What is it?

This application helps you:

  • Update common attributes of multiple interfaces all at once. This means for the same interface technology, you can change all the attributes. With different technologies, you can only change a few or no attributes 

  • Avoid manually updating each interface one by one with the same value


You can change the displayed columns using the table settings 

How to use it?

To perform mass maintenance on Interfaces maintained in Integration Repository, please follow the below steps:

  1. Open Solution Manager Launchpad using transaction SM_WORKCENTER
  2. Choose the tile Integration Repository Mass Maintenance
  3. Filter the result by entering the following mandatory parameters and hit Go. You can as well use the other search parameters to further restrict the results. 

    1.  Solution ID 

    2. Branch Name (fe. Operations) 

    3. System Role ID 

  4. Select the interfaces you would like to update and press edit button to maintain the values in Integration Repository. 


Use <Leave Blank> to delete existing values from attributes 

<Keep Existing Values> indicates that the selected interfaces have different values for the same attribute 







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