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Issue Management consist of Issues and Top Issues which is found under the Solution Manager Work Center - SAP Engagement and Service Delivery.

For help with this, refer to the page or for Solution Manager 7.1

The support component for Issue Management is SV-SMG-ISM

Common problems for Issue Management

  • When you add the project context to an issue and save & Back the issue and then come back into the same issue the project context is not saved - Refer to 1858984
  • When executing Issue Management in Solman_workcenter the following dump occurs RAISE EXCEPTION Runtime Errors AGS_WORK_ESD_ISSUE_M_NEW - Refer to 2068486.
  • When exporting Issues in Solman Engagement and Service Delivery WorkCenter you get the following runtime error: 500 SAP Internal Server Error "ERROR: Access via 'NULL' object reference not possible"  - Refer to 2294361.
  • Tasks no longer assigned to Issues after assigning the task to a solution - Refer to 1871322.
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