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This page provides a comprehensive overview on Job Management with all related aspects, such as Business Background, Goal, Concept, Implementation, related Information.

Business Background

In order to seamlessly execute business processes, in which different SAP and non-SAP systems are involved, scheduling of background jobs should be managed by a central, solution wide tool.

Job Management comprises several applications to establish standardized, formal processes in order to support the management of centralized end-to-end solution wide background operations, i.e.

  • Processes for requesting new jobs, job changes or deletion of jobs

  • Documentation and central scheduling of jobs

  • Central monitoring of jobs and error handling in case of failures 

Job Management is one of the elements of the Run SAP like a Factory - concept. By providing centralized Job Management capabilities, it supports central Job Operations and Monitoring activities. In case an Operations Control Center is available or to be set up, monitoring and error handling procedures can be ideally taken over by a central monitoring team.

Job Management is also documented as E2E Solution Operations standard provided by SAP.


Provide an efficient and consistent Job Management Process:

  • Manage batch processing efficiently by having a central and living Job Documentation implemented
    (see here for ABAP job, BW Process Chain or externally scheduled job)
  • Manage changes to batch processing by integrating with Solution Manager Incident Management and optionally with ChaRM or via BAdI with any ticketing tool.
  • Have a centralized batch job scheduling concept in place
  • Have a centralized batch job monitoring concept for ABAP, SBOP/BOBJ, DS, SMSE Jobs and BW Process Chains in place using the Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure of SAP Solution Manager


Two main Job Management options are available: 

  1. Jobs are managed by Solution Manager only 
    1. Job scheduling information is handed over from Solution Manager directly via interface to the managed SAP Systems scheduler. Job execution is triggered by the managed SAP Systems scheduler. This option is valid for jobs of type SAP ABAP, SBOP, DS, and BW process chains.

  2. Jobs are managed by Solution Manager and SAP CPS / SAP BPA , or any SMSE (Solution Manager Scheduling Enabler) certified external job scheduler.
    1. Job scheduling information is handed over from Solution Manager via SMSE interface. Job execution is triggered by the scheduler into the managed System via the respective interface.
      This option allows to schedule any job type supported by SAP BPA / SAP CPS.

SAP External Scheduler: SAP BPA and SAP CPS

The SAP external scheduler is actually a product and comes in two versions:

  • SAP Business Process Automation by Redwood (SAP BPA) is a chargeable version. You can download it from the Service Marketplace. An overview on new features can be found in SAP Note 2005087.
  • SAP Central Process Scheduling by Redwood (SAP CPS) is a free (OEM) version, being part of the SAP NW Java Stack. This version will stay in the NW products as long as SAP NW 7.x is supported by SAP.

SAP BPA by Redwood allows to schedule jobs / job chains of type SAP ABAP, SBOP, DS, BW process chains, ISU mass activities, Java MDB, OS level on many platforms (all SAP supported operating systems), non-SAP systems. See a complete list in SAP BPA administration guide.

Update (May 10, 2019)
SAP is not selling SAP CPS / SAP BPA to new customers anymore. But you can contact Redwood ( to request an offering for SAP BPA by Redwood (Redwood sells this scheduler under the name of RunMyJobs (formerly Cronacle). SAP continues to provide regular support to SAP customers for SAP CPS / SAP BPA.

New with Solution Manager 7.2

With Solution Manager 7.2, new features were made available, mainly
  • Integration with Solution Documentation (limitations apply)
  • Integration of the Job Request process with any ticketing tool (not only ITSM)
  • Enhanced scheduling support (improved Gantt Chart, Scheduling Assistant)
  • Job Monitoring framework opened up via BAdI for new job types (e.g. cloud ABAP jobs, but also customer specifics)
  • Starting with support package 9, Jobs of type ABAP scheduled via Redwood will always be monitored via RFC on the ABAP managed System.

Implementation of Job Management

Job Management is technically implemented through a Guided Procedure in Solution Manager configuration.

For Solution Manager 7.2 starting with SP08, under 'Detailed Documenation' find a

Configuration Guide addressing all relevant configuration and enhancement topics based on BAdI technique, and a
User & Enhancement Guide for Mass Maintenance to manage mass maintenance of job documentations.

As the implementation has numerous integration aspects with various business and IT areas, we recommend following a project approach guided by a RSLF Business Process Operations Roadmap. You can access it via Roadmap Viewer.
To get an comprehensive overview on the implementation, we recommend to attend an Expert Guided Implementation (EGI) for Job Management. See General EGI Information and prerequisites for EGI for Job Management in the Media Library,

See further information in Support Portal - Solution Manager Processes - Business Process Operations .

Contact information

For further questions, or any other information regarding Job Management, please send an email to

Related Information

Please find related information in the Media Library right hand side of this page. Important questions for Job Management are answered in page FAQ: Job Management in SCN Wiki.

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Media Library


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Job Request Process with External Ticketing Integration - Overview and Offering

Job Management 7.2 on SAP Help Portal
Batch Scheduling on SAP Help Portal
Workload Distribution Analysis for Background Jobs

FAQ: Job Management in SCN Wiki

E2E Standard about Job Scheduling Management

Demo System and Training

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Demo System
Recordings for Job Management
Early Knowledge Transfer Learning Maps (Login Required)


EGI Portfolio from Support Academy
Expert Guided Implementation for JM - Prerequisites
Roadmap Viewer for SAP Solution Manager

Scheduling Integration

SMSE Interface Information
XBP Interface Information

How to connect SAP BPA by Redwood to Solution Manager and SAP ABAP System

SAP Note 2502427: SMSE/BAE setup in SAP BPA 9.0

Certified Schedulers

XBP Scheduling Integration Certified Schedulers
Solution Manager Integration Certified Schedulers


Overview SAP BPA / SAP CPS

SAP BPA Community in SCN
SAP CPS Community in SCN
SAP CPS on SAP Help Portal

CA Automic One Automation

CA Automic One Automation Platform

Detailed Documentation

Job Management
Appl. Spec. Security Guide Solution Manager 7.2 SP09


Job_Analysis_Setup_Guide_May2019 (SP08+)

User & Enhancement Guide for Mass Maintenance

Job Request UI - Configuration and Enhancement

Job Documentation UI - Configuration and Enhancement

Job Management User Documentation SM72 SP08

Central Job Overview

Configuration Guide for Central Job Overview

Job Analysis / Health Check

Job Analysis Setup Guide (May 2019, SP08+)

JM Health Check Setup Guide (up to SP07)

Job Monitoring

Unified Unified Job Monitoring Config Guide (7.1)

Application Operations Job Monitoring on SAP Help Portal

Job Monitoring Overview 7.2

Configuring Job Monitoring in 7.2

Important SAP Notes for Unified Job Monitoring

S/4HANA cloud edition Application Job Monitoring (example IBP): Setup and Consumption Guide

Related Areas

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