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The monitoring task for background jobs (or programs in general) is a key function of a Control Center.

With SAP Solution Manager JSM (Job scheduling management), you get access to all main jobs execution KPIs. It provides an overall picture about the actual system workload caused by background processing in order to identify possible optimisation potential in managed systems.



This view uses the Focused Insights BeX Query 0SM_JSM_H-0SM_JSM_H_Q6_S displayed in a column chart in RAW Mode.

 NAME = TOP 10 Jobs


SERIES = /STDF/DP_BEX_QUERIES:Queries=0SM_JSM_H-0SM_JSM_H_Q6_S|filters=|0SM_SYS=A4H|selection=|fill_gaps=|X_axis=RAW|visible=true|legend=|COLOR=#1f77b4|OCC_JUMP_IN=

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