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Changed onTitleNumber
19.07.2018How to use report RSOMO_ADJUST_OBJECTS2661888
22.02.2018How to add a source system for a exchange rate provider in Business Process Improvements2603932
04.12.2017How to implement and deploy the Progress Management Board application in Solution Manager2573549
08.09.2017Consistency Report for Dashboard Application in SAP Solution Manager 7.12531429
08.09.2017How to manually install/activate the Business Process Analytics Twincubes in SAP Solution Manager 7.12529846
22.09.2017How to configure Business Process Monitoring objects as par of the Solution Documentation in Solution Manager 7.22482484
07.03.2017How to generate list of present AKFIs for step " Migrate KPI Variants" in Solution Manager 7.22438763
09.03.2018No diagnostics relevant system assigned in system role <xxx>2407064
29.09.2017How to schedule Work Mode Management for Business Process Monitoring2380090
05.09.2017How to confirm reactivation of Business Process Operations WebDynpro Interfaces in SAP Solution Manager 7.1 & 7.22366656
23.11.2017Performing a Syntax Check for Business Process Improvement and Known Syntax Errors in SAP Solution Manager 7.1 & 7.22363132
12.08.2016How to Add Technical IDs and/or Descriptive Texts to Business Process Analytics Charts in SAP Solution Manager 7.12353019
15.01.2018How to Confirm Detail List availability for Key Figures within Business Process Operations via SAP Solution Manager2290152
25.08.2017Workcenter 'Business Process Operations(New)' is not visible when calling SM_WORKCENTER2200184
12.08.2015BPMon: How to check the assignment of RFC server group for a solution2199101
24.08.2017BPMon: How to test & execute data collection manually in ST13: TBI_REPORTS2197502
10.08.2015BPMon: How to find out the solution name for a monitoring object2196647
05.09.2017Accessing the Business Process Analytics BW Infocubes for Troubleshooting Purposes within SAP Solution Manager 7.1 & 7.22196011
06.02.2018How to Delete Connector Instances for Business Process Operations within Solution Manager 7.1 & 7.22195667
29.09.2017Prerequisites for Configuring Business Process Analytics within Solution Manager 7.102187980
21.12.2016How to Activate and Migrate Business Process Operations to Business Process Analytics TwinCubes in Solution Manager2168563
16.11.2017How to create a missing connector for Business Process Analytics Twincubes or MAI in Solution Manager 7.1 & 7.22166205
21.12.2016Troubleshooting for Short Dump Occurence when Accessing Business Process Analytics in Solution Manager2166140
16.06.2017How to Delete and Rebuild the AKF Repository for Key Figures in Solution Manager2166134



Changed onTitleNumber
09.08.2018Troubleshooting for runtime error when accessing Analytics via BPO Dashboards in SAP Solution Manager 7.12679632
09.08.2018Troubleshooting for EXPORT_TOO_MUCH_DATA runtime errors occurring for job BPM_DATA_COLLECTION2679619
08.08.2018AGS_BPA_CUBE_DATA_TRANSFER job failed during initial BPA Configuration in SAP Solution Manager 7.22679481
16.07.2018Troubleshooting for missing data in Business Process Analytics2666785
09.05.2018Syntax error in CL_AGS_BPA_GW_COMMON_MPC after SP06 upgrade2641216
19.04.2018BPA: TwinCubes Data Loader Status have failed packages in the error queue with message "Error reading DSO 0SM_OBPAH details"2633490
26.03.2018Troubleshooting for failures in updating Dependency Diagram Tiles in SAP Solution Manager 7.22623780
03.05.2018Due Time Calculation failed with: Transformation error for rule type FACTORY error in Alerting Framework2604090
27.12.2017How to correct syntax errors in a class after SP upgrade by doing a clean up2583266
28.11.2017Troubleshooting for "No authorization for function module /SOMO/BPMON_GET_MAPPING" error in SAP Solution Manager 7.22570846
22.05.2018Business Key Figures for EWA - BPMON* Job cancels with error SQL_CAUGHT_RABAX2553039
10.05.2018"Company Code is necessary!" error occurs when executing report Z_RESCHEDULE_EWA_BPA_JOB for EWA Reporting2552670
01.08.2018Warning 'keyfigure BPA_* setup instance * has no smud folders' when opening Business Process Analytics2512529
01.08.2017BPM_DATA_COLLECTION jobs failing with runtime error "DYNPRO_NOT_FOUND" in SAP ERP 6.0 systems2509281
07.02.2018SMSETUP: AGS_BPMON_DATA_COLLE job aborted in activity Check User For Data collection in BPM setup2507914
24.07.2017"No texts from <managed system ID> for <Semantic ID> are loaded in AGS_RI_TMD" warning in Solution Manager 7.22505599
06.03.2018How to use Solution Documentation in the context of Business Process Monitoring with SAP Solution Manager 7.22502476
27.07.2017Troubleshooting for "Service cannot be reached" error when attempting to open the KPI Catalogue in SAP Solution Manager 7.22500508
16.11.2017KPI Catalog for BPOps key figures2491860
22.09.2017Migration for Business Process Monitoring from Solution Manager 7.1 to 7.22491759
23.11.2017"No Systems Found" error when running Ad-hoc Business Process Analytics in Solution Manager 7.22490954
09.07.2017"An exception with text No Authorization has occurred" error occurs when executing report AGS_BPM_RI_CONSISTENCY in SAP Solution Manager 7.12490057
08.09.2017No data in Business Process Analytics when using Business Process Monitoring on MAI2489324
10.08.2018Troubleshooting for Business Process Operations Detail List errors in SAP Solution Manager 7.1 & 7.22481690
27.07.2017Month values are missing from "Calendar Month.Year" column in Usage Analysis in SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP14 and higher2476118
27.03.2017Troubleshooting for "No Systems Found" error when running Business Process Analytics in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP032436277
28.02.2017"You tried to build an invalid XML Structure" error when activating BPA Twincubes in SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP132434950
28.02.2017Troubleshooting for large archive logs generated in monitored systems for programs /SSF/SLIB and /SSA/*2434948
28.02.2017COMPUTE_INT_PLUS_OVERFLOW dump occurs in SAP ERP 6.0 for BPM_DATA_COLLECTION job failures2434406
28.06.2018"Error accessing InfoCube with function module DIAGST_BW_INFOPROV_READ_RFC" occurs in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP032434326
16.04.2018Detail Analysis button is grey, or unavailable, for Business Process Analytics2425591
29.09.2017Reload monitor definitions in Solution Manager 7.22422993
08.09.2017Error "Execution of MDX query failed" when clicking on Apply Timeframe2415844
31.08.2017Troubleshooting for Large Volumes of Entries for table /SSF/PTAB with SAP Solution Manager 7.12354694
28.07.2016"OBJECTS_NOT_COMPATIBLE" shortdump occurs when executing report /SSA/EKR in SAP ERP 6.02332157
24.04.2017"No data available for selected timeframe" error occurs for classical Business Process Analytics within SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP142314853
20.09.2016"Could not read data from Info Cube 0SM_BPMRH RC=8" error during Data Migration to BPA Twincubes2314852
29.03.2016"OBJECTS_MOVE_NOT_SUPPORTED" dump occurs upon upgrading Solution Manager 7.1 to SP142289980
21.12.2016Troubleshooting for "No BPA Twin Cube Structure found" error when attempting Data Migration in Business Process Analytics2287414
12.05.2017"The Key Figure <Monitor ID> was not found for the Connector Type "BPM_Detail_List" error when running Business Process Analytics2226245
24.01.2018The monitoring function you are looking for is not available for creating in your BPM solution2203213
06.09.2017Errors during generation or activation of an object in Business Process Monitoring on MAI2203071
17.08.2017"Unable to interpret ********* as a number" error when applying a timeframe in Business Process Analytics.2199654
21.12.2016Business Process Analytics gives "No Data available for selected timeframe" exception2196691
21.12.2016"No data found" & "No authorization for object" When running BP Analytics - Benchmarking and Analysis2196641
20.05.2015"No target currencies were found for currencies in data set" error in function Benchmarking or Trend Analysis2167522
14.02.2018Troubleshooting when Exception Occurs in Calling Advanced Benchmarking and Age Analysis2167479
10.06.2015No Free Selection Is Available in Business Process Analytics2167074
23.02.2016Exception Occurs when calling a Specific Monitoring Object/Key Figure in Business Process Analytics2166997
15.11.2017Short Dump occurs "UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION" "BUILD_ELEMENT_AS_ROOT" in Business Process Analytics1872662
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