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Jan 30, 2018

When processing EWAs, the dump below is generated on Solution Manager.

Category               ABAP Programming Error
Runtime Errors         CONVT_NO_NUMBER ABAP Program           /1AGS/ASQL_OPT_ORA_________006

An attempt was made to interpret value "ORA" as a number.

|Active Calls/Events                                                                              

|No.   Ty. Program Include Line   | |      Name 17 FORM         /1AGS/ASQL_OPT_ORA_________006      /1AGS/ASQL_OPT_ORA_________006      22696  | |      ACTION_197                                                                                


Status: Development is aware of the issue and the issue is currently under investigation. If you require assistance please create an incident in component BC-CCM-SLD.

Oct 23, 2018

Dump in SM:EXEC SERVICES, cannot generate EWA report

ABAP-progr. CL_DSMOP_SOLUTION=============CP
Application Component SV-SMG-OP

Function module "DEV_CHECK_TABLE_EXISTS" not found

The current ABAP program "/1AGS/ASOLUTION_MANAGER____004" had to be terminated

Revert back to 08/17/2018 using the steps from 1814723 Status: Solved

Fixed via Service Content Update (AGS_UPDATE).

September 20, 2018EWA cover page is missing data for SAP System ID Product & DB System after the last Service Content Update.Revert back to an earlier SCU using the steps from 1814723 Status: Development is currently investigating the issue.
 December 2018 Category ABAP Programming Error
Runtime Errors CONVT_NO_NUMBER
ABAP Program /1AGS/AEW_DBORA____________066
  Status: Development is currently investigating the issue.









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