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Landscape Management Database (LMDB) was introduced with SAP Solution Manager 7.1. If you start to use the SAP Solution Manager 7.1 release, then it's mandatory to configure LMDB to manage the system landscape.

If you want to get all the useful pages of LMDB, the following three pages are highly recommended
Landscape Management Database (LMDB)
Landscape Management Database (LMDB) – FAQ
SCN blogs and docs on SLD and LMDB

If you want to get the big picture of LMDB according to the specific Solution Manager SP version, then the LMDB help documentation is helpful. It is also the basic guide to start using LMDB: 
--> Application Help
--> <language and SP>
--> SAP Solution Manager Operations
--> Managing System Landscape Information

Basic Steps to configure one managed system to SLD, LMDB, and SMSY


  1. select the supported SLD to sync system data to LMDB. Refer to the Supported SLD.
  2. always has the latest CR content and CIM Model version in SLD. Note 669669 contains the way to update the latest CR content and CIM Mode.

If you have any questions about CR content and CIM Model in SLD or LMDB, please refer to the SCN page: Software Catalog Data aka CR CONTENT in SLD and LMDB

Basic steps:

  1. configure the connection from SLD to LMDB

  2. In a full, automatic synchronization, the landscape description, CIM model, and SAP Software Catalog (CR Content) are copied to the Landscape Management Database (LMDB).
  3. send managed system to the SLD
  4. SAP_LMDB_LDB* sync the system data from SLD to LMDB automatically every ten minutes.
  5. Technical system descriptions are continuously replicated from LMDB to the Solution Manager System Landscape tool (SMSY) to keep SMSY updated. Note that during the following SAP Solution Manager versions, more and more SMSY functionality will be merged to LMDB.



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