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SAP Solution Manager SAP Solution Manager Processes

In SAP Solution Manager 7.1, Maintenance Optimizer has retired since January 9, 2017. SAP Solution Manager’s cloud-based Maintenance Planner is the successor of Maintenance Optimizer. As of July 2015, Maintenance Planner in SAP Support Portal is the central tool to plan updates, upgrades, and new installations in your system landscape. For more information please refer Maintenance Optimizer sunset announcement.


Maintenance Optimizer (retired)

Maintenance Planner



For questions or comments, please create a Comment or e-mail the last editor of this Wiki.

Maintenance Optimizer (Retired)
  • Maintenance Optimizer is no longer supported. Maintenance Planner is the successor of Maintenance Optimizer.  
    Read more about 
    Maintenance Optimizer sunset.
Maintenance Planner


Maintenance Planner enables:

  • Easy and efficient planning of all changes in your SAP system landscape
  • Offers integrated processes for SAP Fiori apps, SAP S/4HANA, and SAP BW/4HANA
  • Handling of all critical aspects of landscape maintenance in one tool.

Maintenance Planner is compatible and mandatory for all updates', upgrades', and system conversions' calculation done with all Solution Manager versions available. It is the successor of the Maintenance Optimizer, LMDB product system editor and verification in SAP Solution Manager 7.2.
The Maintenance Planner consolidates critical tasks such as defining product maintenance dependencies, generating stack configuration files, and selecting archives fro download.

Downloading all corrective software packages of SAP NetWeaver 7.0 and SAP Business Suite 2005 (and beyond) has been made easier. You can do this directly using SAP Download Manager.

The stack XML created by the maintenance planner can be consumed by Software Update Manager (SUM) to update an existing system, or by Software Provisioning Manager (SWPM) for new installations.

Start Maintenance Planner





  1. i found this Solman-MOPZ wiki-page, hoping to get help and to find here (the rare information about HowTo) but most of the point did not contain any information yet ?!

    by forcing customers to use Solman, SMSY, MOPZ before being able to update SAP-systems, SAP lets the customers terribly alone,  (SAP requires the customer solid knowledge of SAP software (components, modules) which just can not be assumed in such depth.


    how to mark SAP-systems in SMSY, so that the next SAP-Tool (MOPZ) could use this information for correct running?

    how is SAP-usagetype definition corresponding to SMSY relevant-components, (nothing to read about this ?)

    SAP customers did not have such deep knowledge of SAP components, component-naming, a.s.o. nothing to find about this, no detailed step-by-step, HowTo's, 


    so you can waste an extremely long time by exploring several attributes in Solman-SMSY, MOPZ-try-and-error, several days of wasted time when using SUM, reset from scratch, because SUM did not run with the downloaded software (collected by MOPZ) - absolutely terrible - excuse me, but I encourage me regularly to the lack of information on Solman, SMSY, MOPZ, SUM, SAP sw-component-naming, ..... so much wasted time in using SAP-tools

  2. Hi Christoph - This Wiki page has been in draft status for quite a while. Now we are starting to fill it with content. So please stay tuned (smile)

  3. Dear all,

    since SP 12 of Solution Mananger 7.1 we get green marked Add-ons in the phase choose Add-on products. for us it's not clear what this should be for. Special situation in lmdb product system the add-ons are already set with product instance and in the old world this was noticed and the corrext ad-on version was marked, now we can decided as it looks like, or we need to decide every time, for some parts that might be helpfull to update to a new version. But we've e.g. TMDS 4 and there is TDMS 3 and 4 dispalayed, so no new version, what should that help ?  And the other question is if we don't make a selection in that screen, do we get the patches for our already defined Product System or will nothing be callculated, if the second part will happen i think taht is as bad option, as the selection of those entries takes a long time!

    We can also open a call, but first we want to know what is the target of that .

    Best regards

    Thorsten Stracke

    1. Hi Thorsten,

      I'm afraid I'm not the right person to answer this... so further comments are welcome, or maybe we can contact an expert.
      What I found out:

      Basically, add-ons are also preselected in the Maintenance Optimizer in SP12; they are marked green in this case.
      We’re aware of the necessity to make this more transparent, so a correction will be available soon.

      If the installed add-on product version and its installed SPs are compatible with the desired target, all attribute change packages (ACPs) will be calculated.

      If you want to change the SP level, you have to actively select the add-on and a stack.

      Best regards, Steffi

  4. Hello,

    the link under the section Wikis, Blogs, Forums to the Maintenance Optimizer How-To Wiki is not working.

    It seems to be an internal sap link.

    Greetings from Hamburg,


    1. Thank you Alex! You are right. I deleted the link...

      Best regards, Steffi

  5. Thank you Alex! You are right. I deleted the link...

    Best regards, Steffi

  6. "For questions or comments, please create a Comment or e-mail the last editor of this Wiki."
    Could you please be so kind and 
    provide an email ? 

  7. Hello there,

    I need to apply a Java patch for a NW 7.40 (SP10 PL27). I have to raise the PL from 27 to 37 but without applying SP-Update. Since there are quite some dependencies I don't really like the idea of downloading the SCA-Files by manually checking every dependency. Is there a way with the maintenance planner to get a list of all required files?



    1. Hi Daniel,

      What I found out! 

      Maintenance Planner applies the Java patches and also does the SP updates. Applying only the Java patches is not possible as of now. We are aware of this requirement and in future we might take this up.



      1. Thanks for your quick reply! Sounds good, since as far as I know Maintenance Optimizer doesn't support that feature either.

  8. Former Member

    How can the SAP Maintenance Planner be added to my SAP Launchpad dashboard?

    Thank you in advance. Angela


  9. Hi Angela,

    As of now Maintenance Planner is not integrated into SAP One Support Launchpad.

    Maintenance Planner can be triggered via SAP Support Portal :

    and via direct URL .

    Best Regards,



  10. I would like to install SAP NetWeaver 7.40 AS Java (together with the latest Support Package Stack). I planned an installation plus update using Maintenance Planner, but encountered one issue. I suppose that it is desired to update also component SAPUI5 CLIENT RT AS JAVA 7.40, i.e. to install Patch 10 for SAPUI5 CLIENT RT AS JAVA 7.40 SP13 (as of November 2016). It is possible to select UISAPUI5JAVA13_0-10011918.SCA during Select Files step, but it is not present on Download Files list in the next step even the selection is confirmed by Save button. Is such a behavior desired, or is it a consequence of an error?

    1. Hello Milan,

      I tried checking the scenario, This seems to be working fine.  

      If this still an issue could you please raise an incident – component is: BC-UPG-MP. Please provide transaction id and steps to replicate the issue.

      Best Regards,


  11. Former Member


    After upgrade Solman 7.1 to 7.2 i can't find MOPS. is the MOPS replaced from Maintenance Planer ?



    1. Former Member

      1. also in 7.1 in 2017

        Maintenance Optimizer sunsets on January 9 2017

        after 9.1.2017 only MP is online

    2. Hello Uwe,

      I hope your question is answered, please find below links for further information:

      Maintenance Planner blogs:

      Replay of lecture session presented at SAP TechEd :

      Best Regards,


  12. Former Member

    Hi @ all

    thanks for the fast replay (smile)


  13. Hi All,

    What about the Scope and Effort Analyzer feature? as it also depend on MOPZ. Any idea what is the new plan for SEA? 

    Steve Chai

    1. Hi Steve,

      SEA functionality will be supported , please refer blog:

      Best Regards,


  14. Hi Priti,

    Thanks for your speedy feedback and response.

    I tried to run the SEA tools for ERP 6.0 EHP6 upgrade to EHP8, it called MOPZ screen. As usual, just provide the SID and version, but, the selection option in next step, just showing empty. However, tried to use MP, it show the upgrade option there.

    1. Hi Steve,

      MP will allow you to plan landscape changes i.e. download stack xml , push archives to download basket etc.

      In SAP Solution Manager 7.1, MP transaction can not be used by SEA.  For using SEA you need to proceed with the guided procedure to generate the analysis.

      Best Regards,


  15. Hello,

    the link to:


    a.)  Planning Landscape changes - a best practice guide

    is broken.

    Furthermore i would like to see an FAQ for Maintenance Planner and i got a first question of course:
    When using Maintenance Planner to create an upgrade to a new EHP there is one step where i choose all the Software components.

    For example all the industry Solutions (IS-OIL, IS-H...) and so on.
    In the past i learned  todeactivate all components that are not needed.
    What is SAP´s opinion on this. Choose all Software components proposed by the Maintenance Planner or deactivate what is not needed.

    Are there maybe even SAP Notes on this?


    1. Hello Alex,

      Thanks for reaching out.  

      Link to best practice is guide is fixed now.

      Link to MP FAQ

      About deactivation of Software components proposed by the Maintenance Planner, is your question regarding deselection while planning or are you referring to deactivation after upgrade. Some more details will be helpful.

      Best Regards,



  16. Former Member


              Our company is looking to upgrade the SAP BPC version from 7.5 to 10.0. The client has actually the version 7.0 of Solution Manager. I would like to know if the maintenance optimizer frm version 7.0 is still supported by SAP and could be used to make the BPC update or if Solution Manager should be updated to a more recent version to use the Maintenance Planner?

    Thanks and Regards!

  17. Dear Marc,

    For SAP Solution Manager 7.01 SP 23 or above Maintenance Planner  is supported, provided, you have installed SAP Note 1646604.

    MOpz will not be supported for all releases.

    Best Regards,


  18. HI,

    Can you recommand either EHP 7 or EHP 8 is recommended for upgrade as of now.


    Sandip Shankariya

    1. Dear Sandip Shankariya,

      this might not be the forum to answer this question: Both paths to both versions are supported by the Maintenance Planner, and while usually a "latest, greatest" approach is definitively something to consider, there might be other reasons, e.g. other systems in your landscape to consider as well.

      Some ideas you might get here: Planning Landscape Changes - a Best Practice Guide offered in different versions.

      I hope that helps. 

      Best Regards,

      W. Hengevoss
      SAP SE 


  19. Hello Team, 

    Firstly, very good blog and thanks for providing us with some good information regarding MP. 

    I am trying to install a Solution Manager 7.2 SP 4 system and thought will use MP to generate the stack XML file. But the only option i get to choose for 7.2 is the ABAP stack. So once i complete the ABAP stack's installation, do i have to manually download the software for JAVA stack and install it without the xml file please? 

    Just wondering how does that work? 

    Best Regards,




    1. Hi Aroon,

      Glad to know !!

      For planning installation of SAP Solution Manager 7.2 in MP, you need plan for ABAP and JAVA stack separately.

      Best Regards,


      1. Former Member


        it is possible to do both JAVA and ABAP with a single XML file

  20. Former Member

    Hi I get a """"login failed""  error each time i try to access the MP Link :

    I checked my S-user and password and they work on all other links without authentication failure.

    and i n LMDB i did add the solman system by : LMDB > select system> support portal> upload to sap support portal


    1. Hi,

      Please raise a ticket for this issue.



  21. Hi,
    I installed SAP SOLUTION MANAGER 7.2 SP05, ABAP stack

    And JAVA stack....  I want to install Java Patches.
    How is the process?

    http://<hostname>/lmsl/sumjava/<SID>/index.html URL?

    for ABAP is http://<hostname>/lmsl/sumabap/<SID>/doc/sluigui/


    1. I think this is not the thread for your question, but you should read the SUM guide for Updating Dual-Stack systems corresponding to your operating system and database.

      The most recent version is at SAP portal > Tools> Software logistics tools. link:

      The URL should be something like this: 




      1. Mary,
        Sorry but you are wrong.

        In SAP SOLUTION MANAGER 7.2 there is no more DUAL STACK

        Now is ABAP Stack and JAVA Stack.


        I found this Blog, explaining how to download the files


        And for JAVA, you need to go to the following URL: http://<hostname>/lmsl/sumjava/<SID>/index.html

    2. Former Member

      good day 

      have you been helped?

      have you followed these steps

      run RZ70

      if this is a dev system then you should sign on the LMDB on you PRD system.

      goto LMDB > Technical System tab> select system by SID>  select edit

      make sure you product system is maintained correctly under :Software tab

      goto Related Product systems> Verification completed (this needs to be green) 

      then excecute verification(this will change you latest updated time and should be green)

      you need to feed this data to the support portal

      goto <SID> (Application server ) in the navigation tree of LMDB >select advance >on the drop down select Resync.

      then goto SAP support portal tab

      select "upload to support portal"

      this will feed the maintenace planner with the updated data.

      sign on the MP

      generate XML 

      MP will have a tab for java patches in "additional files"

      make sure that your base installations are in sync 

      please respond if you bump into any issues.