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Metrics catalog is a component used to define and reuse your own key indicators with 4 steps:

  1. Visualisation of metrics in the OCC dashboards.
  2. Trends and History analysis via Tactical views.
  3. Report metrics compliancy through SLO (Service Level Objectives).
  4. Monitor compliancy trends via Score Cards (Strategic Dashboards)

Technically a catalog is an OCC dashboard marked as discoverable.

  • Individual query can be translated into a SLO.
  • Gadgets can be translated into Score. 

Trend History view

IT Metrics are visualised with trend/history views: The trend/history view is used to access to the details of the metrics. This view groups all the metrics in a single view to allow SAP basis administrators to monitor pro-actively the performance of their SAP solutions.

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Compliance view

IT KPIs are visualised with compliance views: The compliance view is used to build weekly service level report based on the selected metrics. This view aggregates the compliancy of each metric into a single key performance indicator.

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