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Runtime Library and Default Components






Component Based Test Automation (CBTA) is new functionality of SAP Solution Manager

CBTA helps in creation of test scripts which are modular in nature. The test script created by CBTA can be viewed and edited in Test Composition Environment of SAP Solution Manager. Component Based Test Automation (CBTA) is integrated into SAP Solution Manager

  • CBTA has following features:
  • CBTA Test Creation Wizard for test script creation by Business Analysts
  • CBTA test scripts are composed by reusing SAP delivered default components and customer specific screen components
  • Fast repair of damaged test scripts
  • Supported UI technologies: SAPGUI, SAP CRM web-client, SAP ABAP WebDynpro, SAP Portal, SAP WEBGUI, BSP, SAP Java WebDynpro & SAP UI5

Test Composition Environment (TCE) also enables chaining of multiple CBTA script to create an end-to-end business process test scripts.

TCE has following features: 

  • Attributes for Test Configuration and Test Scripts
  • Maintenance and composition of CBTA test scripts: It is possible to modify an existing test scripts e.g. it is possible to insert/delete a component present in a test script
  • Parameter handling: Enables creation of end-to-end business process tests.
  • Composition of E2E process tests including parameter handover
  • Test data assignment



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