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Validate TechMon data source without Interactive Reporting

Technical Monitoring metrics used depending on scenario activated:

ScenarioTemplateMOMetric/Event NameTechnical NameCollection Period
User LoadTechnical SystemABAPMetricNumber of Dialog UsersABAP_SYST_DIALOG_USERS<= 5 minutes
User LoadTechnical SystemABAP MetricNumber of Http UsersABAP_SYST_HTTP_USERS<= 5 minutes
User LoadTechnical SystemABAPMetricNumber of RFC UsersABAP_SYST_RFC_USERS            <= 5 minutes
User LoadTechnical System JAVA Metric Number of Http SessionsJAVA_SYST_HTTP_SESSIONS<= 5 minutes
AvailabilityTechnical SystemABAPEventABAP System AvailabilityABAP_SYSTEM_AVAILABILITY / ABAP System Availability<= 5 minutes
AvailabilityTechnical SystemABAPEvent

ABAP System Availability 

ABAP_SYSTEM_AVAILABILITY / ABAP Rated System Availability<= 5 minutes
AvailabilityTechnical SystemJAVAEventJava System Availability JAVA_SYSTEM_AVAILABILITY / JAVA System Availability<= 5 minutes
AvailabilityTechnical SystemJAVAEventJava System Availability JAVA_SYSTEM_AVAILABILITY / JAVA Rated System Availability<= 5 minutes
AvailabilityDatabaseHDBMetricDBA Cockpit Connection StatusDB_KPI_AVAILABILITY_PCFL/ DBA Cockpit Connection Status<= 5 minutes
PerformanceTechnical InstanceABAPMetricDialog Response TimeDIALOG_RESPONSE_TIME<= 5 minutes
Hardware ResourcesHostALLMetricCPU Utilization (5 Minutes Average)CPU_UTILIZATION_5MIN<= 5 minutes
Hardware ResourcesHostALLMetricAvailable Capacity Consumed (%)VIRTCPU_AVAIL_CAPA_CONSUMED<= 5 Minutes
Hardware ResourcesHostALLMetricFree MemoryMEMORY_FREE_KB<= 5 minutes
Hardware ResourcesHostALLMetricTotal Memory SizeMEMORY_TOTAL_KB<= 5 minutes
Database BackupDatabaseHDBMetricAge of Most Recent Data BackupHDB_STATISTICS_ALERT_037_<= 1 hour
Database BackupDatabaseSYBMetricDB Dump <SID>ASE_LAST_DB_DUMP_SID<= 1 hour
Database BackupDatabaseDB2MetricTime passed Since Last Successful Backup DB2_LAST_BACKUP_AGE<= 1 hour
Database BackupDatabaseORAMetricAge of last successful database backupLAST_SUCCESSFUL_COMPLETE_DATAB<= 1 hour
Database BackupDatabaseDB6MetricTime passed Since Last Successful BackupDB2_LAST_BACKUP_AGE<= 1 hour
Database BackupDatabaseSAPMetricDays since last successful backupDAYS_SINCE_LAST_SUCCESSFUL_BAC<= 1 hour
Database BackupDatabaseMSSMetricDays since last backupMSSQL_BACKUP_R3_AGE<= 1 hour
Database GrowthData source is not Technical Monitoring but RCA; you should check Database Analysis tool in RCA Work Center.

Check configuration

To check configuration, you can access Alerting Directory https://<host>:<port>/sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/wda_ac_dir_browser and select monitoring use case Technical Monitoring (T_SYS_MON). 

Select the entry point on the left menu; it could be a technical system, a technical instance, a database or a host. Then select the tab "Metrics" or "Events" depending on the scenario (see column "Metric/Event" in table above). You should find the metric/event in the table; select it to see the details configuration. If the metric/event is not listed in the Alerting Directory then you need to activate it in the MAI template and re-apply the template to the monitored objects in scope.

Make sure checkbox BW reporting is checked in the tab Data Usage. In order to get the full history in the Tactical dashboard (last 12 months), you should select granularity "Long".

In the tab "Data Collection", check the collection period is sufficient (see column "Min Collection Period" of table above).

Check data

The first place to check metric produces data is the System Monitoring application.

If the data is reported in System Monitoring application, then, you can use the OCC Dashboard to check other time periods. To do so, use data provider "System Monitoring" together with the technical metric name and the proper monitored object.

In the OCC gadget, you can check raw data as well as longer time periods.

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