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Process capabilities and libraries

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 organizes re-usable elements or capabilities in dedicated libraries. SAP Solution Manager maintains a process step library, executable library, development library, interface library, and configuration library (which is used for configurations, controls, master data, organizational units, and WRICEFs).

Ultimately business processes are assembled from re-usable process steps, interfaces, and configuration units. Reuse elements can be reused in exact their original purpose but also in with adjustments. When building up the libraries each library element should only exists once. If the same element is used multiple times it should be reused. By reusing the elements double documentation can be avoided.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Reused elements can have their own (additional) documentation which is specific for the occurrence.This is possible because SAP Solution Manager 7.2 distinguishes between originals and references. Simply put: The libraries store inventories of element originals which can be reused. The reuse occurrences are then references.



The classic transaction MIGO is a good example to understand the overall concept. MIGO enables multiple business transactions at the same time. MIGO can be used for standard goods movement, and it enables the use case customer return. While standards goods movement and use case customer return share the same technical transaction, from a business and from a user perspective, they are very different.

In this example, the technical transaction would be documented once in the executable library. All technical documentation, like technical specifications, should be documented close to the actual executable. Business transaction documentation, like functional specifications, should be attached to the process step original. Training material showing process specifics should be assigned to the process step references on process level.

Library organization

The libraries for the process steps, configuration units, and analytics/alerting should follow the Level 1 process hierarchy. For further information on the process hierarchy please go here.


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