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Objectives of a process control center are:

  • Optimize specific SAP ERP transactions over different key performance indicators available through SAP Solution Manager.
  • Establish operational best practices along with clear, measurable business KPIs that allow business teams to better track their performance. 


  • Profitability: By improving end-to end processes and reviewing the involved master data.
  • Reliability: By removing the weaknesses and inconsistent transactions.
  • Efficiency: By implementing continuous monitoring.


  • Provide intuitive end user application with navigation drill-downs on major indicators.
  • Deliver transparency for immediate actions for specialists with BPA (Business Process Analysis) and RCA (Root Cause Analysis) of SAP Solution Manager


Business Processes KPIs selection

Business processes KPIs are grouped in 3 categories:

Measure how many business documents are not yet in a final processing status or did not pass an important process milestone and where the corresponding planned processing date lies already in the past.

Goal: process weaknesses and identify improvement potentials.

Measure number of business process failures to execute as designed.

  • Errors are technical system failures for jobs execution, interfaces.
  • Exceptions are non-standard or non-optimal activities detected during the business process execution.

Goal: Identify root cause of backlog issues

Measure how many documents, line items or schedule lines have been created or posted within a given time frame.

Goal: Create quantity structures and load profiles.





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