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The PI Scenario in the Tactical Dashboard allows the monitoring of PI messages (errors, scheduled and successful) on a PI domain.

  • The Error Status groups messages of a particular PI domain which are in any error status
  • The Scheduled Status consider messages of a particular PI domain in any non-final status, including currently scheduled, waiting, pending, or currently processed
    • e.g. if the adapter engine is consuming all the threads, the messages are hanging causing a backlog situation

Main Tile

The main tile shows the number of successful messages for today in green and the number of scheduled and error messages in yellow and red. The trend compares the number of errors between yesterday and the average in the previous 6 days.

The Detailed View

Like any other scenario in the Tactical Dashboard, the user can access a more detailed view by clicking on the system entry in the Main Tile.

The detailed view will provide additional information:

  • Last 24h*/Last 7 days Trend Graph for messages in error and with status scheduled
  • Total number of successfully processed messages
  • Trend summary for the different categories of message (same time period selected in the trend graph)
  • Pie chart showing the share of message in error and scheduled

Technical details

This scenario execute several queries on the standard InfoProvider 0SMD_PIMF. Similar data can be found in the standard application "Message Monitoring": SM_WORKCENTER ==> Technical Monitoring ==> Integration Monitoring ==> Tab "PI Monitoring" ==> Message Monitoring

Data Validation

Yesterdat error = 5

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