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This page is maintained by the SAP Support Team for SAP Quality Center Adapter for HP.

Before you can implement the integrated solution of Quality Center Adapter and ALM, it is important to validate that the software version you choose is supported by SAP and HP.

Is my version of ALM  Quality Center supported?

 Open the attached file in the link and click on the 'Adapter' tab to ensure you are using supported software: Compatibility Matrix. It is always recommended to be on the latest patch.

How do I integrate HP Quality Center Server and Solution Manager?

The configuration of SAP Quality Center Adapter is broken down into 2 main areas.

      1. First start the Configuration steps outlined in the link: Test Management Integration.
      2. Then start the configuration outlined in the link Defect Management Integration.

        Note: Some customers use only Test Management Integration while others use both. It is important to note however that you must have Test Management configured in order to use Defect Management. 






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