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SAP Readiness Check 2.0 is available as of May 17th 2019. If you have not yet started implementing the prerequisites so far, please refer to our new SAP Note 2758146 for Readiness Check 2.0. SAP highly recommends using the new SAP Readiness Check 2.0 for you to benefit from new and improved functionalities.

FAQ and Other Information Regarding Readiness Check 2.0


Question 1:

What does "Compatible By Deletion" mean from the add-on or Active Business Function tile? 

Answer 1:  

It means, that a Business function which did exist in ERP, does no longer exist in SAP S/4HANA. This does not make any statement about the functionality behind the business function.

Usually this is the result of a restructuring of the functionality. e.g. that Switches or packages which were behind multiple deleted Business Functions have been consolidated behind some other Business Function of that area. Or that a functionality is not switched at all anymore and available/active by default for all customers.

For further details please contact XX-SER-REL


Question 2: 

Can I export Readiness Check 2.0 report?

Answer 2:

Yes you can download a word document format of the report directly from the analysis. 


Question 3:

Not able to create S/4HANA readiness check with a specific S-user ID

Answer 3:

In the SAP Readiness Check an s-user is only allowed to use the directly assigned customer number to create an analysis. Therefore, you have to use the main s-user of your desired customer number where you would like to create your analysis for.


Question 4:

Readiness Check 2.0 report SAP Innovation Business Solutions tile is empty.

Answer 4:

This section shows add-on developments that have been built for your company by the SAP Innovative Business Solutions organization (former SAP Custom Development). If you do not have any add-on developed by SAP Innovative Business Solutions Organization this card will be empty.


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