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The purpose of this wiki is to summarize the information necessary to generate the EWA reports for the different scenarios. 


This page was created to provide a central point to check for the information on how to setup the EWA report for the different systems and scenarios. All the content below is taken from note 1257308   and also other special cases and restrictions are described in this note. Please read it for more information or if the information you're looking for is not in this page.

The information on how to setup EWAs for ABAP, non-ABAP and BOE systems are referred in this page.

>>>If you're looking forward to achieve the PCoE/CCoE certification and you need information on how to setup the EWA report this is the correct page!<<<


The EWA can be generated for a lot of different systems. For the information on what are the systems supported by the EWA, check note 1257308. Currently, the supported systems are(information extracted from note 1257308):

o  Any product based on SAP NetWeaver when it includes software
   component, like:
   -  Application Server ABAP and/or
   -  Application Server Java. For the Java stack a minimum release
      SAP J2EE ENGINE 6.40 is required.
o  Older products based on ABAP stack (including e.g. software
   component SAP_BASIS). For R/3 the minimum release required is R/3
o  SAP Business Objects Enterprise XI 3.1
o  SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4 (IDD)
o  SAP BusinessObjects DataServices 4 (EIM)
o  Sybase Unwired Platform 2.1.1 or higher

Specific steps for each case

EWA reports for ABAP systems

Prerequisites are to have the system known in transaction SMSY, added to a logical component and to have this logical component added to a solution. This will make the EWA available in transaction SOLMAN_EWA_ADMIN, so that you activate it.

Iin general you only have to perform the "Managed System Configuration" in transaction SOLMAN_SETUP and you will have the EWA scheduled for your system. This will go though all the steps needed, including adding the system to a solution, the creation of the RFCs and the activation of the SDCCN in the managed system.

To have a good understanding of the process it is highly recommended to check the document "Activating the SAP EarlyWatch Alert on Solution Manager 7.0", which is available at (click here for the direct link)

Ensure that you have completed the service preparation steps in the managed system, which can be checked by running report RTCCTOOL in transaction SE38.

EWA reports for non-ABAP systems

The same requirements and steps listed above are valid, but there are a few additional steps and information on this case.

A non-ABAP system will need a different sort of collectors to get the data from the managed system. The collectors used and the SMD agent and the Introscope agent, which have to be installed in the managed system. This process is covered by the managed system configuration too. If you have problems during the setup of these agents you have to open a message under SV-SMG-DIA, which is a component to deal especially with these issues.

Please note that if the system to be setup if a dual-stack(like ABAP + JAVA), the SDCCN of the managed system will be used. In this case also ensure that you have completed the service preparation steps in the managed system, which can be checked by running report RTCCTOOL in transaction SE38.

If it is a pure non-ABAP system, the SDCCN of the solution manager will be used.

SAP BusinessObjects BI Edge (SAP All-in-One System With SAP BusinessObjects)

In this case, check note 1369712.

SAP Business Objects

 The following SAP Notes describe how to prepare your Business Objects installations for SAP service sessions in your SAP Solution Manager:

Sybase Unwired Platform

On the Solution Manager checks for Sybase Unwired Platform require ST-SER 701_2010_1 SP 13 (when using SCU ST-SER 701_2010_1 is sufficient).
See SAP Note 1634219 for prerequisites and setup.

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