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SAP Readiness Check 2.0 is available as of May 17th 2019. Starting from September 20th 2019, you cannot create SAP Readiness Check 1.0 analysis. If you have already implemented this SAP Note, deimplement this SAP Note and then follow SAP Note 2758146 to prepare and run SAP Readiness Check 2.0 for SAP S/4HANA.

Guided Answers for Readiness Check for SAP S/4HANA and BW/4HANA report

Refer to our guided answers as a first step to verify your configuration. 

Related KBA's

  • 2894402 -  SYNTAX_ERROR with report RC_COLLECT_ANALYSIS_DATA for Readiness Check 2.0
  • 2847830 - SAP Readiness Check 2.0 Add-On Compatibility and Active Business Functions tiles are empty
  • 2885123 - Message Object does not exist! in job log while running RC_VALUE_DISCOVERY_COLL_DATA

Known Issues with RC 2.0

WorkaroundStatusReference ID

May, 2020

When executing report RC_COLLECT_ANALYSIS_DATA there is an error message "Prereuisite up-to-date SAP Note  2769657 for interfaces is not installed". However note 2769657 is not applicable from SNOTE due to invalid ST-A/PI version level of your system. Execute RC report excluding interface data.SOLVED: Download and implement the latest version of SAP Note 2758146 KI202005858
May, 2020

Job RC_COLLECT_ANALYSIS_DATA or job BUZ_SCENARIO_RECOMMENDATION_COL contains error message "K********* : Object does not exist!" and/or "Error while data collection: K*********".


SOLVED: Follow the manual resolution of SAP KBA 2885123 and 2748075 then execute report RC_VALUE_DISCOVERY_COLL_DATA again.

2885123 - Message Object does not exist! in job log while running RC_VALUE_DISCOVERY_COLL_DATA

2748075 - Message error Error while data collection in job log while running RC_VALUE_DISCOVERY_COLL_DATA




From SAP Readiness Check for SAP BW/4HANA report TMW_BW_RC_DOWNLOAD_ANALYS_DATA, the "Target BW/4HANA Version" field drop down is not showing the full list of is missing.


N/ASOLVED: The issue is an influence of SAPOSS shutdown. Please follow the manual solution steps of SAP note 2882166 - Issues in Check Framework and SAP Readiness Check after Support Backbone Update.KI202005811
April, 2020


In the job log you can find "Tax code 1 is incomplete".

N/ASOLVED: Implement SAP note 2919704 - Background Job of Readiness Check terminates because of error message being raised from underlying API'sKI202004665
Feb, 2020

Issue regarding SAPOSS shutdown.

Report RC_COLLECT_ANALYSIS_DATA the "Target SAP S/4HANA Version" can't download from SAP automatically. 


SOLVED: The issue has been resolved through SAP note 2399707 version 129. Please resolve the issue by upgrading the note. 

  • Verify if you have the latest version of SAP note 2399707 is implemented on your system.
  • Execute report /SDF/RC_START_CHECK from your system in transaction SE38.
  • Check the "Local Version" date to verify when the list was updated last. If the local version is outdated, click on the button "Update Catalog with latest version from SAP" to update the latest version of target SAP S/4HANA list. Or you can download the file from simplification item catalog and upload it directly. 

The solution is also documented in chapter "Unable to download simplification item framework via SNOTE after SAPOSS shutdown" of this SAP blog.

FAQ and Other Information Regarding Readiness Check 2.0

What does "Compatible By Deletion" mean from the add-on or Active Business Function tile? 

It means, that a Business function which did exist in ERP, does no longer exist in SAP S/4HANA. This does not make any statement about the functionality behind the business function.

Usually this is the result of a restructuring of the functionality. e.g. that Switches or packages which were behind multiple deleted Business Functions have been consolidated behind some other Business Function of that area. Or that a functionality is not switched at all anymore and available/active by default for all customers.

For further details please contact XX-SER-REL component.

Can I export Readiness Check 2.0 report?Yes you can download a word document format of the report directly from the analysis. 
Not able to create S/4HANA readiness check with some specific S-user ID?In the SAP Readiness Check an s-user is only allowed to use the directly assigned customer number to create an analysis. Therefore, you have to use the main s-user of your desired customer number where you would like to create your analysis for.
Readiness Check 2.0 report SAP Innovation Business Solutions tile is empty.This section shows add-on developments that have been built for your company by the SAP Innovative Business Solutions organization (former SAP Custom Development). If you do not have any add-on developed by SAP Innovative Business Solutions Organization this card will be empty.