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The purpose of this wiki page is to collect the frequently asked questions of customers starting with SAP Solution Manager 7.2.



All relevant information and relevant notes for the new Support Backbone are maintained in KBA 2819986- Unable to send/synchronize incidents to/with SAP with the New Support Backbone


Implement SAP Note  2886488 - Update was terminated because of DUPREC for text change documents IV  to avoid these error in the application log of these reports:

Error updating message XXXXXXXXXX from SAP incident XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX XXXX.   AI_CRM_IM_ICT_EXCH 031

Entry not found in object buffer CRM_ORDER_MISC 104

Reason of this error explained in KBA 2821566 - Error: POS&CRM_ORDER&CRMA_TEXT when editing a document after upgrading to 7.2 SP09 - Solution Manager

Nov, 2020: Please check KBA 2992921 - Partner function fields not populated in result list of Incidents and ITSM/ChaRM documents search, if you detect issues when searching in CRM UI for Incidents or ChaRM documents , partner function fields are not populated in the result list. Only after pressing Refresh button those fields are correctly displayed in search result list.

0. SAP Solution Manager 7.2 IT Service Management - Quick Setup

Please check this blog to find the important activities to perform on the different guided procedures available in SOLMAN_SETUP to get the IT Service Management scenario correctly configured for SAP Solution Manager 7.2.

1. Error in CRM SAP Jam integration; contact your system administrator

When you are working with IT Service Management documents, you can see this error: "Error in CRM SAP Jam integration; contact your system administrator".



You get this error because business functions 'Integration of SAP Jam with SAP CRM'  (CRM_SWI_1) and 'Enable Social Media ABAP Integration 3 (BC_SRV_STW_03) are activated (see this activation in /NSFW5) but the configuration for SAP Jam Integration hasn’t been performed yet.   

If you want to use SAP Jam integration please perform the configuration indicated in:

  • IMG Activity SPRO => SAP Customizing Implementation Guide => SAP Netweaver => Application Server => Basis Services => Collaboration => SAP Jam Integration   

If you don't intend to use SAP Jam, then deactivate switch CRM_SWI_1 via transaction SFW5. This switch is reversible.

Please look in Early Knowledge Transfer for guide "Connecting SAP Jam with SAP ABAP systems" and the configuration guide in Integration: Solution Manager ITSM - SAP Jam.                                      

2. My Incidents - Create Incident - Resolve and Dispatch (since SP05) Fiori Apps 

For any issue in My Incidents app, always implement latest version of SAP Note 2253438 - 'ST-UI: Corrections for Fiori App My Incidents 1.1 Patch (SP1)', then make sure you clean all caches according to SAP Note 2319491 - 'How to clean up the cache after applying changes that affect SAP Fiori apps', and retest.

VAR scenario: The use of fiori apps like Create incident for reporters and Resolve and Dispatch for processor are also intended for VAR scenarios.

If you have ssues with no tiles displayed for the key user created with a reference user check KBA 2540430 - Roles via reference user in SU01 are not picked up by Fiori Launchpad

ISV scenario: Resolve and Dispatch Incidents tile is not designed for the ISV Scenario. The purpose of this app is being used by a key user in an organization ( this is no the key user in a customer), who dispatchs incidents to responsible teams or processors. Either ISV (SMIV, ZMIV) Incidents or Test Cases (SMDT, ZMDT) must be processed by standard CRM WEB UI.

2.1. Error "Error posting Incident!" when creating a new incident using My Incidents App or Create Incident App

After making the solman_setup activities for ITSM, you go to create an incident from My Incindent or Create Incident App in FLP and you get this error "Error posting Incident" :

If you are using IE please click on F12 Developer Tools and check the Console error messages. If you see this error:

The following problem occurred: HTTP request failed400,Bad Request,{"error":{"code":"/IWFND/CM_COS/226","message":{"lang":"en","value":"No default virus profile active or found. Please check ...

Then run transaction /IWFND/ERROR_LOG and check the attached pdf in SAP Note 1797736. Usually the error is related to Virus Scan Application in SAP Gateway.

Please see SAP Note 1946234 - Fiori: Recommendations about Virus Scanning

For testing, please disable Virus Scan completely in transaction /n/IWFND/VIRUS_SCAN and test again the file upload in the 'My Incidents' application.

Official guide is in SAP Service Marketplace in /instguides:  "SAP Fiori for SAP Solution Manager 1.0 Configuration guide". Check section “Section 2.4 Virus Scanning”, which contains all the information regarding virus scanning.

For more information about Virus Scan and how to create user * scan profile, see link

2.2. Problems uploading attachments in My Incidents app - No default virus profile active or found

When you want to upload a file in the Attachments tab of My Incident app:

 you can see these behaviours:

 -          Attaching the file report this error: “No default virus profile active or found. Please check the official guide”  – error message /IWFND/CM_COS226

-          Upload is in 99% for long time and never ends:

If you record an HttpWatch trace you will get:

{"error":{"code":"/IWFND/CM_COS/226","message":{"lang":"en","value":"No default virus profile active or found. Please check the offical guide."},"innererror":{"application":{"component_id":"SV-SMG-SUP","service_namespace":"/SAP/","service_id":"AI_CRM_GW_MYMESSAGE_SRV " ,"service_version":"0001"},"transactionid":"56CD348D65922D1EE10000000AFE6444","timestamp":"20160224114254.5853350","Error_Resolutio n ":{"SAP_Transaction":"Run transaction /IWFND/ERROR_LOG on SAP Gateway hub system and search for entries with the timestamp above for more details","SAP_Note":"See SAP Note 1797736 for error analysis ("},"errordetails":[]}}}

Then run transaction /IWFND/ERROR_LOG and look for the errors.

Follow the same recommendations than in section 2.1.

2.3. Error "Could not open app. Please try again later" when creating an incident using My Incidents application

When creating an incident with My Incident application you receive the following error:

Failed to load UI5 component with properties '{"name":"sm.itsm.myincidents","url":"/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/ai_my_incidents/~7F2883885175714C863178511AB22B23~5", "self":{"name":"sm.itsm.myincidents","url":"/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/ai_my_incidents/~7F2883885175714C863178511AB22B23~5"}, "componentData":{"startupParameters":{"Guid":["00505699-073F-1EE6-A3F1-BB0DFD95D8DF"]}}, "asyncHints":{"libs":["","","","sap.ui.unified"],"waitFor":[]},"async":true,"id": "application-Action-SMMyIncidents-component"}'. - Error: resource sm/itsm/createincident/view/NotFound.view.xml could not be loaded from /sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/ai_create_inc/~4F20DB171E06333AE2A422D8B9A6AA16~5/view/NotFound.view.xml. Check for 'file not found' or parse errors. Reason: NOT FOUND

Despite of this error the incident is created.

This error happens because the application index for the "Create Incident" application was not recalculated. After runing the index calculation manually using report "/UI5/APP_INDEX_CALCULATE" this error is solved.

It's recommended to schedule this report to calculate applications index as a background job.

The SAPUI5 application index provides an indexing and caching mechanism for information related to SAPUI5 applications, components, and libraries that are contained in SAPUI5 repositories on the SAP NetWeaver Application Server for ABAP. It makes it possible to retrieve and find this information significantly faster than when carrying out the calculations each time it is requested.

The cached information consists of calculation results related to the back-end support for cache busting on SAPUI5 repository level. The indexing refers specifically to SAPUI5 applications or  SAPUI5 components with an SAPUI5 component ID.

For more information about this report please see:

Note: Schedule Housekeeping: Reports /UI2/PERS_EXPIRED_DELETE, /UIF/CLEAN_LREP (as of SAP NetWeaver 7.31) and /UI5/APP_INDEX_CALCULATE should run periodically, not just when there is a change in SP. There is no recommended period, but I would say that once a week should be enough. 

2.4. SAP components missing when creating an incident via My Incidents

You can't select any SAP components when you create an incident via My Incidents.

Ensure that you performed correctly SOLMAN_SETUP "Mandatory Configuration=> System Preparation=> 'Support Hub Connectivity' activities.

Check that you have schedule job SM:GET CSN COMPONENTS (report DSWP_GET_CSN_COMPONENTS) in SOLMAN_SETUP "Mandatory Configuration=> Basic Configuration=> ´Schedule Jobs´.

See alsoSAP Note 2252961 - Program error when transfering Application Components into SAP Solution Manager

2.5. Reported by user when the front-end server is installed in a central hub

Ensure that you are using as user "Current user" in the trusted RFC to the back.end system.

Please refer to the documents below regarding the central hub setup. The user for this RFC should be configured as "Current user", see this documented in

3. SAP Solution Manager SAP Fiori Launchpad

Please refers to these valuable blogs to fully understand this new technology introduced in SAP Solution Manager 7.2, the SAP Fiori Launchpad:

3.1. Contact Support 

To be able to create an incident via Contact Support in the SAP Solution Manager system Fiori Launchpad please run activity "Configure SAP Fiori Launchpad" in solman_setup for IT Service Management guided procedure, Step 7 (Configure Landscape) => SubStep 7.1 (Prepare External Intergration). This activity will create in the SAP Solution Manager 7.2 in table /UI2/EMB_SUP_CON entry:

Name: Scenario

Client: XXX  ( where XXX is the client where you are configuring the IT Service Management scenario)


Other prerequisites for the creation of a ticket in the SAP Solution Manager Fiori Launchpad via Contact Support are:

  • In the BCOS_CUST view you can see an entry for: OSS_MSG W NONE CUST620 1.0
  • For enhancement spot /UI2/ES_EMB_SUPP you need to activate BAdI implementation AI_CRM_IM_FLP_EMB_SUPP_BADI
  • User creating the incident via Contact Support should have a BP in the SAP Solution Manager with Identification entry CRM001 for the user and system from where the ticket is created.

In the case that you want to create an incident in a SAP Solution Manager from any system from the Fiori Launchpad Contact Support check the following in the system:

  • In the BCOS_CUST view check for an entry for OSS_MSG and the BACK RFC to the SAP Solution Manager , see details here. This is the same check that is done for SAP GUI Help -> Create Support Message menu entry.
  • For enhancement spot /UI2/ES_EMB_SUPP you need to activate BAdI implementation /UI2/EI_EMB_SUPP_SOL_MAN
  • User creating the incident via Contact Support should have a BP in the SAP Solution Manager with Identification entry CRM001 for the user and system from where the ticket is created.

See in KBA 2306505 - Contact Support error in the SAP Solution Manager Fiori Launchpad

3.2. Work center tile in Solution Manager Fiori Launchpad opens a blank tab

When I click on any Work center tile in SAP Solution Manager Fiori Launchpad it will open a new tab that is blank. You can see this information in the F12 Developer tools->Console

“Mixed Content: The page at 'https://xxx:8001/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/ui2/ushell/shells/abap/FioriLaunchpad.html?sap-client=001&sap-language=EN#Action-SMRCAWorkcenter' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure resource 'http://xxx:8000/ui2/nwbc/~canvas;window=app/wda/DIAGNAV_MAIN/?sap-client=001&sap-language=EN&sap-ie=edge& sap-theme=sap_bluecrystal'. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS”

Then you click on the second link http://xxx.. suggested in the message above and this will open the corresponding window for the Work Center Tiles.

Please ensure that R/3 parameter login/ticket_only_by_https in RZ10  is set to 1:

parameter login/ticket_only_by_https = 1

Then follow KBA 2319491 - How to clean up the cache after applying changes that affect SAP Fiori apps with the necessary steps to delete all cache information.

More information in SAP 2170715 - Configurating Fiori over HTTP or HTTPS

3.3. IT Service Management Analytics

When opening the SAP Solution Manager Fiori Launchpad ( /nsm_workcenter) you can see  under IT Service Management a tile call "IT Servicel Management Analytics".

When you click on this tile a new screen is opening for this URL http://....../sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/dsh_builder_ui5/...

The screen comes with the a set of tiles for the Analytics. However, the tiles are refreshing/loading for ever. 

Please activate DSBUILDER_HDLER service, details in KBA 2384798 - Fiori tiles for IT Service and Change Management Dashboard never load - Solution Manager and SAP Note 2388885 - Dashboard data cannot be displayed.

 Check the content of the IT Service Management Dashboards in this link.

4. AI_CRM_PRODUCT_SETUP: Creating Hierarchy for Services fails

When you are creating a hierarchy for Service Products in scenario "IT Service Management" in SAP Solution Manager Configuration (transaction SOLMAN_SETUP), in step 2.3 "Configure Automatically" activity "Create Hierarchy for Service Products", you get the following error:

 "You can only change the category data in the original system XXXCLNT000"  Message No. COM_PRCAT010

The "XXX" shows the system ID of your current system.

Please implement SAP Note 2285037 - AI_CRM_PRODUCT_SETUP: Creating Hierarchy for Services fails and the run the hierarchy creation again.

5. Business roles

5.1. Copy of business role SOLMANPRO and SOLMANDSPTCH

The copy of the business role SOLMANPRO/SOLMANDSPTCH to ZSOLMANPRO/ZSOLMANDSPTCH for example ends with error:

"Entry INBOX_TOOLBAR does not exist in CRMC_UI_PMASTER (check entry)"

Message No. 00058


Input values must be defined in Table CRMC_UI_PMASTER. The value or values 'INBOX_TOOLBAR  ' are not specified in this table.

The ZSOLMANPRO/ZSOLMANDSPTCH is created anyway without this function profile ID  INBOX_TOOLBAR.

We are delivering Central Inbox as part of these business roles. Function profile ID INBOX_TOOLBAR is part of the Central Inbox and therefore is delivered with the business role customizing. However, for using Central Inbox, business fuction CRM_IC_INBOX needs to be activated.

In case that you do not want to use this functionality, then simply skip the profile while doing the business role copy. The error that you get in the business role has no impact on any other function in the business role.

5.2. Customer business roles are not updated after an upgrade to SAP Solution Manager 7.2

When you upgrade to SAP Solution Manager 7.2, SAP will only modify the standard business roles such as SOLMANPRO. This is why you were requested to create new business roles, new transaction types ... in the Z/Y namespace. So that if you were to modify/customize something, an upgrade would not overwrite these changes.

From SAP Note 2188112 - FAQ ST720: "If you have copied the CRM business roles delivered by SAP (for example if you copied business role SOLMANPRO to ZSOLMANPRO or similar), you should compare and check your copied role with the corresponding role delivered by SAP: your copied role may have outdated or missing links. In particular, SAP has delivered new reporting links in the business roles. You should perform such a check after you apply each support package from SAP."

If you don´t do this check you could miss some new links such as Requirement Management, and see old links such as Reporting,  which don't work in Solution Manager 7.2.

6. Role SAP_SYSTEM_REPOSITORY_DISP does not exist

You are creating template user in activity SOLMAN_SETUP > IT Service Management > 2.4 Create Template Users and you get this error: "Role SAP_SYSTEM_REPOSITORY_DISP does not exist" in several template users like IM_PROC_*.

Implement  SAP Note 2225713 - 'SOLMAN_SETUP additional corrections for 7.20 SP01'.

7. Information message when using copy report AI_CRM_CPY_PROCTYPE

When you are using this report to copy the standard transaction type, you are requested to enter a workbench and a customizing transport request. When doing this you could get this information message:

Individual entries cannot be put into the change request

Message No. SV141


For technical reasons, the entries cannot be fully specified in the change request. There are two possible reasons for this:

1. The key of an entry is longer than 120 characters. All entries whose keys match up to character 119, are then copied into the change request, rather than an individual entry.

2. The key of an entry contains fields of special data types, for example, packed numbers. The key can only be specified in the change request up to the first such field from the left.

all entries whose keys match up to character 134 are copied into the change request, rather than a single entry.


The pop-up displays a warning about table AICV_UI_POPUP. However the report copied the entries correctly, so you can skip this information message.

 Note: ensure that you run copy report with option "Update transaction type" for your Ztransaction types created via this report in Solman 7.1.



8. Embedded Search - SAP Netweaver Enterprise Search

How to use it and configure it in SAP Netweaver Enterprise Search: new search option in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 for ITSM and Change Control Management scenarios.

8.1 Error when scheduling the initial creation of the search index in the Connector Administration Cockpit (transaction ESH_COCKPIT)

 After the creation of the search connector for the data extraction for ITSM or ChaRM scenarios you need to schedule the initial creation of the index by selecting the connector and running Actions -> Schedule indexing, the action ends with errors.

In the job log you can see this entry: "Parallel load triggered, but parallel customizing not available" CRM_ES_EXTRACTION010.

You need to define a server group in rz12 and then follow the indications in KBA 2147477 - Parallel load triggered but parallel customizing not available In spro => SAP Customizing Implementation Guide => Customer Relationship Management => UI Framework => Enterprise Search Integration => Define Settings for Parallel Extraction Please specify the Server group and the Parameters here, the recomendaded values are:

 9. You are not authorized to display bulletin messages

 While working with incidents, you see this error message: "You are not authorized to display bulletin messages"

The root cause is that the user lacks the authorizations needed to use the bulletin board functionality, authorization object CRM_BLT_UI.

If you don’t plan to use the bulletin boards, you may just deactivate them. You can do this by deactivating the switch CRM_ITSM_BULLETINS in transaction SFW5. CRM_ITSM_BULLETINS is a reversible switch, which means that it can activated/deactivated.

If you plan to use the bulletin board functionality, you need to activate the switch CRM_ITSM_BULLETINS and adjust your custom authorization roles, or create new ones based on standard 7.2 roles SAP_SUPPDESK_PROCESS*,  that contain the authorization object CRM_BLT_UI .


10.  ITSM Analytics report only available for Incidents and Problems in SP03

Only Incident and Problem transaction types are supported for ITSM Analytics report for SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP03.

In SP05 Service Request and Service orders are also available, you will see the available transaction types in solman_setup.


11. Attachments to incidents sent to SAP

For security reasons, only specific file types are allowed as attachments to incidents sent to SAP. All other attachments are rejected.

Report RAGS_FILE_EXT_L_DL downloads the file extensions that can be handled for incident exchange (alert inbox and incident creation), from the support hub, and updates them.

The RAGS_FILE_EXT_L_DL report is scheduled weekly in the job SM:LONG FILE EXT DOWNLOAD. The report logs in application log object SOLAR, subobject AI_CRM_SUPHUB.

More details about the report in SOLMAN_SETUP "Mandatory Configuration=> Basic Configuration=> ´Schedule Jobs´, job documentation.

12. Solution Documentation AB - no search results

When you are trying to assign a solution element in the Solution Documentation AB of a ITSM document the search doesn´t find anything.

If you want to use the search you need to complete the configuration of SOLMAN_SETUP => Process Management => Step 7 "Configure Embedded Search":

 13. Job SAP_LMDB_AI_CRM_LDB_0000000001 cancels 

In SAP Solution Manager 7.2 the Ibase/IObject synchronization is done using the Notification Framework for LMDB. This new Notification Framework replicates LMDB changes in a short time frame via SAP_LMDB_NOTIFY_LDB_* job.

Every time a new object is created/changed/renamed/deleted in LMDB a new object will be created/changed/archived/deleted in the Ibase.

In the job logs check that Consumer IT-Servicemanagement (CL_AI_CRM_LMDB_NOTIF_CONS) is running.

This consumer will create the IObjects.

Look for the application log in /nSLG1 for Object: SOLAR, Subobject: AI_CRM_PRD_IO.

In order to get the consumer creating the IObjects correctly ensure that all activities in solman_setup under step Infrastructure Prepararion ->"Configure CRM Basics" are done correctly.

In the case that you see in the job log an entry like "Antecedent consumer CL_AI_CRM_LMDB_NOTIF_CONS ignored (not registered)" this will mean that  the AI_CRM_LMDB_NOTIF_CONS_IMPL BadI implementation for the BADI_LMDB_NOTIFICATION BadI is deactivated. Go to se19 enter Enhancement implementation EI_AI_CRM_LMDB_NOTIF_CONSUMER and ensure that you see that is Active and in the Runtime Behavior you see the flag selected for Implementation is active. 

As of ST 7.2, parameter IB_GEN_AUTO is no longer available. For information relating to this, see section "IB_GEN_AUTO" in SAP Note 1483276 - Use of Customizing Parameters in DNO_CUST04, AGS_WORK_CUSTOM, and ICT_CUSTOM .
To deactivate the LMDB to IBase replication, you can deactivate the AI_CRM_LMDB_NOTIF_CONS_IMPL BadI implementation for the BADI_LMDB_NOTIFICATION BadI.

However IObjects are used in a lot of functions, for example, the Business Partner function in LMDB, and IT Service Management so we don´t recommend that you deactivate this BadI implementation. If the BadI is deactivated, you will have to generate the IObjects manually via transaction IB_GEN when you need the IObjects.

Possible errors in the job log:

  • IObject for system &XXX& &ABAP&/server  could not be created/changed. Persist failed. Message No. AI_CRM_NOTIF_CONSUM010

Check in sm_crm-> Master Data -> LMDB Objects for the indicated system/server to detect possible issues like "%   1" entries, in this case check the activity Create Hierarchy for Material Products in solman_setup to ensure that categories ALM_OBJ_700* are created correctly. 

  • Notification consumer ended with error: An exception of class CX_LMDB_NOTIFICATION_FAILED occurred. Error while archiving AI_CRM_NOTIF_CONSUM011

Consumer IT-Servicemanagement (CL_AI_CRM_LMDB_NOTIF_CONS)


An exception of class CX_LMDB_NOTIFICATION_FAILED occurred

An exception was raised


An exception of class CX_AI_LMDB_NOTIF_ERROR occurred

Error while archiving  AI_CRM_NOTIF_CONSUM 011

Please implement SAP Note 2324291 - LMDB Notification Consumer for IT-Servicemanagement error if required and read carefully the Solution area with the manual steps.

Usually in the  SAP_LMDB_AI_CRM_LDB_0000000001 job log you will see the technical system/host/database issuing the error, you could always call /nib_gen for the specific technical system/host/database to find detailed error logs. Run /nib_gen selecting the indicated technical system/host/database, this will provided a detailed information where the issue could be.

See KBA 2447699 - SAP_LMDB_AI_CRM_LDB Jobs fails to create ibase components.

Please notice that in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 in sm_crm ITSM/ChaRM documents do not use the iBase anymore on the screen, this has been replaced by the configuration item (technically //BTREFOBJMAIN/PRODUCTID in the UI configuration). Please adapt your UI configuration to reflect this if needed.

14. How to handle your Z transaction types after the upgrade to 7.2

After the upgrade to 7.2 you notice that the copy control settings were removed for your Ztransaction types.

With the version 7.2 new tables were introduced to support the new master data model, using Solution, Branch, etc. Like the one for the copy control table AIC_V_TRTY_MAP2.

SAP just provided the standard customizing in these table. But unfortunately there is no migration tool available which migrates the customer data.

Here there are two options depending on your needs:

1. If you can “redo” the configuration of your Z transaction types and if the Z transaction types were created using the copy report AI_CRM_CPY_PROCTYPE then use the update option “Overwrite existing data with standard settings”, the data for the Z transaction types will be updated with the 7.2 standard customizing.

Update option “Insert new data (existing data will not be updated)” will not update the data.

2. If you cannot “redo” the configuration of your Z transaction types then you will need to perform the update of the copy control table manually.

In spro activity "Specify Mapping Rules for Copy Control" reenter the required entries for your Ztransaction types.

KBA 2545840 - How to handle your Z transaction types for ITSM after the upgrade to 7.2

15. Some CRM Web Client UI issues after the upgrade to SAP Solution Manager 7.2

  • In CRM UI, the Recent Items show “Loading…”, but never return the list
    Check SAP KBA 2087632 - SAP CRM WebUI: Recent Items is showing Loading and  Recent Items wiki page.
  • In CRM UI, the match code returns the results but the user is not able to select the value from the Result List in IE (not in Chrome)
    Check SAP Note 2252647 - IE8 - 'More' menu on UI Workbench Configuration does not open and Search Help and Smart Input Help wiki page.

  • In CRM UI, in ITMS/ChaRM search view, in F4 help for a business partner field, IE returns: "the object does not support the property or method 'createEvent()'"
    Also, check SAP Note 2252647 - IE8 - 'More' menu on UI Workbench Configuration does not open and Search Help and Smart Input Help wiki page.
  • In CRM UI, the Automatic Save Confirmation dialog window is not displayed when creating an Incident without save and coming back to CRM UI
    Check the content in Auto Save Feature wiki page.

Please visit CRM Web Client UI Framework wiki page for further information.

16. SAP Collaboration AB

More ->Display SAP Action Log

URL https://..../bc/bsp/spn/smp_custmsg/action_log.htm?pointer=.. is opening with this error:

Action log for Incident 0000000000 0000 An error has occurred while processing the action log, return code = 1 , ERROR #4

Please implement SAP Note 2379299 - ITSM: URL replacement for action "Display SAP Action Log" and "Maintain PCC (Positive Call Closure) for SAP"

More ->Maintain SAP Logon data

URL https://.../bc/bsp/spn/secure_area/error.htm?sap-params=...

No Data Found!

No data found for selected application. If you feel this message an error, please, contact SAP Support. Click here to create Customer Incident.

Please implement SAP Note 2407426 - Action "Maintain SAP Logon Data" doesn't work

Secure area

Check SAP Note 2540258 Secure area link in workcenter does not work

17. Error Cannot create e-mail   ESSC_GENERIC307 

See SAP Note 2614555 - Problem with MAILFORMS after implementing the NOTE 2576016 to avoid this error in a PPF mailform action: Cannot create e-mail   ESSC_GENERIC307.

Another symptom of this issue is to get dumps GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED in class CL_IM_AI_IM_MAIL_FORMS.

For other FAQ see SAP Note 2188112 - FAQ: ST720 IT Service Management Frequently Asked Questions.                                        

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    Hi  Dolores,

    Greats thanks for your summary. Here I have a question, could you please help on this?

    How to maintain the relationship between the Fiori title and business role.

    eg. I have been assigned the business role, both solmanpro and zsolmanpro. I try to click the IT service management professional box, will always jump to the solmanpro but not zsolmanpro. So may I ask for that, if have any relationship between these?

    Thanks a lot.

  2. hello Coco Li,

    Did you find the solution for Zsolmanpro?


    Thanks & Regards



      Hi Biral,

      Yes, find out how to maintain the relationship between z* business role and fiori.