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Focused Solutions Circle


Focused Solutions are turnkey solutions based on SAP Solution Manager – made for immediate consumption. They are ready-to-run, highly integrated, preconfigured, and automated. Focused Solutions deliver all you need, and are available to all customers. You can find the latest details at

In a move to build up a multiplier network for these new offerings, we introduce the Focused Solutions Circle. With the Circle, we establish an open program for service companies who excel in the focused solutions area. All members are entitled to exclusive benefits for a joint go-to market with SAP. For all details, refer to the links next to the page. 



Delivery Partners


The SAP Solution Manager team would like to proliferate knowledge about proven implementations of SAP Solution Manager done by delivery partners. Therefore, we are providing this Partner InfoHub to support customers with identifying potential delivery partners for a SAP Solution Manager project/task. The listing is based on published success stories (see below for details).

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: The Partner InfoHub is a service provided by SAP. SAP offers service companies who specialize on SAP Solution Manager the opportunity to be listed on the Partner InfoHub. The criteria for a listing on the Partner InfoHub are objective, i.e. each service company which fulfills the criteria is listed. The criteria can be found here.

Please note that SAP does not recommend, endorse or prefer any service provider listed on the Partner InfoHub. If customers decide to do business with a service partner listed on the Partner InfoHub, then they do this on their own risk. SAP does not assume any liability for any action of the service partners listed on the Partner InfoHub.

SAP reserves the right to discontinue this service at any time without prior notice.


  •  Increase visibility of your successes
Get All Membership Criteria

To get listed in the Partner InfoHub the delivery partner delivers at least one published customer success story every other year. Typically, such story covers a successful implementation of a SAP Solution Manager process. Each success story must be about a SAP Solution Manager release in standard maintenance. If a new SAP Solution Manager release materializes, the delivery partner must produce a success story within 2 years of arrival. A success story may be a video, a flyer, a web page or a presentation of a named customer.  Please make yourself familiar with the Rules and Acceptance Criteria and note that they are accepted with your application.

To apply to get listed in this Partner InfoHub please