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SAP Solution Manager 7.2

Please have a look at SAP Solution Manager processes, including Custom Code Management


Custom code development is used by the majority of customers as an easy and powerful way to extend the standard SAP software and implement customer-specific business requirements. At the same time, custom code is known as one of the major TCO drivers for complex customer solutions, translating in the need of an efficient and effective custom code management. You can take advantage of the Custom Code Management to receive comprehensive insights on how to efficiently and effectively manage homegrown custom code and get the most out of IT.

Your Benefits

  • Get full transparency about your custom code
  • Retire unused custom code
  • Improve custom code quality
  • Move closer to SAP standard

Get ready and prepare for innovations

SAP Custom Code Management offers you a comprehensive end-2-end view on the challenge how to deal with home grown applications, modifications or enhancements of the SAP platform.

Services, Trainings and Deep Dive Sessions:

Please sign up for the SAP Learning Hub and access our Learning Catalog. Search for Custom Code topics.

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How-to-Guides and Best Practices

CCLM 7.2 SP05:                    Custom Code Management in Solution Manager 7.2 SP05

              Watch me , Download me

CCLM 7.2 SP06:                    Custom Code Management in Solution Manager 7.2 SP06

                                              Watch me , Download me

CCLM 7.2 SP07:                     Changes to CCLM in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP07

       Watch me , Download me

CCLM 7.2 SP12+:                  Custom Code Management in Solution Manager 7.2 SP12 and higher

       Watch me , Download me

Custom Code Analytics:        Custom Code Analytics KBA 2765131 (needs SAP ONE Support Launchpad)

UPL information:                   Usage and Procedure Logging UPL

       Watch me , Download me

UPL/SCMON information:     ABAP Call Monitor and Usage Procedure Logging UPL

Watch me , Download me

Retirement:                            Retirement of Custom Code using CCLM

Watch me , Download me

Footprint :                              Custom Code Apps (CCAPPS) and the Clonefinder

Watch me , Download me

Software Quality:                    Blog Post: ABAP Test Cockpit

                                               More information regarding ABAP Testing can be found on the community web page. 

S/4HANA:                               Whitepaper: SAP S/4HANA Extensibility for Customers and Partners

        Watch me , Download me

Blocklist Monitor:                   Find the Blocklist Monitor Demo Video

Latest Custom Code Developments

Custom Code Analytics Application

           Find the introducing Presentation and the One Support Launchpad-Application.

Custom Code Management

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  1. Is there a way to set up anonymous access via a link to CCLM?