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Disclaimer: This Wiki is not part of the SAP product documentation.

Welcome to SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Process Management Wiki & Community

This Wiki is hosted and maintained by the Solution Management and Product Management of SAP Solution Manager. Here you will find process management best practices, useful links and notes, contact information, and general news.

For archived reference, visit the Wiki for SAP Solution Manager 7.1.

Process Management Know-How

The Single Source of Truth: Solution

You'll find your process management universe of discourse consolidated within the central solution of the SAP Solution Manager 7.2. Compared to the previous SAP Solution Manager version requiring multiple solutions and projects, SAP Solution Manager 7.2 simplifies and improves your process management by using one central solution to handle content throughout the whole content life cycle..


Solution is the sum of a company’s systems, applications and processes. It acts as a container for versions of solution documentation, one of which is the production version.

You share a solution between business units, connected companies, and project teams. It applies to multiple geographic locations simultaneously. It serves as a single source of truth and is the container of the entire solution documentation.

Solution Basics

Process Design and Modeling

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 offers a comprehensive structure to manage a customer solution.

Document the operational processes, application landscape, and system landscape to apply to your solution.

Manage your operational processes for better business communication, increased consistency, and improved efficiency. To accomplish this, leverage the SAP Solution Manager 7.2 process modeling capabilities to create Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) diagrams. In addition, model the relationship between processes to better understand how your processes are interrelated.

Through new process management capabilities, you can also call for subject matter expert assistance to document a company’s core business processes.

Organization of screen areas

Lifecycle Management

Branches are the linchpin of the SAP Solution Manager content life cycle concept. They manage life cycle versions of solution documentation content within a solution. The content life cycle ensures that changes in the solution documentation follow changes made in the actual systems. This means that coded assets (ABAP or JavaScript code, for example) and non-coded assets (such as process flow descriptions or business process descriptions) should be in sync at all times.

Branch basics and best practices

Life cycle operations

Life cycle controlled by change and request management

Executing projects

Template documentation

Logical System Architecture

The system landscape comprises the superset of customer’s applications and systems. Many customers have landscapes with many systems, each serving a different need. To make documenting your landscapes easier for you, SAP Solution Manager offers a powerful and flexible grouping mechanism called logical component groups. These groups allow customers to categorize systems according to their purpose and kind, and to create abstraction layers that make it easier for non-technical users to link processes to systems or sets of systems.

The role of logical component groups and logical components

Working with Fiori Frontend Server

Example: Single track 3-tier landscape

Example: Dual track 5-system landscape

Content Transport and Deployments

The content import and export feature transports content from one solution into another solution or SAP Solution Manager system. To manage template roll-outs, SAP Solution Manager 7.2 offers deployments to cope with template management requirements.

Export / Import of process content and documentation

Deployments (Template Management)

Best Practices Content

SAP Model Companies and SAP Activate Best Practices provide the foundation for successful implementation projects. Customers can avoid lengthy blueprinting phases by jump-starting projects with pre-configured systems and corresponding SAP Solution Manager content. Customers can efficiently use the graphical models to explain the proposed process flows. The results of fit/gap analyses and show-and-tell sessions are documented in business requirements.

SAP Model Companies

SAP Best Practices

Best Practices for SAP Solution Manager

SAP Activate methodology

Process Management API and Enhancements

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 is open. Customers and partners who want to integrate or extend SAP Solution Manager process management can leverage the open, bi-directional SAP Gateway based Process Management API and our ABAP class-based API. The exchange format exposes all relevant process management data such as processes, libraries, and even diagrams to the Process Management API. Enhancements can be implemented in the BADIs listed below.

Process Management API

Exchange format

Process Management API

API Read Example

Example: Mass-updating Solution Documentation via the Process Management API

Integration examples:

ABAP class based API

ABAP class-based API


UI Enhancements, Enhancement spots and BAdIs

Displaying Assigned Change Documents as Related Documents

Related Functional Areas

Process management is surrounded by many other powerful SAP Solution Manager capabilities. Here you can learn how SAP Solution Manager process management collaborates with the surrounding capabilities to address customer concerns.

Test Suite

Change Request Management

Business Process Operations including Business Process Monitoring

Content Activation

Your existing solution documentation will be transferred into the process management environment when upgrading to SAP Solution Manager 7.2, ensuring that your existing data remains secured. This process is called content activation, and needs to be prepared carefully before the upgrade.

Content Activation Wiki

SAP Cloud Appliance Library (CAL)

Try out process management or test your content activation with SAP Solution Manager in the cloud. Request your own CAL image or discover available CAL images

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