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Disclaimer: This Wiki is not part of the SAP product documentation.

Welcome to SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Project Management Wiki & Community

Here you will find overview and expert information on project management in SAP Solution Manager as well as useful links, notes and general news.

Be aware that most papers for downloading are located at the SAP Support Portal. So you will be prompted to enter your S-User and password.


The standard product 'SAP Portfolio and Project Management 6.1' (SAP PPM) is fully deployed on SAP Solution Manager 7.2. The Project Management part can be used for IT projects as part of the Solution Manager usage rights. Portfolio Management is not part of these usage rights and would require additional licenses. Further information can be found here: Detailed Usage Rights presentation.

Project Management in SAP Solution Manager 7.2

Overview Presentation on Project Management in SAP Solution Manager 7.2

Online Help

Blog: SAP Solution Manager for SAP Activate Implementation Roadmaps

Hot News: Starting with SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SPS 10 you can replace JGantt by UI5 Gantt

SAP Note 2645827 GANTT Chart: Replacement of JGantt by UI5 Gantt: Availability and Prerequisites

Latest corrections via SAP Note 28668262795579 .

Demos for Project Management in Solution Manager:

Project Management in the context of Focused Build - Requirement-to-Deploy

Link to Focused Build Wiki

Overview - Project Management in Focused Build

Overview - Focused Build Solution Readiness Dashboard

Blog Post: How to use SAP Activate Roadmaps as project template for Focused Build

Expert Video: Design your Focused Build project structure in combination with Release Management in alignment with their targeted project organization, deployment strategy and reporting requirements

Demos for Focused Build Project Management

Standard SAP PPM - Project Management

A lot of information related to Standard SAP PPM - Project Management is also relevant for the Project Management in SAP Solution Manager

Link to Standard SAP PPM - Project Management Wiki

FAQs - SAP Portfolio and Project Management 6.1

PPM 6.1: Configuration Content

PPM 6.1: Supported Browsers, Java versions, etc.

Project Management Integration with MS Projects

Help Portal - SAP PPM 6.1 - Project Management 

SAPUI5 Gantt for SAP Portfolio and Project Management