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Customer Connect Program 2021

Customer Connect is back.

More details here

Latest news on the current customer connect program for the Test Suite are available here.

Do not forget to follow the campaign if you want to get the email notifications about all activities.

To do so, you need to push the follow button on the home page:

Partnership extension with Tricentis

Dear customers please find the latest news on the partnership extension with Tricentis here.

Latest News - March 5th 2021

Tricentis Test Automation for Solution Manager 7.2 is now available for download. For the full details visit this page.

Test Suite - Focused Build
This section provides an overview on Focused Build Test Suite
Change Impact Analysis with BPCA and SEA
This section provides information on change impact analysis with BPCA and SEA
  • Business Process Change Analyzer (BPCA) - Detail Presentation
  • Scope and Effort Analyzer (SEA) - Detail Presentation
  • SAP Note 2244217 ST-PI and NW Kernel for ABAP Call Monitor
  • SAP Note 1875064 BPCA known supported and unsupported Object Types
  • SAP Note 2399975 for SAP Solman 7.2 SP04 (in standard with SP05) to improve BPCA performance to create analysis for small change events
  • With SAP Solman 7.2 SP06 the TBOM database tables have been redesigned (see Solman Setup to convert existing BPCA analyses). Benefits: faster runtime for large change events and reduced DB table space consumption
Manual Testing
This section provides information on manual testing and defect management
Automated Testing with CBTA and partner test automation tools
This section provides information on component based test automation and partner test automation tools
  • Test Automation - detail presentation covering the Test Suite approach of functional test automation with SAP and certified partner test automation tools and integration into SAP Solution Manager via the Test Automation Framework.
  • CBTA Roadmap - One slider overview of the future roadmap of CBTA and the supported technologies.
  • Test Automation Framework (TAF) - How-To Guide
  • CBTA Releases, SP and dependencies on SAP Solution Manager - SAP Note 2436142 (successor of compatibility matrix)
  • CBTA Installation note: 1763697
  • CBTA information in SAP Help Portal
  • Technical guides for CBTA 3.0 new

Test Suite integration with partner test automation tools for testing of SAP and non-SAP applications

  • Micro Focus UFT Overview
  • WorkSoft Certify Overview
  • Tricentis Tosca Overview
  • List of certified test automation partners for Test Suite - Test Automation Framework: Follow this link certified solutions. Then click on the "Find Solutions" button and finally search for: SM-TSTR.
Test Suite Upgrade from SAP Solution Manager 7.1 to 7.2
This section provides detailed information for experts involved in Test Suite upgrade from SAP Solution Manager 7.1 to 7.2 


Test Plan Management
This section provides information on test plan management
Reporting and Analytics
This section provides an overview on reporting and analytics
  • Test Suite Analytics - detail presentation containing Tile Overview, Gap and Completeness Reports, Test Execution Analytics, Progress Analytics and Drilldown Reports (BW based) and KPIs for manual tests


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  1. Hi, where can I find more about applying CBTA on SuccessFactors


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  2. Hi! I don't think this is working anymore:

    • List of certified test automation partners for Test Suite - Test Automation Framework: certified solutions. Please use search phrase: SM-TSTR.
    1. Hi Wilian,

      you are right, we updated the instructions. Please let us know if they are clear enough and if you can find the information now.

      Best regards