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Downtime is one classical upgrade and maintenance challenge. When implementing an accelerated release strategy combining major customer releases with SAP software updates (SPS or EHP), it is also a key topic for your release deployments, especially in environments supporting global or 7x24 hours business operations. SAP tries to minimize downtimes. In this section, we describe SAP best practices for managing and minimizing business downtime, and the latest SAP technologies to reduce planned outages to nearly zero.

Your Benefits:

  • Achieve sustainable downtime reductions for planned maintenance with near-zero business downtime strategy and planning
  • Optimize the business downtime for selected maintenance activities with business downtime optimization
  • Apply near-zero downtime method to considerably reduce the downtimes with near-zero downtime project support
Deep Dive Sessions:

Run SAP Software updates with minimized downtime

  • Understand the latest techniques and tool to reduce technical and business downtime during maintenance events.
  • Be able to select the right tool to address your downtime needs.
  • Implement selected best practices in your next maintenance project to optimize the system outage time.





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