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The solution documentation in a branch includes elements of not just one area or project but the content of a whole corporation. This might be a lot of process content. The concept of scopes helps to better manage large amount of content.

Use cases such as reporting, document generation, content import/export, or integration require to run an subset of the overall solution documentation. The use cases even might require to be re-executed with always the same content subset repeatedly.

For instance if a project in the finance area does management or completeness reporting only finance processes should be considered in the report. Hence the user would define the content scope once which can now be re-used under a given name.

Explicit structure selection:

Scope selection by attribute value:

Authorisation for Scopes:

You can control creation, change and deletion of scopes via authorisation object SM_SDOCADM.

  • Create a scope: activity 01 Create
  • Delete a scope: activity 06 Delete
  • Select or deselect scope structure elements: activity 78 Assign

Please be aware that the field "Aspekt" use the term "View" which is the predecessor of scopes. This remain for technical reasons. View = Scope.

It is NOT possible to control the visibility and selection of Scopes. Every user can access every public scope. That means you can't give user authorisation to work in a specific scope only.

For that you should consider the integration of Project Management, Change and Request Management.

A "scope" is a named content scope, defined using a explicit structure selection and additional filtering based on attributes.

Scopes are used as pre-filters for

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