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 Security monitoring KPIs are accessible from the Configuration Validation scenario. 

In Focused Insights, the Data Provider 'DP_SECURITY' is used to access your configuration baseline for your security policy.

NAME = Baseline / System

RENDERER = SLR_TABLE_RENDERER (Hint: The legend is built on the 'ROW / COLUMN' pattern, ex: O-2 (SAP_ALL) / A4H)


SERIES = /STDF/DP_SECURITY:legend=O-2 (SAP_ALL) / A4H|COLOR=#1f77b4|OCC_JUMP_IN=|SLA=|TREND=|g2y=33|y2r=55|CV_Report=No use of critical authorizati|Metrics=PROFILES|selection=|target_value=|Compliance=NO

/STDF/DP_SECURITY:legend=O-4 (Critical Authorizations) / A4H|COLOR=#aec7e8|OCC_JUMP_IN=|SLA=|TREND=|g2y=3|y2r=4|CV_Report=Critical Basis Authorizations|Metrics=USERS|selection=|target_value=|Compliance=NO

Detailed information about this Data Provider, may be found on the following link:


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