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Setup documentation

This is the document explaining how to set-up the different data providers for the the security scenario.


Dat files:


Config Store Customizing:



In this wiki page, we will validate The security notes within the security scenario for the tactical dashboard application.

Note that the security scenario supports JAVA, ABAP, HANADB, WEBDISP systems.

Main Tile

It returns the status of the Notes. This status is calculated by checking the release date of the Very High, High, Postponed Very High and Postponed High notes compared to Thresholds set in the Tactical Dashboard.

For example, we will get the number of Very High notes which release date does not belong to the last N days (N is the red threshold of the Very High notes set in the configuration of the tactical dashboard).

The same will be done for the other 3 note types.

Only notes which the type contains “S” are taken into consideration.

The table view to get these notes is: TTDTG_AGSSRSN

Then we will get the greatest value out of the 4 note types.

  • If this value is equal to 0: The rating is 1: GREEN.
  • If the value is greater than 0: The rating is 3: RED.
  • If there is no value: The rating is GREY.

The Detailed View

The user can access a more detailed view by clicking on the system entry in the Main Tile.

The detailed view will provide additional information about the security notes with the priority High and Very High 

Data Validation

As mentioned before, data is retrieved from TTDTG_AGSSRSN table, so in order to validate the displayed data in the previous screenshot, proceed as follow:

Note that we will validate the displayed data related to the Very High priority which is 25.

  1. Execute SE11 transaction code
  2. Enter the table name in the Database table field
  3. Click on Display button
  4. Click on Content button
  5. Enter the appropriate filters :
    System Name: A4H
    System Type: ABAP
    Notes Types: *S*
    Priority: 1 which stands for the very high priority
  6. Click on execute button

    Check that the number of entries for the displayed table is 25 which is exactly the same value displayed with the security scenario.

Note that there is another way to validate the retrieved data which is through system recommendation application:

 To check the displayed result, we will proceed as follow:

  1. Go to SAP Solution Manager
  2. Click on System Recommendations tile

  3. Select the appropriate System Type which is in our case ABAP
  4. Click on the number link that is located in the Security Notes column for the specified Technical system
  5. Enter the priority of the validated note (The other filter are already passed)

    Check that displayed entries are 25

Relevant SAP Notes:

2936337 - Security Report data not available on Tactical dashboard

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