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This page is maintained by SAP Product Support.

This page will capture the changes that were included in Service Content Updates (SCU) released to customer Solution Manager systems in 2021.

All archived Service Content Update (SCU) release information have been moved to this page for record keeping purposes. 

Note: Records were not maintained between Dec 2020 - May 2021. 

To receive email notification when updates are made to this page, you will need to login and click on "Watch" to subscribe to this page. 

SCU DateEWA Check GroupCheck Group DescriptionScope of change
2021-09-08NW_GATEWAYNetWeaver Gateway (for Sybase Unwired Platform etc.)Setting of attribute 'ODATAWL_TRUE
2021-09-08EW_R3_WLWorkload DistributionThere is a kernel bug that can cause  too high wait time values that invalidate the response time statistics.
The fix detects these values and drops them.
2021-09-08BI_IM_TECHBusiness Objects Tech: Business Intelligence/Information Mngt.The scope of the correction is the remove the warning inside the EWA of a data services system, when data from the KPI script is missing.
2021-09-08EA_SYSTEMSystem ConfigurationNew chapter introduced for SAP Ariba CIG maintenance. Maintenance version for SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway.
2021-08-30GL1_R3CONFABAP ConfigurationResolved incorrect parameter recommendation
2021-08-30APO_CHECKS, GL1_ROOTGeneral Checks for SCM, Root Checks of Going Live Analysis SessionAddition of EWM checks in manually delivered Go-live analysis session. Check for Archiving set up in EWM. Removal of user data in EWM and TM checks in accordance with the GDPR rules.
2021-08-30APO_CHECKS, EA_SYSTEM, Q_VALUE_HELPGeneral Checks for SCM, System Configuration, Master Value Help - GA & EWFixed issue where EWM checks is present in EWA report when the EWM functionality is not active.
2021-08-09GL1_R3CONFABAP ConfigurationResolved incorrect parameter recommendation.
2021-08-09GSS_PREP_GA, SQL_OPT_HDBGSS preparation for GA session, SQL Statement Tuning for SAP HANAA change in the "Prepare Step" to remove the risk of an inconsistency when the chosen "Sizing" approach has been changed after the prepare step was nearly finished.
Introduced a check for indexes that have been created in line with our EWA recommendation.
Customizing to add "known issues" when checking expensive SQL statements in a HANA system
2021-08-09HANA_CHECKSSAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance ChecksNew NSE checks, new Check "SAP HANA Critical Limits", new check "MDC Overview", new HANA parameters settings, Adaptions in ST-SER coding because of changes in session download
2021-08-09SC_BASISADMIN, SC_INIT, SC_USERAUTHSecurity Check Basis Administration Initializations for Security Check, SC User authorization checks Check SC_BASISADMIN -> 00061 -> 00001 -> 00074 Security Audit Log is not active (0170)
Deactivation if managed system runs on SAP_BASIS 7.50 or higher
Check SC_USERAUTH -> 00071 -> 00001 -> 00012 Access the USR* Tables (0013)
Conditional text showing current table authorization group assignment for USR-tables
Check SC_BASISADMIN -> 00061 -> 0001 -> 0003 System Profiles Are Not Consistent (0153)
Ignore specific error "Internal error 0 calling PFL_READ_PROFILE_FROM_FILE"
Check SC_BASISADMIN -> 00061 -> 0037 -> 0044 Users Authorized to Maintain Trusting Systems
Conditional text showing authorization objects depending on the release
2021-08-09APO_CHECKSGeneral Checks for SCMNew check for Recommended Background Jobs in EWM
Change on all EWM checks to have a chapter in the EWA report only when there is a red or yellow rating
2021-07-30GSS_PREP_GA, SQL_OPT_HDBGSS preparation for GA session, SQL Statement Tuning for SAP HANAIncreased selection options and improved documentation of the first step of the "Prepare Step" of an "Analysis" session => changes to take into account the additional information collected in the download of HANA SQL Statement from SAP Note 2344673 symptom 29 (available as of version 35 of SAP Note 2344673 - - ST-PI: Download Function Module for SQL Analysis 
2021-07-30BW_APPLIBW ApplicationsIt contains a rework of the NRIV check in EWAs (BW content): check 1
68 of group BW_APPLI. The check rating now takes growth rates into account rather then using only the current value (EWA workspace)
2021-07-22EA_FIEWA Checks for FICorrection mentioned in SAP Note 2980796 - - Financial Data Quality (FDQ): EarlyWatch Alert (EWA) and FDQ Dashboard
2021-07-22SERVICE_DATA_QUService Data QualityThe Service Data Quality entry for EWA_TIMEPROFILE_TOTAL includes text parameters, but they cannot be displayed and have to be taken out. The text now no longer contains these text parameters.
2021-07-22EW_R3_R3OPSAP System OperationThis correction introduces code to read the download data from ST-PI instead of the ST-A/PI. SAP Note: 2901633 - EWA: predictive check for number range exhaustion.
2021-07-22UI_TECHNOLOGIESUI technologiesThe discrepancy is fixed by correcting the filter used to determine the used apps for the "Application Component" chart. Refer to SAP Note 2939430 - -Missing Data in User Experience Section of EarlyWatch Alert Dashboard
2021-07-08APO_CHECKSGeneral Checks for SCMEWM Check 00093 Latest Support Pack Recommendation
EWM Check 00092 Important SAP Notes for Extended Warehouse Management
EWM Check 00112 Missing Important EWM SAP Notes for Stock Inconsistencies 
2021-07-08SIZING_QSSizing1. Add the mapping between XI-J2EE in QS and PI product in workbench.
2. Fix the issue that can’t read JAVA product SID.
2021-07-08EW_DBORADatabase OracleThis repair relates to an overflow bug and simply extends the data type length for the variable BYTES_SEND_TO_CLIENT.
2021-07-08TECH_INIT_SFSInitialization of Technology SessionsThis change request contains changes to TECH_INIT_SFS that helps to make the "prepare step" of an Analysis Session more robust and more efficient in cases that "current" and "planned" landscape differ.
2021-07-08EarlywatchEarlywatchAddition of  the 'Table Options' check of check group EA_DB_SYBASE to the TPO report definition.
2021-07-08SLT_CHECKSSAP LT Replication ServerThe correction prevents a dump in SLT checks, which might be raised for SLT systems with large replication volume.
2021-07-08SQL_OPT_HDBSQL Statement Tuning for SAP HANAContains a workaround for a misleading text in the section "Service Preparation" when the session was generated in the SAP internal delivery system.  
2021-07-08SQL_OPT_HDBSQL Statement Tuning for SAP HANAIncludes a modification in to prevent the creation of an alert of an "expensive statement" when the statement is actually among the top-SQL statements, but not causing any issue.
2021-06-29UI_TECHNOLOGIESUI technologiesCorrect an issue where this chapter displays a different value for parameter icm/HTTP/support_http2 than in transaction RZ11.
2021-06-29SERVICE_DATA_QU, EA_FIService Data Quality, EWA Checks for FIAdded two new checks. Both checks are reconciliation checks. One for S4/HANA and the other in Asset Accounting. Also added a few small text adjustments.
2021-06-29GSS_PREP_GA, TECH_INIT_SFS GSS preparation for GA session, Initialization of Technology SessionsImproves the assessment of HANA SQL Statements, both by taking the most recent recommendations from SAP Note 2000002 and 2700051.
into account and by removing recommendations in situations when they are not relevant. Removes the option "HW Estimation" in the prepare step of an Analysis session as it turned out that method is no longer appropriate for current system usage. Removes outdated content from the Going Live Report. Improves the instruction text of step "planned product" in the prepare step of an analysis session.
2021-06-29EW_DBORADatabase OracleA fix for systems using Java and an Oracle RAC database. There is a dump due to the incorrect naming convention for the Oracle RAC instances.
"PRD~JAVA" should simply be "PRD". The solution is to update the naming conventions to remove the possibility of the dump.
2021-06-18MA_MIGRATION_PROJECTMigration Project related ChecksThis fixes a bug, where the database size that the customer provided was not recognized by the system as a number. That leads to missing content in the service report and misleading error messages.
2021-06-18EarlyWatch AlertEarlyWatch AlertNot all necessary information from SNOTE can be extracted from EarlyWatch Alert.
Scope of this correction measure: EarlyWatch Alert Service
Check group: None. This creates an alias table for extraction. as a global object.
2021-06-18EA_SYSTEMSystem ConfigurationIn the chapter 'System Configuration' we recommend now necessary SAP Notes for certain releases before an upgrade has to be done (important for HANA 1.0 ).
2021-06-18HANA_CHECKSSAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance ChecksHANA parameter changes:
- in check "Column Tables with Largest Delta Stores" now also the number of days since last merge are checked
- advanced migration analysis session was reworked
- HANA workload parameter check was enhanced
2021-06-18MONITORING_HANAMonitoring checks for HANASAP HANA Mini Check is again occurring in the GLS Service
2021-06-18APO_CHECKSGeneral Checks for SCMNew checks for TM.
1. Identify if TM is in use.
2. Recommendation to upgrade to latest SP.
3. Recommendation to implement the important SAP Notes for Transportation Management.
5. Check for failed background RFC units for Transportation Management.
4. Check for failed Post Processing Framework Framework actions for Transportation Management.
6. Check for scheduled but not processed Post Processing Framework Framework actions for Transportation Management.
7. Check for Transfer of Requirements and Freight Settlement documents open for more than one year.
8. Check for Freight Settlement documents with inconsistent Lifecycle status.
2021-06-18SIZING_QSSizingDeactivate HEC
2021-06-18EW_STATUS, GSS_PREP_GAService Summary, GSS preparation for GA sessionContains changes to Check Groups EW_STATUS and GSS_PREP_GA in order to introduce a new step in the "prepare step" of a GoingLive Analysis session, warning the user earlier about possible un-intended entries.
2021-06-10Q_VALUE_HELP, TECH_INIT_SFSMaster Value Help - GA & EW ,  Initialization of Technology SessionsNew product version added: SAP HANA CLOUD 1.0
Usage detection for EWM and TM added
Changed objects:
RDSVASATECH_INIT_SFS_______011 -> action_026
RDSVASATECH_INIT_SFS_______011 -> action_146
2021-06-10GSS_PREP_GA, SQL_OPT_HDBGSS preparation for GA session, SQL Statement Tuning for SAP HANAMain purpose is a fix for the information displayed for HANA SQL Statements: while we reduced the details to be displayed in the
report recently, we should have continued to show detailed information in case of particularly interesting SQL Statements. The extended display with details for particularly interesting SQL statement is achieved with this correction.
2021-06-10GSS_PREP_GA, TECH_INIT_SFSGSS preparation for GA session, Initialization of Technology SessionsSimplification of the prepare step for a "Going Live Analysis" session: the number of CPU's are prefilled also in case of virtualized hardware (but can be changed manually if required, for example when the entitlement is set to a small value)
2021-06-10EA_DB_SYBASEDatabase SAP ASECorrection of the 'Data Cache Recommendations' check.
2021-06-10EA_DB_SYBASEDatabase SAP ASEAdapting the content of EA_DB_SYBASE checks for Migration Analysis sessions
2021-06-10APO_CHECKS, EWA_SCMEWMGeneral Checks for SCMThe following changes have been implemented:
1. New check for Failed and Unprocessed PPF actions in EWM
2. Check to prevent update terminations due to missing TU Hus
2021-05-27SC_ROOT_NEWGuided Security Optimization / Root GroupNo or wrong check results about profile parameters for combined ABAP/HANADB systems. Refer SAP Note 3053829-SOS: No or wrong check results about profile parameters for combined ABAP/HANADB systems
2021-05-27EA_FINALFinal GroupAdjust chart top 5 transactions and top 3 task types in Trend Analysis
2021-05-27APO_CHECKSGeneral Checks for SCMIt contains the extension of check text for System Parameters check for Enqueue Server and SAP Note change in the Alert.
2021-05-27SERVICE_DATA_QUService Data QualityText missing in Service Data Quality (SDQ)
Scope of this correction measure: New SDQ text
Hourly Performance Profile data is missing in the SAP EarlyWatch Alert Dashboard:
YSAP-EWA_WS_LINK_PERFORMANCE . Implement SAP Note 3034119.
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