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This page is maintained by SAP Product Support.

This page will capture the changes that were included in Service Content Updates (SCU) released to customer Solution Manager systems in 2021.

All archived Service Content Update (SCU) release information have been moved to this page for record keeping purposes. 

Note: Records were not maintained between Dec 2020 - May 2021. 

To receive email notification when updates are made to this page, you will need to login and click on "Watch" to subscribe to this page. 

SCU DateEWA Check GroupCheck Group DescriptionScope of change

2023-02-10BW1_UPALEBW UploadResolved an erroneous YELLOW rating in the Source
System check of BW/4 systems within the Early Watch Alert.

2023-02-10EA_APPL_DATA_VOLChecks collecting data volume infoBug Fix (Status Change when no DVM Chapter is Present)

2023-01-24EA_SYSTEM/Q_VALUE_HELPSystem Configuration/Master Value Help - GA & EW(a) delivery of new HANA Revisions
(b) new HANA Maintenance (HANA 2.0 SPS7)
(c) correction regarding sqldbc check.

2023-01-20SC_AUTHENTICATION/SC_WEBASSC Authentication checksProvide fix for check Interval for Password Change is too Long (0127)"
-- Rating strategy changed; only yellow, not red
-- Profile parameter value changed to 183 days (login/password_expiration_time)
-- Check texts changed accordingly
- (Security Optimization Service - key figure 0682)
-- Exceptions added
                     OR field1 = 'SAP-SUPPORT_PARCELBOX'
                     OR field1 = 'SAP_SUPPORT_HUB_ASYNC'
                     OR field1 = 'SAP-SUPPORT_PORTAL'.

2023-01-12NW_GATEWAYNetWeaver Gateway (for Sybase Unwired Platform etc.)Removal of report "/UIF/CLEAN_LREP" for automatic consideration from Important Periodic Jobs check.

2023-01-10EW_DBUDBChecks for DB2 UDB on Unix and WindowsAdded a new security check within the check group EW_DBUDB.

2023-01-10EA_DB_SYBASEDatabase SAP ASEVarious bug fixes for the Database Growth check of check group EA_DB_SYBASE.

2023-01-10S4HANA_CLOUDS/4HANA Public CloudA new check of S4HANA_CLOUD: Business user assign to many business roles.

2023-01-10IBP_CHECKSIntegrated Business Planning ChecksDate calculation correction for UAKF & purge ops (ad-hoc).
Text change to correct HANA branding.

2022-12-21Q_VALUE_HELPMaster Value Help - GA & EWCorrected the EoMM date for ASE 16.0 in check group Q_VALUE_HELP.

2022-12-21APO_CHECKSGeneral Checks for SCMIncluded the check monitor statistics collection for EWM in the check group APO_CHECKS.

2022-12-21HANA_CHECKSSAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance ChecksThe following parameter recommendations added:
-  itab_initial_buffer_size
- parallel_merge_threads
- hex_enable_remote_table_access (only for Scale-Outs)
- gc_unused_memory_threshold_rel and gc_unused_memory_threshold_abs
OOM Dumps:
2 new OOM Dump Types added
Possibility to add complete manual checks.

2022-12-21Earlywatch AlertEarlywatch AlertThe alias definition EWM_MIS_NOTES_DLP is added.

2022-12-01EW_DBORADatabase OracleUpdated the check text for EA_DB_ORA check 114 (EW_DBORA 217) 'DBCON Connection' to include information and
instructions for Solman 7.2 systems.

2022-12-01UI_TECHNOLOGIESUI technologiesAdjusted check 00028 ICF Security (check group UI_TECHNOLOGIES of the EWA). The displayed recommendation showed a
link, which is not working correctly if the session was generated on the customer system. The text was changed and now shows a link to SAP KBA 3261151

2022-12-01SERVICE_PREPARATION, SYSTEM_OPERATING_SECService preparation, Security Checks in EWAEWA related fixes in the following check groups:
- Text changes in check 00010 SAP Solution Manager Functionality
- Check "00146 Maintenance Status of current SAP HANA Database Revision": Table 3 "Released Revisions of SAP HANA Database" maintained
- Text changes in check "00089 RFC Gateway Access Control Lists"
- Check "00138 Age of Support Packages": "Provide fix for check “Age of Support Packages" for SAP Solution Manager". (In case of an SAP Solution Manager, the software component BBPCRM is not separately checked because the update is covered via software component ST.)

2022-12-01EA_SYSTEMSystem ConfigurationNew checks of side effect notes check for FI and Important SAP Notes for hyperscalers are developed.

2022-11-23NW_GATEWAYNetWeaver Gateway (for Sybase Unwired Platform etc.)Adjusted check 00050 SAP Fiori User Count (check group NW_GATEWAY of the EWA). Now the check table also contains the
all-time high value of the number of Fiori users and the calendar week the value was reached.

2022-11-23IBP_CHECKSIntegrated Business Planning ChecksStops a check appearing in the DRC which should only appear in internal EWA.

2022-11-23HANA_CHECKSSAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance ChecksEWA:
- exclude parameter table_location_salt  from "deviating from default"
- the landscape ( e.g. if a standby is available ) is also evaluated with M_SERVICES and not only with
- Change of the Global Consistency Check ( complete new rating ).
- Workload Parameters: Showing only critical parameters and add a column with rating.
- Several Mini Checks are delivered.
- Recommendation for ABAP client Parameter dbs/hdb/cmd_buffersize added

2022-10-06NW_GATEWAYNetWeaver Gateway (for Sybase Unwired Platform etc.)Removes the "Generate Gateway Report Chapter Manually" check from automatic sessions that do not have watcher
interaction and removes the "Gateway Processing Performance (Web Server Statistics)" when no OData is present."
 New action, text parameters and text adjustment

2022-10-06EA_DB_DB390Database AdministrationInclude Database performance section to EWA for IBM DB2 OS 390.
Also exclude the EWA alerts for several IBM DBs.

2022-10-06EW_R3_R3OPSAP System OperationABAP program RDSVASAEW_R3_R3OP__________062; FORM ACTION_086. Reverts the changes because the data is no longer needed.

2022-10-06SYSTEM_OPERATING_SECSecurity Checks in EWAGeneral updates in Security chapter of EWA report.

2022-10-06APO_CHECKS, EWA_SCMEWMGeneral Checks for SCM, Extended Warehouse ManagementNew check developed in APO_CHECKS Check Group.
Check - 00132 Small Leftover Quantities on Storage Bins in EWM

2022-10-06UI_TECHNOLOGIESUI technologiesGeneral updates in UI Technologies Check Group.

2022-09-21APO_CHECKSGeneral Checks for SCMNew check of side effect notes check for PP/PM is developed, side effect notes check for TM and EWM are adjusted to show priory and check logic to be aligned with PP/PM and new check Mixed Usage of Metric and Imperial Units of Measure in EWM.

2022-09-21EW_STATUSService SummaryAdjusted check 00002 Performance Indicators for (check group EW_STATUS of the EWA). Now the check table
also displays the number of Fiori users from check 00050 SAP Fiori User Count (check group NW_GATEWAY).

2022-09-21EW_DB_IQSAP IQ ChecksThere were text attributes that were not expanded in some texts. The table of backup events was too long.
Changes: Repairs failed text attribute expansion. Shortens backup event list. Fixes minor bugs.

2022-09-21GL_CE, GSS_PREP_GA, SQL_OPT_HDBCE 7.1 Checks, GSS preparation for GA session, SQL Statement Tuning for SAP HANAAvoid that in section "Problematic SQL Statements in ", the same recommendation for a HANA SQL statement is listed multiple times.
=> deactivate checks from Check Group Q_EP that are currently still used in the "prepare step" of our service
=> included the most recent updates for "know issues" listed in SAP Note 2000002
=> update the list of statement hints as recommend in the most recent version of SAP Note 2700051

2022-09-21APO_CHECKS, EWA_SCMEWMGeneral Checks for SCM, Extended Warehouse ManagementUpdate to customer specific EWM data.

2022-09-09APO_CHECKSGeneral Checks for SCMActivated the TM check for the customer specific dashboard.

2022-09-09UI_TECHNOLOGIESUI technologiesFixed a bug in check "00016 Fiori Charts" of the Early Watch Alert. The number of usable SAPUI5 applications now matches the overall number of application components.

2022-09-09EA_DB_SYBASEDatabase SAP ASEDeactivated the ASE related checks for ASE FRUN JAVA systems in EA_DB_SYBASE.

2022-09-09SERVICE_DATA_QU, SERVICE_PREPARATIONService Data Quality, Service PreparationThe Service Data Quality section will show now the ERROR text of an error logged in SDCC for an ST-PI
module, whenever a SDQ message is raised for this module.

2022-09-09SERVICE_PREPARATIONService PreparationIn some cases, the failing of the SDCC data collection of number ranges data is not detected correctly which caused a misleading Green rating and prevented to report this issue to the customer.

2022-09-09SQL_OPT_HDB, SERVICE_DATA_QUSQL Statement Tuning for SAP HANA, Service Data QualityExpensive FDA write statements after upgrade to HANA 2.0 SPS06. The problem is described in SAP note 3149562.

2022-09-09UI_TECHNOLOGIESUI technologiesAdjusted check '00055 Used SAPUI5 Applications' (check group UI_TECHNOLOGIES). Now there are 4 check tables, which are going to be used in the EWA Dashboard to show various statistics about the SAPUI5 apps used in the analyzed week. The previous code was revised completely and more code for filling the new tables was added.

2022-09-01EW_STATUSService SummaryChanged a text in the summary report of GA/GV/MA/EWC services

2022-09-01SQL_OPT_ORASQL Statement Analysis for OracleEnabled expensive SQL statement analysis in SQL_OPT_ORA.

2022-09-01GL1_R3CONFABAP ConfigurationFix kernel default formula for ES/SHM_SEG_SIZE.

2022-09-01EA_FIEWA Checks for FIShorten text of existing alerts to <60 chars.

2022-09-01EA_R3_PERFSAP PerformanceImproved value of the EWA Dashboard for customers.

2022-09-01EA_DB_ORADatabase AdministrationRemoved an unused Alert within check group EA_DB_ORA (Alert 1).

2022-09-01SQL_OPT_ORASQL Statement Analysis for OracleDefined an output style for GRAPHIC 5, in check group SQL_OPT_ORA, check 50 'Load History'.

2022-09-01GL1_R3CONFABAP ConfigurationCreated ABAP Parameter dbs/hdb/cmd_buffersize.

2022-09-01EW_DBORADatabase OracleAdded Notes to the 'Important SAP Notes' chapter in EW_DBORA.

2022-09-01APO_CHECKSGeneral Checks for SCMContain the following changes in the check group APO_CHECKS.
1. Extension of the Missing Side Effects Notes check for EWM and TM (check 123 and 124) to include Medium and Low priority SAP Notes.
2. Bug fix for Recommended EWM Back ground Jobs check (check 91).
3. Extended list of SAP Notes for CHM Statistics collection (check 122).

2022-09-01HANA_CHECKSSAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance ChecksThere is an error in the HANA cockpit download HANA_PARAM_240. Because of this error, wrong spaces were added to the download data. This leads to wrong service session check results, when using HANA parameters. These wrong spaces now are deleted in the ST-SER coding when reading the download into the service session.
- The check, if SAP Note 3213111 is applicable, was developed too strictly. Therefore two many red EWA Alerts were raised. This check is now lowered down.

2022-09-01GSS_FOR_SOS, SC_BTPGuided Procedure for SOS, Business Technology Platform N/A

2022-09-01SOLUTION_MANAGERSAP Solution ManagerN/A

2022-07-15GL3_PERFOVPerformance OverviewThis correction improves the detection of the wait time bug in chapter Performance Overview.

2022-07-15EA_DB_SYBASEDatabase SAP ASEFix a dump that occurs when generating a where-used list in Database SAP ASE chapter.

2022-07-15EA_DB_SYBASEDatabase SAP ASEEnhanced the File System Utilization rating strategy in Database SAP ASE chapter.

2022-07-15EA_DB_SYBASEDatabase SAP ASECorrection of the Database Recovery Order recommendation for JAVA systems in Database SAP ASE chapter.

2022-07-15EarlyWatch AlertEarlyWatch AlertRemove check group S4HANA_CLOUD from EWA session definition.

2022-07-15HANA_CHECKSSAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance ChecksChanges are:
(a) New Hot Note:  3213111 (If a customer is using ESA Search, and the Search is aborted the customer is obtaining this Hot News)
(b) Parameters parameters sslsessioncachemode and small_block_gc added
(c) The following parameters are excluded from table 'Paramaters deviating from Default'exclude the parameters
enable_builtin_procedure_get_objects_in_ddl_statement and xsengine.ini -> httpserver -> embedded
(d) huge change (Mainly for HANA Cloud): If the HANA Index Instance >= 40 lines a Hash Value is created ( this change is important for HANA Cloud ).

2022-07-15EW_DBORADatabase OracleRemoved an alert for FRUN Oracle JAVA systems since it is not applicable in Database Oracle chapter.

2022-07-08EA_APO_CHECKS, APO_CHECKSAPO_CHECKSRemoves the filters for some TM checks.
The addition of description columns for check tables related to SAP Notes check in EWM.

2022-07-08NW_GATEWAYNetWeaver Gateway (for Sybase Unwired Platform etc.)The correction hides the OData calls graphs when there is only one entry in the table. It also fixes issues with the
EarlyWatch Workspace Link in the NetWeaver Gateway chapter.

2022-07-08EWA_CA_BPACross Application key figures in EarlyWatch AlertCorrected broken URLs in the texts of EWA_CA_BPA.

2022-07-08SQL_OPT_HDB,  ST_VALIDATIONSQL Statement Tuning for SAP HANA, Demonstration of Report Features1. Change in Report Definition, order of sub-chapters changed in Chapter HANA SQL Statements.
2. Change in action for check SQL_OPT_HDB 00035: Exclude DUMMY tables from recommendation.

2022-07-08BW_APPLIBW ApplicationsContains a fix to prevent a potential numeric overflow during an NRIV evaluation and an update of the OLAP Cache Configuration check.

2022-07-08SQL_OPT_HDBSQL Statement Tuning for SAP HANAFix for un-necessary warnings affecting customer who already applied ST-PI 720 SP 29 (or the most recent version
of SAP Note 2344673).

2022-07-08EW_R3_R3OPSAP System OperationExtracts download data and stores to analytics table.

2022-07-08EA_FIEWA Checks for FIAlerts customers that use Croatian currency Kuna of the Euro conversion 2023.

2022-06-22UI_TECHNOLOGIESUI technologiesImprovement of customer experience by removing alerts that are no longer relevant.

2022-06-22APO_CHECKSGeneral Checks for SCMActivated the TM and EWM check of side effect of Notes.

2022-06-22EA_SYSTEM, Q_VALUE_HELPSystem Configuration, Master Value Help - GA & EWScope of this change:
1) EA_SYSTEM -> action_098.
2) Q_VALUE_HELP -> product maintenance.

2022-06-22EW_DBORADatabase OraclePrevented a BCD_BADDATA dump in action 344 of EW_DBORA that occurs when download table DLD_ORA_CRIT_TAB_GROWTH is corrupted.

2022-06-22SQL_OPT_HDBSQL Statement Tuning for SAP HANAProvides a modification in the chapter on SAP HANA SQL Statements:
The detection of SQL Statements that might profit from an additional secondary index has been improved.

2022-06-09GL3_PERFOVPerformance OverviewThis correction makes updates to outdated texts in the Performance Overview section.

2022-06-09TECH_INIT_SFSInitialization of Technology SessionsSyName for HANA Cloud EWAs: TECH_INIT_SFS -> action_132 2: Correction for IaaS Platform: TECH_INIT_SFS
-> action_077.

2022-06-09APO_CHECKSGeneral Checks for SCMResolve short dump which occurs in the Check Group APO_CHECKS.

2022-05-24BW1_REC1Recommendations for BW SystemDelivers a new section for GA services related to SAP.

2022-05-24APO_CHECKSGeneral Checks for SCMNews checks and alerts introduced in APO_CHECKS Check Group:
00124 Missing Side Effect Notes for Extended Warehouse Management.
00123 Missing Side Effect Notes for Transportation Management.

2022-05-24IBP_CHECKSIntegrated Business Planning ChecksAdds table 'Excel Logins by Planning Area & Version' to EWA.
Corrects totals for 'Excel Logins by Version.

2022-05-24GL1_R3CONFABAP ConfigurationResolved incorrect parameter recommendation.

2022-05-24EA_SYSTEM, TECH_INIT_SFSSystem Configuration, Initialization of Technology SessionsChanges to EA_SYSTEM -> Check #77 "SAP Application Release - Maintenance Phases"
and TECH_INIT_SFS -> action_130.

2022-05-24APO_CHECKSGeneral Checks for SCMContains the addition of important SAP Notes for the CHM Statistic check.

2022-05-18EW_R3_R3OPSAP System OperationDisplay velocity (numbers per week) of number range exhaustion.
Implement fix to prevent that the rolled state of a number range is forgotten.
Delete data that is not needed after report generation to save space on the database.

2022-05-18ROOT_SGLRoot Checks for Support Going Live Session

2022-05-18EW_ROOT, SYSTEM_OPERATING_SECRoot Check Group, Security Checks in EWAImproved texts of the EWA security check "Default Passwords of Standard Users".

2022-05-18APO_CHECKSGeneral Checks for SCMCheck for Flexible Loading in EWM.
Check for Missing Delivery Processing related SAP Notes.

2022-05-18SQL_OPT_HDBSQL Statement Tuning for SAP HANAImprovements in the section on "Expensive SQL Statements" for HANA:
=> it includes the new content provided with "version 35" of the ST-PI data collector (see SAP Note 2344673).
=> it updates the list of "recommended Statement Hints".
=> it extends the list of SQL statements checked in the sub-section "Database locks on /SCWM/LAGP".

2022-05-18EA_R3_PERFSAP PerformanceImplement extraction of transaction data from download to improve value of the EWA Dashboard for customers.

2022-05-18NW_GATEWAYNetWeaver Gateway (for Sybase Unwired Platform etc.)Defect correction for Fiori User Count chapter redundant entry in the EWA report.

2022-04-28NW_GATEWAYNetWeaver Gateway (for Sybase Unwired Platform etc.)General correction to check group NW_GATEWAY.

2022-04-28TECH_INIT_SFS, EA_SYSTEM Initialization of Technology Sessions, System ConfigurationHW Capacity and Landscape checks: Fix bug with unexpected hostname in EWA session
Modification in TECH_INIT_SFS -> action_012

2022-04-28EW_DBORADatabase OracleCorrection to prevent BCD_BADDATA dump that occurs when download table DLD_ORA_CRIT_TAB_GROWTH is corrupted.

2022-04-28EA_BWBW ChecksCorrection for exception when trying to read BWA vendor information from the SDCCN download in EWA

2022-04-28SC_ROOT_NEWGuided Security Optimization / Root GroupGeneral correction to check group SC_ROOT_NEW.

2022-04-28EA_SYSTEMSystem ConfigurationChanged Alerts ,SAP HANA Database: The maintenance end for your HANA Database Support Package Stack will be reached in the soon.'                                                                                                                                                                             SAP HANA Database: The maintenance end for your HANA Database Support Package Stack is reached.' are linked to the check 'Hana Database Support Package Stack'.

2022-04-28HANA_CHECKSSAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance ChecksCritical SAP Note ,Transition to Python 3 of the Python Distribution Delivered With SAP HANA 2.0 Server' is only valid until now (beforehand
( In the check group we still mention this SAP Note until, because that will be the time, when the Python 2 maintenance is ending ( mid of this year ) .

2022-04-28EA_DB_SYBASEDatabase SAP ASEResolved an issue in which the EarlyWatch Alert Dashboard graph Database Size on Disk was showing database total size instead of database used size. 

2022-04-28EA_FIEWA Checks for FIUpdates made related to SAP Note 2980796-Financial Data Quality (FDQ): EarlyWatch Alert (EWA) and FDQ Dashboard

2022-04-20HANA_CHECKSSAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance ChecksCorrections:
- Log Backups are in the future - this issue is corrected with this request.
- Merge Errors : Long Table Lists with Errors ( Critical or only Information like ) are shortened.

2022-04-20SERVICE_PREPARATIONService preparationResolved issue with wrong rating for service definitions.

2022-04-20SERVICE_PREPARATIONService preparationIn the 'Send EWA to SAP Backend' check, some issues with EWA sent from FRUN are fixed. Also, for FRUN
systems details (release, kernel and ST-PI rating) are now shown similar as for Solution Manager.

2022-04-20APO_CHECKSGeneral Checks for SCMContain the logic extension for 'No capacity update check' and new red alert 'Long Database locks on '/SCWM/LAGP' table identified, to prevent set flag 'No capacity update' as per SAP Note 3190865'.

2022-04-20GSS_FOR_DVMGuided Procedure for DVMFixed technical preparation information text for Data Volume Management Guided Procedure.

2022-04-20GLOBAL_INCLUDEGLOBAL_INCLUDERemoval of unused functionality in GI_CL_ST03.

2022-04-20EW_DBORADatabase OracleUpdate to avoid division by 0 in Oracle EWA Check Group - Action 11.

2022-04-11PI_CHECKSPI/XI ChecksFix to  avoid dump of type CALL_FUNCTION_CONFLICT_LENG.

2022-04-11EW_DBORA, SQL_OPT_ASEDatabase Oracle, SQL Statement Analysis (SYBASE)Removed two large check tables for EWA sessions found in check groups EW_DBORA (128) and SQL_OPT_ASE (17).

2022-04-11EW_DBUDBChecks for DB2 UDB on Unix and WindowsBug fix in the Check Group.

2022-04-11HANA_CHECKSSAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance ChecksFor S/4HANA (Cloud) the HANA checks should not be shown for customers.

2022-04-11SQL_OPT_HDBSQL Statement Tuning for SAP HANAIntroduced a new check in the section on HANA SQL statements, dealing with high wait times due to lock situations.

2022-03-30Q_VALUE_HELPMaster Value Help - GA & EWAdded Oracle version 19.11.0 to Check Group.

2022-03-30EW_DBORADatabase OracleUpdated check 'Free space in Tablespaces' to use new DL tables instead of outdated ones.

2022-03-30EW_DBORADatabase OracleRemoved changes made in previous correction and reactivated check 'Segments not pre-calculated for DBA_SEGMENTS'.

2022-03-30EA_HEAD, EW_ROOTIntroduction Section of the EarlyWatch Alert Report, Root Check GroupUpdate to text and EWA links in relevant Check Group.

2022-03-30APO_CHECKSGeneral Checks for SCMNew check Missing SAP Notes to collect EWM Inconsistencies Statistics.

2022-03-30APO_CHECKSGeneral Checks for SCMContains the latest SAP Notes updated for WOP and PI inconsistencies in Check Group APO_CHECKS.

2022-03-30EW_ROOT, TECH_INIT_SFSRoot Check Group,  Initialization of Technology SessionsUpdate end of maintenance date for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 (x86_64). Bugfix in
TECH_INIT_SFS -> action_081 for attribute CUSTOMER_TENANT_ID. Migrated filling of attribute SESSION_VARIANT from TECH_INIT_SFS.

2022-03-30SQL_OPT_HDBSQL Statement Tuning for SAP HANACustomizing for the "known issue" check inside the "SQL Statement for HANA" section.
Improved structuring of the check belonging to the "SQL Statement for HANA" (only visible in service session).

2022-03-30EA_DB_SYBASEDatabase SAP ASEImproved the ASE Configuration Parameter checks' recommendations when parameter data could not be read.

2022-03-30EA_DB_SYBASEDatabase SAP ASERemoved the word "JAVA" from each report section for check group EA_DB_SYBASE.

2022-03-30EA_DB_SYBASEDatabase SAP ASEImproved check "Available memory for ASE is low", for check group EA_DB_SYBASE.

2022-03-30EA_DB_SYBASEDatabase SAP ASERemoved check table 2 of EA_DB_SYBASE check 24 from EWA sessions after it has been processed in order to reduce
database memory consumption.

2022-03-30EA_DB_SYBASEDatabase SAP ASEAdded required parameter 'tape retention in days' to check group EA_DB_SYBASE.

2022-03-30IBP_CHECKSIntegrated Business Planning ChecksRemoved parameter FLEXQUERY MAX_RECORDS.
Fixed dates for Excel login retrieval.
Added recommendation for Manage Planning App.

2022-03-30GL3_PERFOVPerformance OverviewOnly list the top 20 mass activity runs of the productive client with the run with the longest duration (not mixing up runs of several productive clients in the table).

2022-03-30Q_MIGRATION_PROJECTQuestions regarding the migration projectOnly one value help table was read which lead to missing entries on the frontend. This is fixed in so far as all available value help entries are read now.

2022-03-30UI_TECHNOLOGIESUI technologiesIncludes the filter for excluding the S4HANA Public Cloud customers for the check Maintenance & Update Strategy for
SAP Fiori Front-End Server Maintenance.

2022-03-21APO_CHECKSGeneral Checks for SCMNew check  - Missing Important EWM SAP Notes for PI Inconsistencies.

2022-03-21SC_BASISADMIN, SC_ROOT_NEWSecurity Check Basis Administration Initializations for Security CheckResolved rating issue for Security Optimization Service (SOS) of 'system' users for periodic background jobs (0211).

2022-03-21EA_DB_SYBASEDatabase SAP ASEImproved the formatting of the Database Options recommendations that are provided.

2022-03-21EA_DB_SYBASEDatabase SAP ASERemoved a report text in JAVA sessions for check 'Database Options. 

2022-03-21EA_HEADIntroduction Section of the EarlyWatch Alert ReportAdjusted 3 graphics in Workload Analysis to avoid text condense of  x-axis.

2022-03-21EA_SYSTEMSystem ConfigurationEnhancement to HANA Database Version:
- Additional EWA Alerts.
- Display important Update Notes separately.

2022-03-21SYSTEM_OPERATING_SECSecurity Checks in EWANew check  Security Risk Due to Outdated Support Packages will be part of sub chapter Software Configuration. This will help to resolve inconsistency between Maintenance Status of SAP HANA Database Revision - Age of Support Packages and sub-chapter Software Configuration.

2022-03-21APO_CHECKSGeneral Checks for SCMUpdate to check 00115 Archiving is not set up for EWM Objects.

2022-03-21Going Live AnalysisGoing Live Analysis ReportResolved issue with Solution Manager transaction DSADEV where user is not able to view the definition of 'Going Live Analysis' session. 

2022-03-21SQL_OPT_HDBSQL Statement Tuning for SAP HANAFor the Prepare Step of a Going Live session, the algorithm to determine whether 'Current' and 'Planned' landscape is identical has been improved.

2022-03-21GL3_PERFOVPerformance OverviewMoved check 'RFC Load initiated by Fiori' from chapter BI_WORKLOAD_ANALYSIS to Performance Analysis.

2022-03-21HANA_CHECKSSAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance ChecksChanges implemented:
- Correction of availabilities of wrong services.
- Reading and evaluating now Out Of Memory Dumps from Out Of Memory Event View
- For Non-EWA: Transparent Huge Pages are taken into account.
- Included SAP Note 3093542 - Transition to Python 3 of the Python Distribution Delivered With SAP HANA 2.0 Server to 'Important SAP Notes'.
- FRUN: Workaround regarding Log Backup issue.
- Further parameters change added.
- Improvement in the Global Consistency Check ( Wrong Rating if TIME_SINCE_LAST_RUN_DAYS = 0.00 ).

2022-02-23EA_R3_PERFSAP PerformanceThis correction includes fixes for EWA discrepancies between EWA Overview and Detailed view of Top Transactions by Total Workload. Reduces the memory usage by reducing number of entries written to the DMD.

2022-02-23EW_DBORADatabase OracleDeactivation of mini-check 'Segments not pre-calculated for DBA_SEGMENTS'.

2022-02-23BW_APPLIBW ApplicationsAdaptation of an EWA check related to BW Plan Buffers after customer feedback regarding
misleading information in newer releases.

2022-02-23EW_R3_R3OPSAP System OperationImproved stability and value of the check.

2022-02-23IBP_CHECKSIntegrated Business Planning ChecksResolved 2 EWA issues:
- In IBP systems with tenant type DEMO the tenant ID is not correctly mapped for unrestricted "internal' EWAs.
- The start date for long interval selection of UAAKF & purge op data is not set correctly.

2022-02-23SYSTEM_OPERATING_SECSecurity checkNew/updated alerts for the topics "Standard users" and "Critical authorizations". The EWA now shows different alerts for issues found in administrative client 000 respective in other clients. The alerts show more details about the findings.  

2022-02-16EA_DB_SYBASEDatabase SAP ASELimit the number of ATM log messages shown in the report.

2022-02-16SQL_OPT_HDB, EW_FRECSQL Statement Tuning for SAP HANA, EW Further RecommendationsContains change for step "Finish Preparation" in "Prepare Step".
- All non-supported product usages will be listed, not just one. BPC is customized as being supported.
- Contains change related to the SAP HANA SQL Statement: (a) in case of a "SELECT FOR UPDATE" from table -- NRIV, some further details are provided and (b) the explanation for an SQL statement related to revision upgrade has been improved.
- Misleading sentence in the general text at the end of each service report was removed.  

2022-02-16SERVICE_PREPARATIONService preparationFix an issue where SAP Support Backbone check the wrong kernel release and patch level.

2022-02-16TECH_INIT_SFSInitialization of Technology SessionsNew check for EWA: Enhanced Monitoring Check TECH_INIT_SFS -> Check #29, Reference HW_CAPACITY

2022-02-16EW_ROOTRoot Check GroupRefinement of the security related alerts about standard passwords of standard users and about critical authorizations.
New and changed alerts about
- standard passwords of standard users
- critical authorizations
Reference: SAP Note 1482613

2022-02-10Q_VALUE_HELPMaster Value Help - GA & EWMaintenance of product master data entries in Q_VALUE_HELP.
(SAP NetWeaver AS JAVA 7.2 does not show database checks)
(Enterprise Portal Java system does not show database checks)

2022-02-10EA_SYSTEMSystem ConfigurationSAP System Configuration -> Software Configuration -> HANA Database Version -> shows wrong available HANA SPS

2022-02-10Q_SEC_ROOTSC Questionnaire RootCorrection for dump in Q_SEC_ROOT.

2022-02-10IBP_CHECKSIntegrated Business Planning ChecksFixed an EWA issue where the Cloud tenant ID is sometimes not correctly identified.

2022-02-10EW_DBORADatabase OracleRemoved an obsolete SAP Note information from this check.

2022-02-10EW_DBORADatabase OracleCorrection of a dump in this check.

2022-01-31GL_J2EE, SMD_J2EESAP J2EE Engine, Retrieve performance data for J2EE from BIResolve issue Java VM parameters are not completely supplied with current values. 

2022-01-31APO_CHECKSGeneral Checks for SCMNew check 00120 Overdue Warehouse Tasks created more than a year ago introduced in APO_CHECKS check group.

2022-01-31NW_GATEWAY, APO_CHECKSGeneral Checks for SCMCorrection of recommendation text for check 00094 No Capacity Upd for Non-final StgTyps EWM in APO_CHECKS check group.

2022-01-31NW_GATEWAYNetWeaver Gateway (for Sybase Unwired Platform etc.)Correction of recommendation text for 00050 SAP Fiori User Count in NW_GATEWAY check group.

2022-01-31SC_FINISHChecks and tasks at the end
The correction solves the issue about missing chapter "Detected Issues" in the Security Optimization Service.

2022-01-20EA_SYSTEM, Q_VALUE_HELPSystem Configuration, Master Value Help - GA & EWSmall change in the Chapter Overview.
Maintained new HANA Releases for manual sessions.

2022-01-20ADMIN_INFO, SQL_OPT_HDBAdministrative Information, SQL Statement Tuning for SAP HANAThis requests contains several rather minor bugfixes, related to the HANA SQL Statements sections and the title page:
Slight corruption of the "partition type" in the "tables" overview
Improved criteria for the alert for SQL statements rated to a "revision upgrade"
Unnecessary gap in the service name shown on the title page
Wrong entry in the table with "affected tables" and table sizes in case more than 10 tables are displayed
Avoid problems caused by filled overflow issues in when displaying the "where clause details"
Updated customizing for the assessment of the up-to-datedness of the download version for the HANA SQL statements
Ensure all statement are shown when a statement is causing an out-of-memory dump

2022-01-20HANA_CHECKSSAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance ChecksSuppress setting of attribute "DB Size" (context DATABASE) for product "SAP IBP OD"

2022-01-20EA_DB_SYBASEDatabase SAP ASECorrected a bug with the database free space calculation

2022-01-12TECH_INIT_SFS Initialization of Technology SessionsIntroduction of a new set of EWA session attributes:

2022-01-12HANA_CHECKSSAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance ChecksCorrection of reading history for database growth and disk usage tab "Deviating from default" in HANA parameter. Check will not list parameters with <restore default> anymore.
Adaption of rating strategy of check Row Store Size.
Adaption of output of the SDQ check in case of FRUN
Global consistency check is now also available for HANA > and < 2.0 SPS4

2022-01-12IBP_CHECKSIntegrated Business Planning ChecksResolved a short dump in  ibp_checks action_045, exception CX_SY_OPEN_SQL_DB "numeric overflow".  

2022-01-12SQL_OPT_HDBSQL Statement Tuning for SAP HANAUpdate of the HANA SQL Statement Hint recommendation due to changes in SAP Note 2700051.

2022-01-12ADMIN_INFO, GSS_PREP_GA, SQL_OPT_HDBSQL Statement Tuning for SAP HANARemoved a misleading warning concerning the ST-PI SP in case of missing data for the HANA SQL analysis for non-ABAP systems.
Removed an outdated warning in the prepare step of a Going Live session concerning the SCS instance.
Avoid double-entries occurring in rare cases in the table with table names related to an HANA SQL statement.
Ensure the real "Service Name" appears in the "Header" of the pages of an SAP Going Live Analysis Report (or similar).

2021-12-10IBP_CHECKSIntegrated Business Planning Checks Extends IBP purge operators check:
- Improves parameter handling where value ranges are included in recommendations
- Corrects edge case rating for value range parameters
- Improves formatting of rating texts

2021-12-10GSS_PREP_GA, SQL_OPT_HDBGSS preparation for GA session, SQL Statement Tuning for SAP HANAImprovements for HANA SQL Statements Checks in non-EWA sessions by extending the possibility to exploit previous EWA sessions.
Processed for the same system (checkgroup SQL_OPT_HDB)
=> a bugfix for irrelevant warnings in the final step in the prepare step in case the "Hardware Capacity Forecast Options" has been changed (checkgroup GSS_PREP_GA)

2021-12-10GL1_R3CONFABAP ConfigurationUpdated parameter recommendation.

2021-12-10SC_BASISADMINSecurity Check Basis Administration Initializations for Security CheckEWA:
- SYSTEM_OPERATING_SEC -> 00100 Check usage of user SAP*
-- Hide check in session and report
-- Alerts have been deactivated
- SC_FINISH -> 00011 Rating Overview
-- Rating overview improved, it now shows the icons used in the session tree
- SC_BASISADMIN -> 00028 Use of 'system' users for periodic background jobs (0211)
-- Check 0211 about user types used in periodic background jobs has been corrected and enriched with more and detailed data
- SC_J2EE -> Trivial Passwords are Not Sufficiently Prohibited (JE150)
-- Check has been deactivated

2021-12-10SERVICE_CHECKDVM - Scoping SessionBW/4 systems are "recognized" within DVM Scoping sessions and that ADSO Change Log information is provided within the same.

2021-12-10EA_FIEWA Checks for FINew check 00032 SAP HotNews MIR4:Payment block cannot be change

2021-12-10IBP_CHECKSIntegrated Business Planning Checks Extended value checking for numeric values to catch garbage entries.
- Fixed numeric parameter value handling to avoid type overflow
- Fixed 2 alerts to avoid raising red alerts for yellow-rated checks

2021-12-10SQL_OPT_HDBSQL Statement Tuning for SAP HANA Bugfix in checkgroup SQL_OPT_HDB: HANA SQL statements without information about statement HASH were potentially treated wrong.
=> Improved criteria to identify HANA SQL statements that were negatively affected by a revision upgrade.

2021-12-10EW_DBORADatabase OracleCorrected a bug in action 25 of check group EW_DBORA related to missing primary indexes.

2021-11-26SLT_CHECKSSAP LT Replication ServerIn EWA the check was wrongly given a red rating although no replication errors exist.

2021-11-26Going Live AnalysisGoing Live AnalysisAdd the IBP chapter to the Going Live Analysis report definition.

2021-11-26IBP_CHECKSIntegrated Business Planning ChecksCheck ID 40  'Data Volume Limit on Time-Series Entries'
Added user-readable date format, addition of % col, dates interval attribute, changed table sort order - Parameter change, increase rec'd value ANALYTICS MAX_ATTR_VALUES from 300 to 2000.

2021-11-26SQL_OPT_HDBSQL Statement Tuning for SAP HANAA new check is introduced to find performance degradations caused by revision upgrades.

2021-11-26GL1_R3CONFABAP ConfigurationUpdated parameter recommendation.

2021-11-26APO_CHECKSGeneral Checks for SCMNew check 00119 Overdue Outbound Deliveries.

2021-11-26EW_DBORADatabase OracleChanged the column title of a table from "KB" to "MB" in check 276 for check group EW_DBORA.

2021-11-09TECH_INIT_SFSInitialization of Technology Sessions1) Inactive Add-Ons shall not be registered or displayed in the service sessions.
2) No ABAP main instances flagged in GSS_SEC sessions and session remains empty.

2021-11-09EA_FINALFinal Group1) Inactive Add-Ons shall not be registered or displayed in the service sessions.
2) No ABAP main instances flagged in GSS_SEC sessions and session remains empty.

2021-11-09HANA_CHECKSSAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance Checks- Consistency Check
- SDQ Changes regarding FRUN
- New Parameter recommendation
- Parameters excluded from the NON-DEFAULT Parameter Check
- 2 Billion link is changed
- Improvement in the Largest Delta Merge Tables
- Change of Row Store Size Check (now: other rules are taken into account and a new download is read )

2021-11-09Q_VALUE_HELPMaster Value Help - GA & EW ,  Initialization of Technology SessionsThis contains the end-of-maintenance date correction for Oracle 19c
from 31.03.2023 it is changed now to 30.04.2024.

2021-11-09EA_HEADIntroduction Section of the EarlyWatch Alert ReportGoing Live Analysis session processed on a Solution Manager: A Solution Manager, correctly configured sending EWA data with https to SAP, the rating is yellow instead of green.
SAP Note 2823658  -  EWA Checks for SAP Backbone Connectivity
error #4

2021-11-09IBP_CHECKSIntegrated Business Planning ChecksFixes issues with IBP tenant mapping, Excel Add-In parameter handling and rating for AAKF upload limit.

2021-11-09EA_DB_SYBASEDatabase SAP ASEImproved the titles of the Parameter Checks in the EWA report.

2021-11-09APO_CHECKSAPO_CHECKSIncluded is the check for Missing SAP Notes for EWM Correction functionality.

2021-10-22TECH_INIT_SFSInitialization of Technology SessionsSplitting EWA into two variants for cloud and on-prem. Modified objects: RDSVASATECH_INIT_SFS_______011

2021-10-22IBP_CHECKSIntegrated Business Planning ChecksFilter maintenance for 11 Check Groups to support external EWA reports for Cloud customers.

2021-10-22EW_R3_R3OPSAP System OperationFix error that generate issue for EWA processing in cases where wrong data is read from old session.
Change display of Number Range Objects if there are many of them.
Scope of this correction measure: Both changes improve stability. The latter helps to avoid the break of the PDF report generation if there is a large table of number ranges in the report.  Review 2901633 -EWA: predictive check for number range exhaustion

2021-10-22EW_DBMSSMSSQL Server checksCorrection to add correctly the available drive space when Windows mount points are used.

2021-10-22SYSTEM_OPERATING_SECSecurity Checks in EWACheck usage of user SAP*
- Set text parameter WORKLOAD_USAGE_MONTH based on global variable STARTDATE001196
- Set rating (user SAP* is in use -> red, no usage -> green)
- Alert 47 User SAP* is used in the system.
Security -> 00110 SAP HANA Database -> 00133
- Perform coding only in case of 'GENERAL' 'Attached_SID' CS '~HANADB'.

2021-10-22EA_FIEWA Checks for FIDetails in 2980796 - Financial Data Quality (FDQ): EarlyWatch Alert (EWA) and FDQ Dashboard.

2021-10-22APO_CHECKSGeneral Checks for SCMBug fix for check failed PPF actions.

2021-10-22EA_HEADIntroduction Section of the EarlyWatch Alert ReportThe chapter overview in the EWA shows the real existing chapters.

2021-10-22NW_GATEWAYNetWeaver Gateway (for Sybase Unwired Platform etc.)Truncation of entries in the OData graphs if they are too large for the graphic (over 53 characters).
Alteration to the Top OData calls by Total Call Time table (fixed headings and data displayed to match EWA Workspace).
Modified the EWA Workspace link in OData check to bring you directly to the OData calls graphic.

2021-10-22EW_DBUDBChecks for DB2 UDB on Unix and Windows1. Bugfix for some existing checks, such as backup service, parameter in appendix, cpu cores in check BLU.
2. New check: ALSM check. Check ID: 196

2021-10-22APO_CHECKSGeneral Checks for SCMCorrection of text for SDQ chapter entry for EWM Checks

2021-10-22UI_TECHNOLOGIESUI technologiesThis correction brings multiple changes to the UI_TECHNOLGIES group including the following:
Resolved issue with HTTP/2 Support when the value is lowercase.
SAPUI5 Version: - Modification to the rating tables to include the latest End of Planned Maintenance date - Modifications to the
rating texts to include the Maintenance Schedule and End of Planned Maintenance Date.

2021-10-22Q_VALUE_HELPMaster Value Help - GA & EWUpdate records on table DSVASCHECKGRPCUS which means update hardware list of workbench.

2021-10-22APO_CHECKSGeneral Checks for SCMCreated a new check for TM. Add quality check message for online collectors.

2021-10-22SQL_OPT_HDBSQL Statement Tuning for SAP HANAA check on whether a previously recommended HANA Statement Hint was implemented.
A bug fix preventing the use of HANA to be flagged as "not supported by an ARSD session".

2021-10-22EA_DB_SYBASEDatabase SAP ASEIncluded the title of the ASE Low Memory check in the report.

2021-09-22APO_CHECKSGeneral Checks for SCMText changes for the 'Latest Support Pack Recommendation for EWM' check.

2021-09-22APO_CHECKSGeneral Checks for SCMNew Checks for TM created along with new jobs.

2021-09-22SERVICE_DATA_QUService Data QualityIn the EWA Workspace the table "Legend for Priority Column is missing" (applies also to the reports generated at SAP).

2021-09-22EA_APPL_DATA_VOLChecks collecting data volume infoNew node - error correction and new feature to switch on/off the evaluation part.

2021-09-22BI_IM_TECHBusiness Objects Tech:Business Intelligence/Information MngtCorrection for dumps in CQC EWC caused by missing production versions.

2021-09-22EA_APPL_DATA_VOL, SERVICE_DATA_QU, SQL_OPT_HDB, TECH_INIT_SFSInitialization of Technology SessionsIn the section on HANA SQL statements, a new sub-section is created, showing the top-SQL statement of the hour with the highest CPU consumption in the week.
=> a bugfix to avoid systems to be falsely classified as non-Unicode
=> updated texts in the DVM section
=> improved texts describing more clearly next steps in case of issue with the download data of the HANA SQL analysis in the "Service Data Quality" section.

2021-09-22EW_DBMSSEarlyWatch AlertResolved error in EWA report on Java systems. Message indicate that CCMS Jobs do not exist. However no CCMS jobs can exist in Java systems.

2021-09-22UI_TECHNOLOGIESUI technologiesChanges have updated the ratings for the SAPUI5 version in accordance to

2021-09-22MONITORING_SGLMonitoring Checks for Support GoingLive SessionCQC GLS Cover Page.

2021-09-08NW_GATEWAYNetWeaver Gateway (for Sybase Unwired Platform etc.)Setting of attribute 'ODATAWL_TRUE.

2021-09-08EW_R3_WLWorkload DistributionThere is a kernel bug that can cause  too high wait time values that invalidate the response time statistics.
The fix detects these values and drops them.

2021-09-08BI_IM_TECHBusiness Objects Tech: Business Intelligence/Information Mngt.The scope of the correction is the remove the warning inside the EWA of a data services system, when data from the KPI script is missing.

2021-09-08EA_SYSTEMSystem ConfigurationNew chapter introduced for SAP Ariba CIG maintenance. Maintenance version for SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway.

2021-08-30GL1_R3CONFABAP ConfigurationResolved incorrect parameter recommendation

2021-08-30APO_CHECKS, GL1_ROOTGeneral Checks for SCM, Root Checks of Going Live Analysis SessionAddition of EWM checks in manually delivered Go-live analysis session. Check for Archiving set up in EWM. Removal of user data in EWM and TM checks in accordance with the GDPR rules.

2021-08-30APO_CHECKS, EA_SYSTEM, Q_VALUE_HELPGeneral Checks for SCM, System Configuration, Master Value Help - GA & EWFixed issue where EWM checks is present in EWA report when the EWM functionality is not active.

2021-08-09GL1_R3CONFABAP ConfigurationResolved incorrect parameter recommendation.

2021-08-09GSS_PREP_GA, SQL_OPT_HDBGSS preparation for GA session, SQL Statement Tuning for SAP HANAA change in the "Prepare Step" to remove the risk of an inconsistency when the chosen "Sizing" approach has been changed after the prepare step was nearly finished.
Introduced a check for indexes that have been created in line with our EWA recommendation.
Customizing to add "known issues" when checking expensive SQL statements in a HANA system

2021-08-09HANA_CHECKSSAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance ChecksNew NSE checks, new Check "SAP HANA Critical Limits", new check "MDC Overview", new HANA parameters settings, Adaptions in ST-SER coding because of changes in session download

2021-08-09SC_BASISADMIN, SC_INIT, SC_USERAUTHSecurity Check Basis Administration Initializations for Security Check, SC User authorization checks Check SC_BASISADMIN -> 00061 -> 00001 -> 00074 Security Audit Log is not active (0170)
Deactivation if managed system runs on SAP_BASIS 7.50 or higher
Check SC_USERAUTH -> 00071 -> 00001 -> 00012 Access the USR* Tables (0013)
Conditional text showing current table authorization group assignment for USR-tables
Check SC_BASISADMIN -> 00061 -> 0001 -> 0003 System Profiles Are Not Consistent (0153)
Ignore specific error "Internal error 0 calling PFL_READ_PROFILE_FROM_FILE"
Check SC_BASISADMIN -> 00061 -> 0037 -> 0044 Users Authorized to Maintain Trusting Systems
Conditional text showing authorization objects depending on the release

2021-08-09APO_CHECKSGeneral Checks for SCMNew check for Recommended Background Jobs in EWM
Change on all EWM checks to have a chapter in the EWA report only when there is a red or yellow rating

2021-07-30GSS_PREP_GA, SQL_OPT_HDBGSS preparation for GA session, SQL Statement Tuning for SAP HANAIncreased selection options and improved documentation of the first step of the "Prepare Step" of an "Analysis" session => changes to take into account the additional information collected in the download of HANA SQL Statement from SAP Note 2344673 symptom 29 (available as of version 35 of SAP Note 2344673 - - ST-PI: Download Function Module for SQL Analysis 

2021-07-30BW_APPLIBW ApplicationsIt contains a rework of the NRIV check in EWAs (BW content): check 1
68 of group BW_APPLI. The check rating now takes growth rates into account rather then using only the current value (EWA workspace)

2021-07-22EA_FIEWA Checks for FICorrection mentioned in SAP Note 2980796 - - Financial Data Quality (FDQ): EarlyWatch Alert (EWA) and FDQ Dashboard

2021-07-22SERVICE_DATA_QUService Data QualityThe Service Data Quality entry for EWA_TIMEPROFILE_TOTAL includes text parameters, but they cannot be displayed and have to be taken out. The text now no longer contains these text parameters.

2021-07-22EW_R3_R3OPSAP System OperationThis correction introduces code to read the download data from ST-PI instead of the ST-A/PI. SAP Note: 2901633 - EWA: predictive check for number range exhaustion.

2021-07-22UI_TECHNOLOGIESUI technologiesThe discrepancy is fixed by correcting the filter used to determine the used apps for the "Application Component" chart. Refer to SAP Note 2939430 - -Missing Data in User Experience Section of EarlyWatch Alert Dashboard

2021-07-08APO_CHECKSGeneral Checks for SCMEWM Check 00093 Latest Support Pack Recommendation
EWM Check 00092 Important SAP Notes for Extended Warehouse Management
EWM Check 00112 Missing Important EWM SAP Notes for Stock Inconsistencies 

2021-07-08SIZING_QSSizing1. Add the mapping between XI-J2EE in QS and PI product in workbench.
2. Fix the issue that can’t read JAVA product SID.

2021-07-08EW_DBORADatabase OracleThis repair relates to an overflow bug and simply extends the data type length for the variable BYTES_SEND_TO_CLIENT.

2021-07-08TECH_INIT_SFSInitialization of Technology SessionsThis change request contains changes to TECH_INIT_SFS that helps to make the "prepare step" of an Analysis Session more robust and more efficient in cases that "current" and "planned" landscape differ.

2021-07-08EarlywatchEarlywatchAddition of  the 'Table Options' check of check group EA_DB_SYBASE to the TPO report definition.

2021-07-08SLT_CHECKSSAP LT Replication ServerThe correction prevents a dump in SLT checks, which might be raised for SLT systems with large replication volume.

2021-07-08SQL_OPT_HDBSQL Statement Tuning for SAP HANAContains a workaround for a misleading text in the section "Service Preparation" when the session was generated in the SAP internal delivery system.  

2021-07-08SQL_OPT_HDBSQL Statement Tuning for SAP HANAIncludes a modification in to prevent the creation of an alert of an "expensive statement" when the statement is actually among the top-SQL statements, but not causing any issue.

2021-06-29UI_TECHNOLOGIESUI technologiesCorrect an issue where this chapter displays a different value for parameter icm/HTTP/support_http2 than in transaction RZ11.

2021-06-29SERVICE_DATA_QU, EA_FIService Data Quality, EWA Checks for FIAdded two new checks. Both checks are reconciliation checks. One for S4/HANA and the other in Asset Accounting. Also added a few small text adjustments.

2021-06-29GSS_PREP_GA, TECH_INIT_SFS GSS preparation for GA session, Initialization of Technology SessionsImproves the assessment of HANA SQL Statements, both by taking the most recent recommendations from SAP Note 2000002 and 2700051.
into account and by removing recommendations in situations when they are not relevant. Removes the option "HW Estimation" in the prepare step of an Analysis session as it turned out that method is no longer appropriate for current system usage. Removes outdated content from the Going Live Report. Improves the instruction text of step "planned product" in the prepare step of an analysis session.

2021-06-29EW_DBORADatabase OracleA fix for systems using Java and an Oracle RAC database. There is a dump due to the incorrect naming convention for the Oracle RAC instances.
"PRD~JAVA" should simply be "PRD". The solution is to update the naming conventions to remove the possibility of the dump.

2021-06-18MA_MIGRATION_PROJECTMigration Project related ChecksThis fixes a bug, where the database size that the customer provided was not recognized by the system as a number. That leads to missing content in the service report and misleading error messages.

2021-06-18EarlyWatch AlertEarlyWatch AlertNot all necessary information from SNOTE can be extracted from EarlyWatch Alert.
Scope of this correction measure: EarlyWatch Alert Service
Check group: None. This creates an alias table for extraction. as a global object.

2021-06-18EA_SYSTEMSystem ConfigurationIn the chapter 'System Configuration' we recommend now necessary SAP Notes for certain releases before an upgrade has to be done (important for HANA 1.0 ).

2021-06-18HANA_CHECKSSAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance ChecksHANA parameter changes:
- in check "Column Tables with Largest Delta Stores" now also the number of days since last merge are checked
- advanced migration analysis session was reworked
- HANA workload parameter check was enhanced

2021-06-18MONITORING_HANAMonitoring checks for HANASAP HANA Mini Check is again occurring in the GLS Service

2021-06-18APO_CHECKSGeneral Checks for SCMNew checks for TM.
1. Identify if TM is in use.
2. Recommendation to upgrade to latest SP.
3. Recommendation to implement the important SAP Notes for Transportation Management.
5. Check for failed background RFC units for Transportation Management.
4. Check for failed Post Processing Framework Framework actions for Transportation Management.
6. Check for scheduled but not processed Post Processing Framework Framework actions for Transportation Management.
7. Check for Transfer of Requirements and Freight Settlement documents open for more than one year.
8. Check for Freight Settlement documents with inconsistent Lifecycle status.

2021-06-18SIZING_QSSizingDeactivate HEC

2021-06-18EW_STATUS, GSS_PREP_GAService Summary, GSS preparation for GA sessionContains changes to Check Groups EW_STATUS and GSS_PREP_GA in order to introduce a new step in the "prepare step" of a GoingLive Analysis session, warning the user earlier about possible un-intended entries.

2021-06-10Q_VALUE_HELP, TECH_INIT_SFSMaster Value Help - GA & EW ,  Initialization of Technology SessionsNew product version added: SAP HANA CLOUD 1.0
Usage detection for EWM and TM added
Changed objects:
RDSVASATECH_INIT_SFS_______011 -> action_026
RDSVASATECH_INIT_SFS_______011 -> action_146

2021-06-10GSS_PREP_GA, SQL_OPT_HDBGSS preparation for GA session, SQL Statement Tuning for SAP HANAMain purpose is a fix for the information displayed for HANA SQL Statements: while we reduced the details to be displayed in the
report recently, we should have continued to show detailed information in case of particularly interesting SQL Statements. The extended display with details for particularly interesting SQL statement is achieved with this correction.

2021-06-10GSS_PREP_GA, TECH_INIT_SFSGSS preparation for GA session, Initialization of Technology SessionsSimplification of the prepare step for a "Going Live Analysis" session: the number of CPU's are prefilled also in case of virtualized hardware (but can be changed manually if required, for example when the entitlement is set to a small value)

2021-06-10EA_DB_SYBASEDatabase SAP ASECorrection of the 'Data Cache Recommendations' check.

2021-06-10EA_DB_SYBASEDatabase SAP ASEAdapting the content of EA_DB_SYBASE checks for Migration Analysis sessions

2021-06-10APO_CHECKS, EWA_SCMEWMGeneral Checks for SCMThe following changes have been implemented:
1. New check for Failed and Unprocessed PPF actions in EWM
2. Check to prevent update terminations due to missing TU Hus

2021-05-27SC_ROOT_NEWGuided Security Optimization / Root GroupNo or wrong check results about profile parameters for combined ABAP/HANADB systems. Refer SAP Note 3053829-SOS: No or wrong check results about profile parameters for combined ABAP/HANADB systems

2021-05-27EA_FINALFinal GroupAdjust chart top 5 transactions and top 3 task types in Trend Analysis

2021-05-27APO_CHECKSGeneral Checks for SCMIt contains the extension of check text for System Parameters check for Enqueue Server and SAP Note change in the Alert.

2021-05-27SERVICE_DATA_QUService Data QualityText missing in Service Data Quality (SDQ)
Scope of this correction measure: New SDQ text
Hourly Performance Profile data is missing in the SAP EarlyWatch Alert Dashboard:
YSAP-EWA_WS_LINK_PERFORMANCE . Implement SAP Note 3034119.

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