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This page will capture the changes that were included in the relevant Service Content Update (SCU) to customer systems.

SCU DateEWA Check GroupCheck Group DescriptionScope of changeRelated Resources
12.10.2020EA_FIEWA Checks for FI

12.10.2020HANA_CHECKSSAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance (HANA) ChecksThe following changes were done:
- Availability of NSE
- Availability of Workload Classes
For SystemDB
- checking the following parameter: preprocessor.ini -> [jobqueue] -> num_cores
Reading the following download modules (ST-A/PI)

12.10.2020MA_MIGRATION_PROJECTMigration Project related ChecksIssue: Text has reference to manual task of service engineer which almost never was done. Thus this text went out to the customer.
Scope of this correction measure: Report text contained a reference meant for the service engineer. Removed this reference.

12.10.2020EA_R3_PERFSAP PerformanceIssue: Download of hourly response time data per task type will be enhanced by Top 5 transactions in the same download table. To avoid a mixture in /STCSC/TIMEPROF the download extraction into the check table has to filter for "Reports = Space".
Scope of this correction measure: Introduction of a filter when reading time profile data in Check Group EA_R3_PERF, Check Nr 31 Hourly Performance Profile.



Business Process Monitoring SL Reporting

Master Value Help

Deletion of old check group code for ESR_SUGEN_KPI_1 and BPMON_SLR.
New product versions added to Q_VALUE_HELP.
Changed objects:

12.10.2020EA_FINALFinal GroupSolution to graphic issue that only occurs in SAP internal EWA processing system.
 18.09.2020 GSS_SEC GSS Security ServiceThis fix is intended to solve an issue with reading the SDCCN download for the underlying HANA database for a GSS_SEC session of type ABAP on HANA, where the SID of the database differs from the SID of the ABAP system. Even the session has been created for the ABAP system itself, the corresponding SDCCN download will be created for the HANA database only as the ABAP part is coming out of the ST14 download as always.
 18.09.2020 SQL_OPT_HDB SQL Statement Tuning for SAP HANAContains changes that makes it possible to exploit the data collected in the most recent version of the "Download Function Module for SQL Analysis" delivered with version 26 of SAP Note 2344673 (i.e. "Version 22" of the code).
 18.09.2020 UI_TECHNOLOGIES UI technologiesScope of this correction measure: The calculation of active ICF services in the Fiori Charts Check is fixed.
 18.09.2020 BI_IM_TECHBusiness Objects Tech:Business Intelligence/Information Mngt (BOBJ) The Scope of the correction was optimization for server description in EWA.
03.09.2020GSS_SECGSS Security ServiceRestructuring of RFC Gateway and Message Server checks in the security services.
03.09.2020NW_GATEWAYNetWeaver GatewayCurrently only the first part of an oData services entity set is recognized in the top oData services check. There can also be a second part seperated with a dash.
Scope of this correction measure: Now entity sets like entitysetpart1()/entitysetpart2 are completely recognized as such and not only the first part before the brackets.

SAP Note: 2939430

03.09.2020EA_APPL_DATA_VOLChecks collecting data volume info- Code fixing
  -> SP Level check is now deactivated
  -> system id is now selected with the long sid

Initialization of Technology Sessions

System Configuration 
Scope of this corrective measure:
-Product versions are missing for unreleased products (e.g. SAP IBP OD 2011)
-Support Package Maintenance shows SPs which are not yet released (e.g. for ST-A/PI)

03.09.2020HANA_CHECKSSAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance (HANA) ChecksIssues solved:
- HANA parameter recommendation update
- HANA database patch history visible in check "Overview"
- HANA Extension Nodes listed in check "Overview"
- Avoid ABAP dump in check "Tables and Indexes" in case of very high number of tables/ indexes

03.09.2020EW_DBUDBDB6 UDB on Unix and WindowsChanges to this SCU is to disable DB Environment Check, discovered issue related to service data download, that may affect the accuracy for this check,  Temporary disabled this check, and will activate it after the data is correct.
25.08.2020EA_FINALFinal GroupFix the issue that empty graphics in Trend Analysis in EWA generated report.
25.08.2020NW_GATEWAYNetWeaver GatewaySometimes an external alias '/odata/' is set so an odata service path does not start with /sap/opu/odata/ but only /odata/. These calls are not recognized and therefore do not show up in the EWA Dashbaord User Experience section.
Scope of this correction measure: oData Service calls starting with the alias /odata/ instead of /sap/opu/odata/ are now also correctly recognized and will therefore also show up in the SAP EWA Dashboard user Experience sections oData chart.
Check group: NW_GATEWAY
SAP Note: 2939430

25.08.2020NW_GATEWAYNetWeaver GatewayAdd alert to Metadata Cache Activation
Check group: NW_GATEWAY
SAP Note: 2939430

25.08.2020NW_GATEWAYNetWeaver GatewayThese changes contain a code optimization to significantly reduce the runtime of NW_GATEWAY Action 57.
25.08.2020BI_IM_TECHBusiness Objects Tech:Business Intelligence/Information Mngt (BOBJ)The Scope of the correction was fixing missing metrics information for FRS in EWA.
25.08.2020UI_TECHNOLOGIESUI technologiesAdd an entry + counter in the App Component table of the Fiori Charts Check for Apps where the component is unknown ("UNKNOWN"). SAP Note: 2939430
25.08.2020SQL:OPT_HDBSQL Statement Tuning for SAP HANAImproves the handling of the HANA SQL checks for manual delivered service sessions
Add the result of the "where clause analysis" into the report which was - up to now - only visible for the service engineer performing a manual service session.

25.08.2020 SQL_OPT_HDBSQL Statement Tuning for SAP HANA A check was introduced to find expensive SQL Statements that can be improved with the Statement Hints delivered with SAP Note 2700051
=> The check on the issue described in SAP Note 2584388 has been improved.
=> New "Alerts" and new tables in the report-chapter  "Problematic SQL Statements in <;GENERAL;SID>" have been created in order to show clearer how an issue with an expensive SQL statement can be improved.

25.08.2020EW_R3_R3OP SAP System OperationCreated a new check that reports the number ranges that are out of the defined range. I.e. the level might be below the "from" value jor above the "to" value or the "to" level might be below the "from" level. This issue might remain undetected and is running without an issue. Nevertheless, at any point in the future, the business process that uses the number range might run into trouble out of duplicate key issues or overwritten data.
Further, the rating of the number range related checks is propagated to the chapter rating which might become "Red". A Red rating is issued for a non-rolling number range that is exhausted 90% or more. See also the FAQ section of the note mentioned below.

SAP Note: 2901633 EWA: predictive check for number range exhaustion


RFC Gateway and Message Server Security


RFC Gateway and Message Server Security

Restructuring of the chapter RFC Gateway and Message Server Security, including changed texts and rating strategies as well as the introduction of new alerts.

The check Kernel Patch Level in the security chapter has also been updated. Details will be published via SAP Note 863362 - Security checks in SAP EarlyWatch Alert, EarlyWatch and GoingLive sessions.
Implementation of a needed coding change caused by SAP Note 2948342 - GSS: SDCCN job finishes without data collection.

31.07.2020EW_DBUDBDB6 UDB on Unix and WindowsActivated one check "Triggers for page cleaners" in the check group.
31.07.2020EA_APPL_DATA_VOLChecks collecting data volume infoCorrection Details:
- Text adjustments required due updated link to value map
- Set all data aging specific checks to “inactive

31.07.2020NW_GATEWAY, UI_TECHNOLOGIESNetWeaver Gateway;
UI technologies
These changes are to manually bring in the SAP NetWeaver Gateway and SAP Fiori Checks when they do not appear in the session automatically and repairs the chapter structure of the report.
29.07.2020EA_DB_SYBASE Database SAP ASEThe scope for this correction is changes to one of the checks for rating temp_db size for ASE db. There was a rating missing along with the text for a certain use case where negative values are reported for DB size and hence, the formula could not calculate proper size for temporary DB size which resulted in an exception.
 29.07.2020SQL_OPT_HDB SQL Statement Tuning for SAP HANA This request contains:
  • A bug fix to prevent the sub-section "Correlation with Index Server Resource Consumption"
  • A fix for the internal classification of SQL Statements
  • An update of the list of SQL Statements addressed in the section "Known Issues"

29.07.2020EA_APPL_DATA_VOLChecks collecting data volume infoBug fixing - The logic of the code was not working correctly, so the data which cames from EWA channel was not evaluated correctly.
21.07.2020EW_DBUDB  DB6 UDB on Unix and Windows

Log Buffer Overflow Check: This is a new check added under Database Performance -> Performance Indicators

Tablespace Fragmentation Check: This is another new check added this time under Database Administration

Storage Management for Temporary Tablespaces: Modified the recommendation session text as required. The sentence “Please refer to SAP Note 780546” has been deleted from the text.

A new check was developed for system who used HADR feature on DB6. Information about the primary and secondary node and status.

Tablespace distribution, which check whether DB6 customer has tablespace with critical size.

21.07.2020 EA_SYSTEMSystem Configuration Newest available HANA Database SPS and corresponding rating is adjusted.
Available HANA Revision are extended. 

21.07.2020 SQL_OPT_HDBSQL Statement Tuning for SAP HANAThis correction request is related to improving the way the "explain plan" is displayed - by this, it is also avoiding short dumps that happened in case of the use of unexpected characters inside the explain plan.
21.07.2020 EW_R3_R3OP SAP System OperationSession processing caused by unexpected out of bounds data.

Reference SAP Note 2901633 - EWA: predictive check for number range exhaustion.

21.07.2020 TECH_INIT_SFSInitialization of Technology SessionsImprove EWA processing at SAP for unknown SAP product versions. Hardware detection at FRUN BOBJ EWA
08.07.2020NW_GATEWAY, UI_TECHNOLOGIES NetWeaver Gateway (for Sybase Unwired Platform etc.)

UI technologies
The following SAP notes were added to “Important SAP Notes” in both check groups UI_TECHNOLOGIES and NW_GATEWAY
    • 2471635
    • 2626394
    • 2916959
    • 2537427
  • Check “SAPUI5 Version” in check group UI_TECHNOLOGIES was modified to rate the check depending on the current installed version of the SAP  UI5 Library
  • Check “ST-A/PI version” in check group NW_GATEWAY was modified to include the latest version of the ST-A/PI

08.07.2020DVM_BASIC Data Volume ManagementFollowing change in RDSVASADVM_BASIC___________009:

The two parameters was swapped, because of that the condition was not working correctly.

lf_st_supp_pack_int < - > lf_st_release_int

Correction was just swapping the two parameters with each other.

Lf_st_release_int => contains the st-ser release of the customer

Lf_st_supp_pack_int 0> contains the sp-level of the customer

EWA - DVM Wiki:
08.07.2020EA_SYSTEMSystem ConfigurationFix the issue that the End of Maintenance (EoM) for customers using PI Dual-Stack and generating separate EWA reports.
The ABAP stack report did not rec. the Java and provided the wrong EoM.

EWA - Software Configuration Wiki:

08.07.2020GL3_PERFOVDetailed Analysis of Mass ActivitiesLower the threshold for Total Response Time or Total DB Time in the transaction load profile for RFKK_MASS_ACT_SINGLE_JOB from 20% to 5% for the chapter "Detailed Analysis of Mass Activities" to be shown in the EWA Report (-> GL3_PERFOV). Also, fix a bug in which part of the chapter was shown when no Mass Activity data is available from the ABAP Online Collector.
02.07.2020TECH_INIT_SFSInitialization of Technology SessionsEnable product recognition also for product versions which are not yet released to customers.
02.07.2020HANA_CHECKS SAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance (HANA) ChecksHANA Parameter recommendation for non_eq_itab_enabled.EW_DBUDB
HANA Checks in EWA Wiki:
02.07.2020BI_IM_TECHBusiness Objects Tech:Business Intelligence/Information Mngt (BOBJ)Fix for an error in EWA for landscape "The configuration dump 'bo40.dump_all_xml' could not be read from Change and Configuration Database - CCDB."
The fix is to exclude the WAS from platform check in code.
Business Objects EWA Wiki:
02.07.2020EW_R3_R3OPSAP System OperationCustomers feedback regarding many obsolete number ranges displayed in the EWA report. This correction suppresses the display of number ranges that did not change in three weeks. Further, first steps are implemented to include a predicted date when a number range will exhaust.
EWA Checks for FIThe correction provides fixing a runtime error that occurs when choosing the authorization for the check
22.06.2020TECH_INIT_SFSInitialization of Technology SessionsEnable product recognition also for product versions which are not yet released to customers.
System ConfigurationOracle End of Maintenance corrections update.


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