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SAP System Monitoring apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices

The SAP Solution Manager provides a set of central monitors and an infrastructure that permanently reports the status of the related IT landscape and automatically triggers alerts in the case of problems. The SAP System Monitoring mobile app allows you to monitor your systems and to check alerts anywhere and anytime.

Key features:

  • Display status overviews of systems, databases, and hosts
  • Drill down to single metrics and events
  • View overviews of alerts
  • Get alert details for deep-dive analyses of certain symptoms
  • Confirm alerts and send alert notifications

The SAP System Monitoring mobile app is available with SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP6

→ Watch the app in action on YouTube  

Install the app from the application stores:

→ SAP System Monitoring for iPhone and iPad

→ SAP System Monitoring for Android

More Information

 → SAP System Monitoring mobile app on

 → App's Quick Start Guide SAP Note 1786544 

 Required Notes

  • SAP note 1764368
  • SAP note 1749175
  • SAP note 1799062
  • SAP note 1852141


For questions please open a CSN message on the MOB-APP-SMG-MON component.