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  • SAP Technical Performance Optimization service  - This is a database tuning service that will look at the current state of your database and make recommendations in regards to performance optimizations, index etc.

Prerequisites Solution Manager:

Ensure the Solution Manager ST-PI & ST-A/PI  add-ons are up-to-date using RTCCTOOL.
Ensure that the Service Content is up-to-date using transaction AGS_UPDATE. It is recommended to have the add-on ST-SER at the latest support package level.

Prerequisites Managed system:
Ensure the ST-PI & ST-A/PI add-ons are up-to-date using RTCCTOOL.

Steps to create a TPO

  1. Run transaction solman_workcenter - select SAP Engagement and Service Delivery.
  2.  Select on Services - Create - Select SAP Technical Performance Opt. and click on Next.
  3. Select the relevant solution and the appropriate System. and complete the process by clicking through until 'Finish'.

  4. Navigate to the managed system and run transaction SDCCN. Create a 'Refresh Sessions' task to download the TPO session. Use Task - Create - Refresh Sessions in SDCCN.
  5. Highlight the session in SDCCN and process it.

  6. Once the session is complete, then refer back to Solution Manager Solution Manager Work Center - SAP Engagement and Service Delivery - Services and open the TPO.

  7. Wait until the session opens in the Session workbench.

  8. Verify the landscape data and then click on 'Done' and 'next open check'

  9. Go through all the sections and click on 'Done' and 'next open check'. At the Session Initialization option, this process will take a number of minutes. Wait until it completes. Once this is done, you can generate the document using the specific format of your choice.

Additional Information:
2177604 - FAQ: SAP HANA Technical Performance Optimization Service


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